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    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Dec 18, 2012

    Characters from various Sony franchises, and several guests from multi-platform games of the time. Battle it out in this crossover platform fighting game intended to compete with Nintendo's Super Smash Bros.!

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    Hades being invaded by Patapon in 4-way battle.
    Hades being invaded by Patapon in 4-way battle.

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a 2.5D fighting game developed by SuperBot (in conjunction with SCE Santa Monica and Bluepoint) and published by Sony for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on November 20, 2012.

    In similar vein to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series, up to four players battle in arenas as popular characters from popular franchises (primarily Sony franchises, such as God of War and Ratchet & Clank). Unlike other arena-based fighting games, players do not have any life bars, and must build up their Super Meter to perform Super Moves to eliminate opponents.

    While the bulk of the game's content comes from various Sony franchises, the game also includes Big Daddy (from the BioShock series, which was originally Xbox 360-exclusive), Dante (from DmC: Devil May Cry, the reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise), Heihachi Mishima (from the Tekken series), and Raiden (in his cyborg ninja form from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) as guest characters. Additionally, Isaac Clarke (from Dead Space) was later added as a DLC guest character. Assets from their franchises also appear as stages and items.


    Sweet Tooth's Level 3 Super
    Sweet Tooth's Level 3 Super

    Played on a 2D plane, up to four players can face each other on a stage. According to the game's director, each character will have about two dozen attacks, two throws, blocking and defensive capabilities, and their super moves.

    In order to win a match, players are required to build up a "Super Meter" of three tiers (each enabling super moves more powerful than the last). This meter increases as players land attacks or collect balls of energy called "AP" that are dispersed throughout the stage. Super moves are the only way to kill opponents and, at the end of a match, the player with the most kills wins.

    Super Moves

    • Level 1 super moves are generally short ranged attacks that are aimed at killing a single opponent.
    • Level 2 super moves are increasingly powerful.
    • Level 3 super moves are extremely powerful abilities used to rack up multiple kills.

    Game Modes

    Arcade Mode

    Arcade Mode contains a short story for each character that includes fully voiced cutscenes and a battle with the final boss Polygon Man. Each character has their own story with a unique beginning and end, and for no reason in particular, each character will also have a rival in their story in the form of another playable character (for example, Heihachi and Toro). At the end of their respective stories each fighter will have to face Polygon Man and his minions in a fight to the death. This mode also allows players to unlock prizes through play.

    Combat Trials

    This single player mode offers a way for those new to the game to learn the basics. In addition to training for new players, it also allows veterans to perfect their skills through hundreds of unique challenges.

    Local Multiplayer

    A basic multiplayer mode that allows up to four players to face each other on a single screen or with their PlayStation Vita. Players can face each other in a variety of ways, including free for all, 1v1, 2v2, time based, and stock play.

    Time Based

    Matches last as long as the countdown timer is set to and score (or the respective players' amount of kills) remains a mystery until the winner is shown at the end of the match.

    Stock Play

    Each character has a set number of lives attributed to them at the beginning of the match. When a player's lives are depleted, that player can no longer return to the stage. The number of lives are displayed throughout the match.

    Online Multiplayer

    Allows a variety of modes for players to face each other online in, including the basic time and stock based modes. The online also includes a few unique modes such as tournaments and special event battles.

    Tournament Mode

    An online mode, in tournament mode, players are matched online to gain experience and special awards. These are gained by defeating other players and winning more and more matches.

    Special Event Battles

    An online multiplayer mode. Special Event Battles allow SuperBot Entertainment to set match parameters daily, and players earn experience points towards an overall leaderboard based on performance. Players can also arrange custom matches with their own rules.


    The game contains various unlockables which are obtained through the games level system. Players gain EXP through battles and will level up with enough EXP. There are various rewards fro each level, which are as follows:

    • Belts: Indicators of a players' online ranking.
    • Titles: Custom messages displayed on player profiles.
    • Icons: Character icons for display on player profiles.
    • Backings: Background images displayed on player profiles.
    • Minions: Various characters from the in game franchises that will appear and cheer when the player scores a kill.
    • Intros: Character animations for the start of the match.
    • Outros: Character animations for the end of a match.
    • Taunts: Animations that can be used in game at will.
    • Victory Music: Songs that will play when the player wins a match.
    • Alternate Costumes: Different outfits for every character.


    The base game starts out with 20 characters that are already unlocked:

    Big Daddy

    Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    A genetically modified human male encased in a diving suit and equipped with a deadly drill. His sole purpose is to protect the ADAM-collecting Little Sisters.

