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    Hot Shots Golf Fore!

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 17, 2004

    The FOREth entry in the light-hearted Hot Shots Golf franchise.

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    Hot Shots Golf Fore! is the second Hot Shots Golf game released on the PS2. Developed by Clap Handz, the game improves on previous games in the series with more realistic physics, better graphics, more golfers and caddies. The number of courses to play on increased from six to fifteen, ten of those all new while the other five are favorites from the previous Hot Shots Golf games. Hot Shots Golf Fore! is the first game in its franchise to have online multiplayer, where up to 50 players can compete against each other.

    Game Modes

    Offline Modes

    Single Player

    Tournament: The player competes in an 18-hour stroke game tournament to earn the highest score against the competition. At the end of the round, the player earns points they can use at the shop to buy various items.

    Vs Mode: The player battles against a CPU-controller golfer in a nine-hole match rules golf match. If the player defeats the character, that character is unlocked.

    Mini-Game: The player plays in either a nine-hole par-three course or a nine-hole mini-golf course (putting only).

    Training: The player practices on any hole from a course where they are able to change the ground lie, wind speed, or retake the shot after the initial shot has been taken.

    Item Shop: A shop where various items can be purchased, such as special golf clubs and balls, courses, and other items.


    Stroke: Two-to-four players can compete in a stroke round of golf.

    Match Play: Two golfers compete in a one-on-one match rules round of golf.

    Mini Games: Two-to-four players plays in either a nine-hole par-three course or a nine-hole mini-golf course (putting only).

    Online Modes

    There are two online modes: Head-to-Head and Real Time Tournament. Only the North American and European versions of the game had online play while the Japanese did not. Head-to-head is a match between two players online playing either stroke or match rules. Real time tournament is a tournament where a number of people play a stroke round of golf. A maximum of fifty players can compete in one real time tournament at the same time.

    The servers for the North American online play was shut down on June 30, 2008.


    Three-Click System

    The Hot Shots Golf Fore! continues the "three-click system" golf swing that has been used in previous games in the franchise. The first click initiates the system by moving the white bar leftward along the gauge. The second click marks the white bar to determine the power of the shot. The farther left the mark is on the gauge, the harder the shot. The white bar then moves back right to the right side of the gauge. The last click determines the accuracy of the shot. The closer the white bar is back to it's origin spot, the more likely the shot will go toward the player's shot destination.

    Special Shots

    • Power Shot: Increases the power (distance) of the shot.
    • Blue Power Shot: This shot can only be used with the 1W club, where it dramatically increases the shot at the expense of the shot's accuracy.
    • Backspin: The ball spins back once it lands on the surface.
    • Topspin: The ball spins forward once it lands on the surface.
    • Curve Shot: The ball's trajectory starts far left or far right, then curves the other way mid-flight.

    Special Clubs and Balls


    • Standard
    • Beginner
    • Big Air
    • Pin Shot
    • Turbo Spin
    • Infinity
    • 100t Hammer
    • Everybody's


    • Standard
    • Beginners
    • Big Air
    • Pin Hole
    • Turbo Spin
    • Infinity
    • Sidespin
    • Straight


    Hot Shots Golf Fore! features a mixture of new golfers, golfers from the franchise's previous games, and includes Ratchet, Clank, Jak, and Daxter from their respective franchises.

    Playable Golfers

    Each golfer is rated E (lowest grade) to S (highest grade) in power, control, impact, and spin, as well if a golfer excels or is mediocre on a particular shot or ground lie.

    • Phoebe
    • Mike
    • Emma
    • Sam
    • Misaki
    • Brad
    • Chaos
    • Regis
    • Maya
    • Falcon
    • Renee
    • Z
    • Mel
    • Allan
    • Tiffany
    • Kamala
    • Toni
    • T-Bone
    • Lin
    • Louise
    • Zeus
    • Hubert
    • Ratchet
    • Jak


    Caddies serve to assist the player on the course, as well as portray their unique behavior after the result of the shot.

    • Amy
    • Bertha
    • Kayla
    • Greg
    • Simon
    • Sophie
    • Mochi
    • Clank
    • Daxter

    Character Loyalty

    The game rewards the player who frequently uses a golfer with increased power shots and additional costumes.

    Golf Courses

    Hot Shots Golf Fore! features fifteen courses to play: twelve eighteen-hole courses, a special par-three nine-hole course, and two nine-hole mini-golf courses. A few eighteen-hole courses are available to play at the start, the rest will have to be unlocked by gaining enough experience points.

    Eighteen-Hole Courses

    • Mt. Sakura C.C.
    • Aloha Beach Resort
    • Western Valley C.C.
    • Bagpipe Classic
    • United Forest G.C.
    • Northern Fox C.C.
    • Day Dream G.C.
    • Wild Green C.C.
    • Silk Road Classic
    • Blue Lagoon C.C.
    • Fujizakura C.C.
    • Kawana Hotel G.C.

    Mini-Game Courses

    • Samurai Golf Club: A special golf course where all nine holes are par-threes (short length).
    • Mini-Golf 1 (Putting only)
    • Mini-Golf 2 (Putting only): This course is initially locked, but can be purchased at the item shop once the player reaches a particular golf rank.

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