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Character Bio

Courtney Gears is a famous robotic pop singer, who shot to stardom thanks to her galactic #1 'anti-squishie' song. Her first appearance was in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, where she made appearances handing out prizes to winners of Annihilation Nation. At the start of the game, Ratchet reveals he is a big fan of Gears, though he does confess its not because of her singing talents.  However, she seems more interested in Clank, hoping to land a part in his upcoming movie Secret Agent Clank. While with Clank at the Holo Star studios, she knocks him out and kidnapps him, bringing him to Dr. Nefarious, and replacing him with an identical looking robot called Klunk.

As the game progresses, Ratchet and the rest of the Q-Force realise she is working for Nefarious and that she is using her music videos to brainwash the galaxy's robots into figthing against all 'squishies'. Later, she captures Skidd McMarxx, and turns him into a robot while testing out the Bio-Bliterator. This is enough for Ratchet to hunt her down, and eventually manages to defeat her, though she is not completely destroyed.
In Ratchet: Deadlocked, it is mentioned that she has made a miraculous recoverey, after the chariman of Vox Industries, Gleeman Vox, vowed to help in her reconstruction and rehabilitation - on condition he gains all rights to her image. It is also revealed that her poularity has decreased dramatically, mainly due to her non-robotic fanbase feeling alienated after she tried to destroy them. She was also dropped from her record label, who hired Skidd McMarxx to replace her, though he adopts a different style - choosing to read poetry aloud instead of traditional singing.
In Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Captain Qwark reveals she has been involved in an explicit holotape, that had accidentally been leaked, a copy of which Qwark just so happens to possess.

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