    Franchise: BioShock

    Minion: Little Sister

    Rival: Sackboy

    • Level 1: Big Daddy roars, calling a Little Sister to stab their opponent with an ADAM needle.
    • Level 2: Big Daddy becomes enraged, which increases his speed and agility and allows his regular attacks to kill.
    • Level 3: The stage is flooded with water, slowing the other players to a crawl while Big Daddy is free to destroy his opponents until the water drains from the area.

    Cole MacGrath

    Cole Macgrath
    Cole Macgrath

    Once a simple bike messenger, Cole MacGrath was forever changed when he activated the Ray Sphere. He now uses his power to generate and project electricity for the good of humanity.

    Franchise: inFamous

    Minion: Zeke Dunbar

    Rival: Raiden

    • Level 1: Cole uses his kinetic pulse ability to pick up another player, whom he can launch in to the other fighters.
    • Level 2: Uses his ionic freeze ability to summon a row of ice spikes out from the ground to hit and take out fighters.
    • Level 3: Jumps in to the foreground and summons an ionic vortex which the player controls in order to destroy the other players onscreen.

    Colonel Mael Radec

    Colonel Mael Radec
    Colonel Mael Radec

    A tactical genius, Radec strikes fear in to the hearts of all who oppose him and his troops. He aims to achieve victory over the ISA at any cost.

    Franchise: Killzone

    Minion: Helghast

    Rival: Sir Daniel Fortesque

    • Level 1: Radec arms a rocket launcher, which the player manually aims with a target and fires.
    • Level 2: Radec fires a short burst from his plasma cannon, incinerating anyone in it's path.
    • Level 3: Radec straps on his jetpack and flies in to the foreground. At this point you see from a first-person perspective that allows you to attempt to shoot the other fighters.



    An inhabitant of both the human and demon worlds, Dante uses the demonic powers gained from his father to vanquish those who would threaten mankind. Dante uses a variety of both long and short range weaponry to destroy his foes.

    Franchise: Devil May Cry

    Minion: Kat

    Rival: Nariko

    • Level 1: Dante does a three sword slash combo taking out any player in front of him.
    • Level 2: Performs his stinger attack, in which he thrusts his sword in the direction he's facing, stabbing through any enemy in his way.
    • Level 3: Activates his Devil Trigger ability, which changes his appearance, and slows down all the other players allowing him attack them with ease.

    Evil Cole

    Evil Cole
    Evil Cole

    After gaining immense power over electricity, Cole MacGrath's thirst for power has only increased. Evil Cole only cares about himself, and he will not let anything - or anyone - get in the way on his quest for power.

    Franchise: inFamous

    Minion: Nix

    Rival: Fat Princess

    • Level 1: Using the kinetic pulse ability, Evil Cole can capture another fighter and launch them into obstacles and other players.
    • Level 2: Evil Cole glows red and uses his ionic drain to immediately drain any opponent above or next to himself. This destroys the other players and drops AP orbs for Cole to pick up.
    • Level 3: Evil Cole harnesses the power of The Beast and gains the ability to fly around the stage and destroy his opponents with powered up fire and electricity.

    Fat Princess

    Fat Princess
    Fat Princess

    A princess with an intense love of cake, she uses her army of bodyguards to protect her from those who wish her harm.

    Franchise: Fat Princess

    Minion: Workers

    Rival: Evil Cole MacGrath

    • Level 1: A piece of cake appears, which she will run towards taking out any player in her way.
    • Level 2: Fat Princess rides a large chicken, which can run around the stage and kill other fighters.
    • Level 3: Fat Princess summons a horde of her villagers to fight for her while she sits down and eats cake.

    Heihachi Mishima

    Heihachi Mishima
    Heihachi Mishima

    Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and the man responsible for the King of Iron Fist Tournament. He takes on any challengers with the power of his Mishima-style Fighting Karate.

    Franchise: Tekken

    Minion: Kuma

    Rival: Toro Inoue

    • Level 1: Heihachi performs a downwards smash to the opponent directly in front of him with his fist.
    • Level 2: Heihachi brings in Kuma to run wild and attack the other players. Heihachi can also attack players and launch them in to Kuma's path.
    • Level 3: Heihachi straps the other players to a rocket and proceeds to watch the rocket take off with his binoculars.

    Jak & Daxter

    Jak and Daxter
    Jak and Daxter

    Two best friends from a far off land, Jak and Daxter make a formidable heroic team. With his dark and light Eco powers, Jak is not to be taken lightly.

