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    Jak is an orphan who battles to save the world along with his furry friend Daxter.

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    Jak (birth name Mar) is the main protagonist and playable character in the Jak and Daxter franchise. Originally carefree and playful, Jak later takes on a more serious demeanor. He is usually found adventuring with his mouthy and loyal friend, Daxter. He has been redesigned several times, becoming older-looking and more grizzled to fit the tone of later games in the series.


    Jak was born in Haven City and was son to Damus, the ex-king of Haven City and lord of Spargus City. Jak was born with the name Mar and was taken back in time when he was young. The origin of the name Jak is unknown as the events get confusing due to time travel.

    During the events of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak hardly speaks if at all. After the injection of dark eco in Jak II: Renegade, Jak develops more of a rogue attitude and speaks more, mainly to explain to his furry friend Daxter how stupid his comments are. The two have a solid friendship and only ever argue in the best mood.


    Jak has the ability to absorb the different types of Eco that he finds throughout the world.

    Dark Jak

    Dark Jak
    Dark Jak

    Leading up to the events of Jak II, Jak is unwillingly subjected to tests that involve pumping him full of Dark Eco. The experiments have given Jak the ability transform into a more powerful form referred to as "Dark Jak". This form gives Jak the tools to cause some real destruction and chaos, this is a more agressive, faster and more powerful form then "Light Jak". When he is in this form, he doe not use weapons. His powers include:

    • Dark Bomb - Jak unleashes a devastating wave of Dark Eco energy that damages all within the the outward blast radius.
    • Dark Blast - A deadly discharge of pure Dark Eco energy
    • Invincibility - Jak is briefly invulnerable to damage while his Dark form.
    • Dark Giant - Jak's Dark form doubles, if not triples, in size and strength.
    • Shadow - When coming into contact with certain Dark Eco-tainted artifacts, Jak can become temporarily invisible, passing by enemies unseen.
    • Dark Strike - A powerful concentration of Dark Eco energy, powerful enough to break through many barriers and obstacles, not to mention enemies.

    Light Jak

    To counterbalance the Dark Eco raging within Jak, Light Eco powers are awakened within him by the Precursors. While Dark Jak is focused on aggression and offense, Light Jak's strengths are in his defensive abilities. Unlike Dark Jak, this form can use weapons however. This version of Jak includes different powers from Dark Jak that include:

    Light Jak
    Light Jak
    • Light Regeneration - Gives Jak the ability to use collected Light Eco to Replenish his health.
    • Flash Freeze - Jak can slow down time around him while he remains moving at his normal pace.
    • Light Shield - Light Eco can be used to form a protective shield around Jak, temporarily providing cover from enemy attack.
    • Light Flight - Sprouting pair of ethereal wings, Jak can fly/glide to areas otherwise unreachable.

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