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    A race of small pure energy aliens, who kidnap Clank (Orvus' son) and transport him to the Great Clock.

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    The Zoni were from the Zoni dimension and Orvus is their leader. They were worshiped by the Fongoids. The Zoni first appear in Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruciton, though initially they are only visible to

    Clank (Who is their leader's son)

    . They provided Clank with new abilities, allowing him to levitate and control time. They also were able to provide information of where they were to travel next, as well as show brief glimpses into the future. They make another appearance, this time visible to everyone. They then proceed to abduct Clank, claiming to be able to offer personal information, before taking him away.


    Quest for Booty



    manages to uncover the Obsidian Eye, the only known way of communicating with the Zoni. Once he repaired the machine, he was able to view a short scene, detailing what had happened to Clank, In it, Clank appears to be malfunctioning, with the surrounding Zoni reassuring him that the '


    ' would arrive shortly to help.


    Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

    , the Zoni are revealed not to be villains as was previously implied, but were in fact involved in the running and protection of the Great Clock. Their decision to hire

    Nefarious would later prove to have disasterous consequences, as he turns on them, destroying or scaring away many of them. Those 40 Zoni who are retrieved and returned by Ratchet go back to their original job after all danger has been eliminated. It was also revealed that the Zoni were neither mechanical or biological in composition, but were instead made from pure energy.


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