    Franchise: Jak & Daxter

    Minion: Keira

    Rival: Ratchet and Clank

    • Level 1: Close range attack, Jak summons a platform beneath himself that emanates blue Eco which is deadly to enemies.
    • Level 2: Jak becomes Dark Jak with his Eco powers and attacks nearby players with his Dark Bomb attack.
    • Level 3: Jak becomes Light Jak with his Eco powers, allowing him to fly and shoot balls of light that destroy his opponents.



    A brutal combatant, the former God of War shows no mercy to those who would stand in his way. With his immense powers, none can stand against this formidable foe.

    Franchise: God of War

    Minion: Athena

    Rival: Sweet Tooth

    • Level 1: Kratos unleashes the Blade of Olympus and takes down any fighter within a close proximity.
    • Level 2: Kratos envelops himself within a magic tornado which extends upwards and destroys opponents near or above Kratos.
    • Level 3: Kratos grows to a giant size and dons the Armor of Ares, completely changing his moveset and allowing his new attacks to destroy his opponents.



    A young woman who dared to wield the mighty Heavenly Sword, she is a fearless and talented fighter. With the power of the Heavenly Sword her fighting prowess is unmatched, though her lifespan is significantly reduced.

    Franchise: Heavenly Sword

    Minion: Kai

    Rival: Dante

    • Level 1: A large barrel of fireworks appears a few feet in front of Nariko. Kai then appears and fires her crossbow at the barrel, causing an explosion that destroys any fighters caught in the explosion.
    • Level 2: Nariko brings in a large cannon that she uses to rain down large cannonballs upon the other players on the battlefield.
    • Level 3: Nariko summons the full power of the Goddess, causing her to glow with an ethereal light. This causes her to gain new attacks with much larger range, giving her the edge against her opponents.

    Nathan Drake

    Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake

    An adventurer and fortune hunter, Drake's hunt for treasure had lead him all across the world. Skilled with both weapons and had to hand combat, Drake is a crafty and resourceful opponent.

    Franchise: Uncharted

    Minion: Victor Sullivan

    Rival: Sly Cooper

    • Level 1: Drake throws a propane tank at his opponent and causes an explosion by shooting it in mid-air.
    • Level 2: Drake pushes over a large statue, crushing other nearby fighters in its path.
    • Level 3: The El Dorado sarcophagus appears and opens, which turns the other fighters in to mindless Descendants. This also gives Drake access to Eddy Raja's golden gun which he can use to take out the transformed players.



    A rapper and kung-fu warrior trained by Chop Chop Master Onion, his skills are unparalleled. Parappa uses both his music and his martial arts to decimate his opponents.

    Franchise: Parappa the Rapper

    Minion: PJ Berri

    Rival: Spike

    • Level 1: Parappa performs a close-range kung-fu combo.
    • Level 2: Parappa rides his skateboard around the stage, killing the other fighters in his path.
    • Level 3: A concert stage appears along with a crowd, on which Parappa raps along to "I Gotta Believe", instantly destroying all his opponents.



    Former member of the FOXHOUND special forces, Raiden has been a skilled fighter all his life. Now outfitted with a cybernetic exoskeleton and a high frequency blade, Raiden is a man to be feared on the battlefield.

    Franchise: Metal Gear

    Minion: Samuel Rodrigues

    Rival: Cole MacGrath

    • Level 1: Raiden performs a handstand spin attack with his sword held by his foot, slicing through any nearby enemy.
    • Level 2: Raiden performs his Zan Datsu attack, which freezes nearby opponents in place, and allows Raiden to slash them multiple times to defeat them.
    • Level 3: Raiden's opponents are trapped in cardboard boxes, and must crawl away to escape Raiden. Raiden can then proceed to slash open the boxes to find the other players and eliminate them.

    Ratchet & Clank

    Ratchet and Clank
    Ratchet and Clank

    The unlikely pair of Lombax and Robot has saved the universe more times than they can count. Armed with a variety of alien weaponry and power over time, Ratchet and Clank make an incredible team.

    Franchise: Ratchet & Clank

    Minion: Captain Qwark

    Rival: Jak and Daxter

    • Level 1: Pulls out the R.Y.N.O. and fires a short burst, killing any fighter in it's path.
    • Level 2: Control switches over to Clank, who uses time bombs to slow enemies in time bubbles while he attacks them with his staff.
    • Level 3: Ratchet and Clank jump in to their ship and perspective is switched to first-person which allows the player to fire lasers and missiles at the other fighters.



    A creature made of stitched together cloth, he has the power to create almost anything. With his ability to create and variety of gadgets, he is a very unpredictable fighter.

