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    Clank was originally built to be a worker drone but an error in the system makes him a small brainy robot. He meets up with a Lombax named Ratchet, and together they save the universe from evil.

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    Clank's form of transport
    Clank's form of transport

    Clank is Ratchet's robotic sidekick in the Ratchet and Clank series. While being strapped to Ratchet's back the majority of the time, occasionally Clank must venture alone for periods of time, where he is assisted by Gadgetbots and generally solves puzzles in areas that Ratchet cannot reach or when Ratchet is captured.

    He can be equipped with a variety of equipment, allowing Ratchet to perform various movements and actions. In the original Ratchet and Clank game, Big Al provides him with the Heli-Pak upgrade, allowing him to glide over long distances, and the Hydro-Pak, which allows Ratchet to swim faster, and in an upstream direction. Finally, in the original game, clank receives the Thruster-Pak upgrade, giving him jet-pack like wings and engines and allowing the duo to jump higher but descend faster. In later games, the three paks are combined and their unique functions are made more universal.

    In multiple games, Clank is transformed into Giant Clank, a much larger, and higher powered version of the robot, allowing the duo to rampage across planetoids and movie-sets. Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal introduces Secret Agent Clank, the robot's spy TV show, giving Clank a banana gun, some karate moves, and eventually other spy gear. In Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, he gains new abilities such as slowing down time and flying using the Robo-Wings. In Tools of Destruction, Clank discovers he is able to see and interact with small purple aliens called Zoni. The Zoni allow him to open up areas, slow down time and levitate to places he would normally be unable to reach. In Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Clank receives the Time Wand, which allows him to create multiple ghost-versions of himself to solve puzzles and fix the Great Clock.

    Clank is one of the more memorable video game robots due to his dry sense of humor and wit which compliments Ratchet's brash and eager personality. In addition to appearing in all of the games in the Ratchet and Clank series, Clank is an unlockable caddy in Hot Shots Golf: Fore!, and can be unlocked as an antenna in Jak X.

    Game Appearances

    Ratchet and Clank

    Clank's first appearance in the series shows him on a conveyor belt, slowly gaining awareness of his surroundings. An infobot approaches him, showing a video of what he and the other robots in production are being used for. Horrified by the violence they were to become, Clank tries an escape in a small spacecraft, but is shot down, crash landing on the planet Veldin. On the planet, a Lombax called Ratchet recovers the robot from the crash scene. Upon regaining consciousness, Clank shows the infobot containing details of Chairman Drek's plan to destroy planets across the galaxy. He believes that the only one who has the power to stop Drek is renowned hero, Captain Qwark. Ratchet agrees to help him, offering to fly to Kerwan.


    While on the planet, the pair meet up with Big Al, who had filmed a TV ad with Qwark a short time before, but had not seen him since. He does, however, provide a Heli-Pack upgrade for Clank. Eventually, they do manage to track down Qwark, who invites them back to his headquarters, where they would plan out their strategy for defeating Drek. This turns out to be a trap, with Ratchet having to kill a Blargian Snagglebeast to allow the pair to escape. This causes him to turn on Clank, blaming them for their near-death experience. They manage to hunt down Qwark later on, defeating him in a space battle.

    On their travels, the pair also encounter Clank's 'mother', who offers him encouragement, aswell as stating her pride. They eventually track down Drek, who the pair are forced to fight on Ratchet's home planet of Veldin. After defeating Drek, his deplanetizer still damages the surroundings, causing both Ratchet and Clank to be thrown off the edge of a cliff. Clank manages to rescue Ratchet from near certain death by catching him and gliding the pair to safety. The game finishes with both Ratchet and Clank watching a TV advert featuring 'Steve McQwark' (who bears a strong resemblence to Captain Qwark) for a personal hygene device.

    Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

    Only a short time after the defeat of Drek, Clank slips from one half of the galaxy's newest heroes, back into obscurity. After doing an interview on 'Behind the Hero' and being set up in a luxury condo by Megacorp and Abercrombie Fizzwidget in Megaopolis, Clank is kidnapped by a villain known only as ' The Thief'. Ratchet manages to track down where he has been taken to, but is surprised to see Clank is unwilling to take part in another adventure.As the story progresses, they learn that the 'Protopet' Abercrombie Fizzwidget had been working on could potentially be dangerous. Clank later returns the favour, rescuing Ratchet after he was captured by Thugs-4-Less. Clank also plays a large part in destroying the mutant Protopet, transforming into a giant version of himself. Afterwards, Clank and Ratchet decide to take a well earned rest.

    Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

    At the start of Up Your Arsenal, Clank's heroic personna has sky rocketed. This is largely down to Clank's new James Bond-esque TV series, Secret Agent Clank, in which Ratchet has only a minor role. Clank's popularity also has adverse affects - Dr. Nefarious, the #1 fan of the TV show, threatens to destroy all organic life, in a bid to make all robots rulers of the Solana galaxy. In response to this, the Q-Force is formed, consisting of Clank, Qwark, Ratchet, Big Al, Helga, Skrunch and Skidd McMarxx.

    Clank is then captured by robotic pop princess Courtney Gears, after filming an episode of his show. He is then taken to Dr. Nefarious, who offers him the chance to become joint ruler of the galaxy, but to do so, must join him in erradicating all natural life. Clank refuses to accept, resulting in him becoming imprisoned at Nefarious' headquarters. The almost identical Klunk is returned instead, though no one in the Q-Force notices any change.

