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    The Insomniac Museum is a place put in a few of the Ratchet & Clank games to show things that were planned for the respective game, but canned. It is located the the Insomniac Moon, representing the company's logo.

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    The Insomniac Museum is a location in the ratchet and clank universe which was featured in Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, A Crack in Time and Ratchet and Clank (2016). The museum features things that were never introduced into the game. In the games if the original trilogy, the museum could be accessed between 3 and 4AM on the PlayStation 2's internal clock. It can also be accessed by obtaining a 100% completion file of the game. The museum in A Crack In Time appeared by pre-ordering the discovery package or collector's edition of the game. It could also be accessed by obtaining all 40 zoni scattered throughout the game and beating the secret boss being Vorselon. High Impact Games also provided a tree-house which was accessed through similar means. In the 2016 reboot, the insomniac museum could be accessed by a teleporter in the garage on Veldin, when the player first begins challenge mode. However, further parts of the museum will need to be unlocked by collecting Gold Bolts throughout the game.

    Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

    In this game the museum could be accessed in many different ways. Firstly it could be accessed by going to the shortcuts menu after acquiring all of the weapons, upgrades and mods. Next there is a secret teleporter which is hidden on a fountain found in Silver City, Planet Boldan. When the system hit 3 A.M the teleporter could be used to access the museum.

    The final way of accessing the museum is by going to Planet Boldan. Following the secondary route of grinding down the electric power lines. Then before jumping onto the next part of the grinding section, if you go left and hit the barrier you can glide down towards the ground. A garage or a hangar appears and if ratchet was up to walk up towards this then it would fall beneath the ground. Doing this can make Ratchet jump up into the garage where a teleporter gaining access to the museum is guarded by three guards trying to shoot at ratchet.

    Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

    In the third game of the series the museum could be accessed by a teleporter on the Starship Phoenix after acquiring all of the trophies scattered throughout the game. There is also a hidden teleporter within the first part of the level metropolis. When the system internal clock hit 3AM the teleporter could be used. The museum's minigames could be accessed by using cheat codes on the VG9000 game system on the starship phoenix level.

    This museum has featured:

    A specific cut weapon from Ratchet and Clank 2, the Hound of Doom

    Two vid-comics that were cut from the final product.

    Closeups of enemies that were from the vid-comics along with thier animations.

    The original designs for the sandshark, hovership and the turbo slider.

    Florana's racing track to take place in florana but was cut from the final product.

    Teleports to access Pirate vs Ninja and Bombs Away sets.

    Customiseable particle effects.

    Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

    The Insomniac Museum in A Crack In Time
    The Insomniac Museum in A Crack In Time

    After unlocking the insomniac moon it could be accessed by flying to it in the Corvus sector or by selecting it on the Galactic map located above the Phylax sector.

    The Insomniac moon had a lobby, and two main parts. The part on the right of the lobby has mainly focused on bringing cut-content to life, while the other part had more concept art and info snippets.

    In the moon there was an area where Ratchet would have attracted Tetramites with nectar. If this nectar was shot at the Voltan Ivy he would go to a room where there would be a Vullard settlement. This could be thrown at and shot at with water so it would appear. However this room was cut from the final product and instead was place with collectibles like zoni, gold bolts and a RYNO V plan.

    Despite all this players have responded that the museum is frustrating and is hard to find their way around because of all of the large cubicles that looked all the same as many other cubicles despite the grind rails and hover boots that could be used to make going around the museum a lot easier.

    Ratchet & Clank (2016)

    The Insomniac Museum is a special location which could only be accessed by beating the game for the first time. The player can access the museum by starting Challenge Mode and entering a teleporter in Grimroth Razz's garage at the beginnning of the game.

    This musuem, different to design to past titles, was a lot smaller and was only featuring posters, statues and various other items which were cut from previous titles. The musuem was made up of various hangars containing these particular cut concepts.


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