    Franchise: LittleBigPlanet

    Minion: Sackbot

    Rival: Big Daddy

    • Level 1: Changes in to the costume of a random fighter and does a close range attack.
    • Level 2: Uses the popit menu to summon some flaming bits of sponge to crush other players.
    • Level 3: Sackboy uses the popit to trap the other fighters in prize bubbles, which he can then burst to destroy them. Some bubbles will contain items and AP orbs as well.

    Sir Daniel Fortesque

    Sir Daniel Fortesque
    Sir Daniel Fortesque

    A medieval warrior from the past, he was brought back from the dead to redeem himself for his failure in life. He fights for his homeland of Gallowmere so he may prove himself a worthy hero.

    Franchise: MediEvil

    Minion: Princess Kiya

    Rival: Colonel Mael Radec

    • Level 1: Sir Dan summons the power of his lightning orb, destroying any nearby enemies with it is power.
    • Level 2: Sir Dan brings out his golden chalice, which fires a volley of red souls upward. These souls will then follow and destroy the other fighters.
    • Level 3: Sir Dan pieces together Zarok's Anubis Stone, granting himself it is powers. Sir Dan then proceeds to carry the stone above his head, which creates a large green sphere of energy around himself. Opponents caught in this sphere will be eliminated by the stone's power.

    Sly Cooper

    Sly Cooper
    Sly Cooper

    A master thief descended from a long of line of thieves, there is no treasure safe from his skilled hands. A speedy and stealthy fighter, Sly uses his cane to defeat his foes.

    Franchise: Sly Cooper

    Minion: Murray

    Rival: Nathan Drake

    • Level 1: Murray briefly pops in and attacks a nearby fighter with his Thunder Flop.
    • Level 2: Sly flies around with Carmelita Fox's jetpack and bombs the fighter below him.
    • Level 3: Bentley calls in on the binocucom and helps Sly take out his opponents by aiming at them through it.



    An energetic young boy, Spike is often called in by the Professor to help capture the escaped hordes of monkeys lead by the evil Specter. With his vast array of gadgets, Spike is quite the resourceful fighter.

    Franchise: Ape Escape

    Minion: Pipo Monkey

    Rival: Parappa

    • Level 1: Spike uses his monkey net to capture the player in front of him, which destroys them.
    • Level 2: Spike powers up his stun batons and slashes with them, sending out a shockwave which eliminates the other fighters.
    • Level 3: Spike uses a laser to summon an orbital strike which takes out all the other players.

    Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth
    Sweet Tooth

    A psychotic clown, nothing can sate his bloodlust. While he usually takes down his victims with the aid of his modified Ice Cream Truck, he has no qualms about taking them down with his machete.

    Franchise: Twisted Metal

    Minion: Dollface

    Rival: Kratos

    • Level 1: Sweet Tooth sticks a nearby fighter with a grenade and kicks them away, destroying them and those nearby.
    • Level 2: Sweet Tooth steers a missile at his opponents, which will blow them to pieces when it connects.
    • Level 3: Sweet Tooth is encased in his ice cream truck mech, changing his moveset and allowing him to destroy the other players with missiles and chain guns.

    Toro Inoue


    The Japanese mascot of PlayStation and a huge fan of video games, he's very excited to meet all his heroes. Toro has a mastery of many different fighting skills, and can change his style on the fly.

    Franchise: Doko Demo Issho

    Minion: Pierre Yamamoto

    Rival: Heihachi Mishima

    • Level 1: Kuro appears and dropkicks Toro in to the other nearby players.
    • Level 2: Toro calls down a shooting star to smash in to other players.
    • Level 3: In his Oni form, Toro attacks and destroys the other fighters with his spiked club.

    DLC Characters

    Four DLC characters were released:


    Kat & Dusty
    Kat & Dusty

    A young girl who has lost her memory, she with the aid of her cat Dusty protects the city of Hekeville as a shifter. With her amazing gravity powers and powerful kicks she makes for a very formidable opponent.

    Franchise: Gravity Rush

    Minion: Raven

    Rival: Emmett Graves

    • Level 1: Kat leaps on to her enemy stealing a large energy orb, which when destroyed blows up the victim and destroys any other players caught in the resulting blast of energy.
    • Level 2: Kat uses her gravity abilities to rain down a barrage of large spiked rocks on to any players below her.
    • Level 3: Kat combines forces with her cat Dusty and gains greater agility and large claws which she can use to attack her foes for a short time.

    Emmett Graves

    Emmett Graves
    Emmett Graves

    A hired mercenary who helps protect Rifter claims from Outcasts, he is infected with powerful Rift Energy. With the aid of supply drops, turrets and powerful weaponry Emmett makes for a very unique fighter with a huge arsenal.