    Ratchet eventually realises what has happened, destroying Klunk and rescuing Clank. After the story progresses, Clank finds proof that Captain Qwark, who they had believed to have died, was actually still alive. They track him down, finding him hiding, upset with his own lack of bravery. Clank offers encouragement to Qwark, persuading him that he truely was a hero. Shortly after this, Clank travels to Koros, where he managed to disable the Biobliterator, just moments before it was about to destroy the planet.

    News from the Q-Force filters through that Nefarious has assembled another Biobliterator at Mylon. They rush to the planet, to face Nefarious in a final showdown battle. Towards the end, the pair look to have been defeated, only to be saved by Qwark, inspired by Clank's words to him previously. They then complete the battle, saving the galaxy, yet again. The final scene features Clank and the team, with many other characters from other installments, at the premiere of the latest Secret Agent Clank movie.

    Ratchet: Deadlocked

    Ratchet: Deadlocked
    Ratchet: Deadlocked

    As the title suggest, Ratchet: Deadlocked sees Clank take a more minor role than in previous games. At the beginning of the story, Clank, with Ratchet and Big Al, is captured and taken to the Dreadzone TV show. They are forced to take part in it by Gleeman Vox, the owner of the network. Clank is no longer strapped to Ratchet's back while taking part in Dreadzone, instead offering technical assistance and other information. Clank does play a small part in helping rescue Dreadzone contestants, before the entire station exploded, destroying the TV show, and its owner.

    Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

    While on holiday in Pokitaru, Clank and Ratchet meet a young girl called Luna, who is doing a report on heroes. Soon after this, Luna is kidnapped by an unknown robot. On their journey to find her, Clank discovers an artifact belonging to the legendary Technomites, which had long since thought dead. They eventually track down Luna, who turns against them, capturing Ratchet, and attempts to force Clank into an arena. Clank manages to escape, and eventually rescues Ratchet. They then realise that Luna was just a robot, use by the Technomites to lure them into a trap. As the story progresses, they find out that their leader, Otto Destruct, plans to capture Ratchet, from which he will make clones. They then take him on, at one stage through Giant Clank form.

    Secret Agent Clank

    Secret Agent Clank saw Clank take on the role of the main hero of the game, though Ratchet and Qwark are playable characters. At the start Ratchet is framed for stealing the Eye of Infinity, and thrown into prison. In order to free his friend, Clank uses his espionage skills to try and prove his innocence. As he investigate, Clank learns of someone involved with the framing, known only as the 'Kingpin'. This is later revealed to be Klunk, who intends to use the Eye of Infinity to destroy all planets in the surrounding area. Once he had destroyed him, he planned to 'save' the galaxy, while pretending to be Clank, at the last minute, resulting in him appearing as a hero.

    Secret Agent Clank in action
    Secret Agent Clank in action

    Clank takes on Klunk, managing to defeat him, and disabling the Eye of Infinity before it was activated. After this, Clank returns and proves Ratchet innocent of all crimes. He also has to rescue Qwark from a hitman, hired by Klunk prior to his defeat.

    Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

    Tools of Destruction opens featuring Clank helping Ratchet fix an old spacecraft, before being interrupted by a message from Qwark pleading for help. Later, they travel to the Polaris galaxy, where Clank first encounters the Zoni, which only he can see. From them, he gains new abilities including being able to distort time and levitate. Clank plays a bit-part role up until the end, after defeating Tachyon. The Zoni make a return, this time visible to everyone, taking Clank away, without any hint of where they were going, or what was happening.

    Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty

    Clank makes only two appearances in this game, with first one at the time when Ratchet was washed up on the beach and Clank appeared and asked him if he was alright but then disappeared. This may have been a hallucination. The second time was in a dark room with the Zoni when he is blubbering weirdly; the Zoni then said "the doctor" would fix him. Shortly after that Dr. Nefarious stepped into the room and then fell down the stairs ending the game.

    Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

    The Great Clock
    The Great Clock

    A Crack in Time begins with Dr.Nefarious trying to gain access to the secrets locked away in Clank's mind but he is thwarted by the Zoni and Clank manages to escape with the help of Sigmund. He finds himself on " The Great Clock" a mysterious machine that maintains the balance of time which is located at the exact centre of the universe (give or take 50 feet).

    It is here where Clank learns that his father was Orvus, a unique Zoni who created The Great Clock. It was Orvus's intention to leave the duties of the Senior Caretaker to Clank and that he would ensure that no one misused the Clock in any way. Clank spends the game bypassing security by completing time puzzles and fixing time anomalies on planets until he is later reunited with Ratchet. After the Clock is safe from the hands of Dr.Nefarious and Alister, Clank passes the duties of Senior Caretaker onto Sigmund and he leaves with Ratchet with the possibility of future adventures.

    Cameo appearances

    Clank has made several cameo appearances on other Playstation games. He appears along with Ratchet on various billboards scattered throughout Haven city in Jak II: Renegade. He also acts as Ratchet's caddy in Hot Shots Golf Fore!, and is also set to appear in the upcoming ModNation Racers.


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