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    Gleeman Vox

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    Gleeman Vox is the owner of Vox Industries and founder of Dreadzone TV show.

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    Character Bio

    Gleeman Vox's first and only appearance in the Ratchet and Clank series is in Ratchet: Deadlocked, where he plays the main villain. As the owner of Vox Industries, he founded the DreadZone TV series. On the show, the galaxy's most famous heroes battle it out to the death, with surviving competitiors moving onto the next level or zone. A round-up of all the days happenings are shown on Vox News, presented by the opinionated Dallas and Juanita.
    At the start of Ratchet: Deadlocked, Vox sends in his personal army to capture Ratchet, Clank and Big Al on the Starship Phoenix. He attaches Deadlock collars to each of them, ensuring they cannot escape. Vox sees Ratchet as the perfect way to improve slipping ratings, after mega-star Ace Hardlight loses popularity. He pits the two together in the arena, and after Ratchet wins, offers him Ace's lucrative contract. He refuses, infuriating Vox, who sends him on a certain death mission. Shocked when he returns, Vox demands he complete one last mission, threatening to blow up everyone in the Battledrome. At the end of the dome mission, Ratchet is forced to fight Vox, who believes it will result in even higher ratings. Despite being defeated, Vox sets off the timer for the bomb anyway, planning to kill both of them. Just before the explosion does go off,  Clank and Big Al manage to rescue Ratchet and other Dreadzone employees, escaping on a small ship, leaving Vox to be blown apart in the very explosion he set off.  He was killed when it blew up, and his robotic arm was later seen floating in space, while Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence, who were still on the asteroid, complained that they were supposed to get off when they made it to the station, not knowing it was destroyed.

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