    Franchise: Starhawk

    Minion: Sydney Cutter

    Rival: Kat

    • Level 1: A super that changes depending on Emmett's weapon loadout. He will use either his rifle, shotgun or rocket launcher to launch a projectile which will destroy other characters. The properties of this projectile change depending on the weapon.
    • Level 2: Emmett calls down a massive pillar from the sky straight down to crush his enemies, as well as causing an explosion.
    • Level 3: Emmett takes control of a Hawk mech which he uses to chase down fighters with machine guns and floating mines. Emmett can then transform in to flight mode and rain down a final barrage of bullets to end the super.



    Lord of Olympus and King of the Gods, Zeus is an all-powerful deity with power over lightning and the sky itself. With his unlimited power over lightning and devastating physical attacks, Zeus is a force to be reckoned with in battle.

    Franchise: God of War

    Minion: Poseidon

    Rival: Isaac Clarke

    • Level 1: Zeus claps his hands causing a large stream of thunder to eject from them, electrifying any player caught in it's path.
    • Level 2: Zeus will fly around the stage very quickly for a short period of time until he causes a close range explosion of thunder around himself to eliminate those near him.
    • Level 3: Zeus will summon the players to Olympus where he will grow to enormous size, gaining the ability to smash players on the ground with his giant fists and the power to electrocute them in the air.

    Isaac Clarke

    Isaac Clarke
    Isaac Clarke

    Formerly a systems engineer working for the CEC, Isaac was forced to face the unimaginable horrors of the Necromorphs. After his numerous battles with these horrific creatures Isaac has become a formidable and resourceful fighter with an array of futuristic weapons at his disposal.

    Franchise: Dead Space

    Minion: John Carver

    Rival: Zeus

    • Level 1: Isaac traps a player in stasis and fires a chargeable Plasma Cutter shot at the opponent, which will increase in power the longer it's charged.
    • Level 2: Isaac creates a kinesis field around himself that will send any enemy caught in it's blast radius flying to their doom.
    • Level 3: Isaac and the other players are shot out in to deep space where Isaac is free to move about and shoot the other players while floating debris smashes in to them.


    All stages in this game represent mash-ups of two different Sony franchises interacting with each other.

    Alden's TowerinFamous / Sly CooperPlayers begin in the middle of Alden's tower, and then slowly climb it as the camera moves upward. Eventually Carmelita Fox will appear in the background and begin shooting her shock pistol at the fighters. Players will then reach the top of the tower and finish the fight there.
    Black Rock StadiumTwisted Metal / Jak & DaxterThe stage starts out with various Twisted Metal fighters such as Sweet Tooth, Axel and Talon firing upon one another in the background. Eventually a rift gate opens and various battle cruisers from Jak and Daxter emerge to attack the players while Baron Praxis shouts orders.
    Chop-Chop DojoPaRappa / KillzoneStarting in the Onion Master's dojo, then spilling into the streets where a Mawlr invades the town to fight a giant Onion Master. Players will be at first hit by Master Onion doing karate, and then be targeted by the Mawlr's missiles once the stage opens up.
    ColumbiaBioShock Infinite / Twisted MetalThe stage begins in the middle of the floating city of Columbia. Before long the buildings in the background are destroyed by Dollface piloting her Iron Maiden robot. After her intial appearance she will begin firing upon the stage.
    DreamscapeLittleBigPlanet / BuzzThe stage starts as a flat plane from LittleBigPlanet, which then begins to gradually be filled with platforms and hazards created by the popit tool. After the stage is complete, Buzz appears and asks the players a Playstation trivia question, which is answered by jumping on platforms labelled with the possible answers.
    FranzeaLocoRoco / Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceFranzea starts with the players fighting in the world of LocoRoco, which will move back and forth extending and retracting the various platforms. Eventually the background is torn apart to reveal a metropolitan city with a Metal Gear RAY attacking.
    HadesGod of War / PataponThis Stage begins in Hades, with Hades himself looming over the fighters and attacking occasionally. Eventually the background will switch to Usso Forest from Patapon, with Nyontama Yaripons invading and attacking Hades and the players with spears.
    InvasionKillzone / Ape EscapeThe stage begins with players fighting on a pair of ISA carriers until they are dropped on to a Helghan battlefield. Soon after missiles will blow away part of the environment to reveal a cadre of Pipo Monkeys chased by a Goliath mech who attacks the fighters while terraforming the stage.
    MetropolisRatchet & Clank / God of WarMetropolis starts off as a cityscape with multiple conveyor belts, moving platforms, and spiky deathtraps. After some time has passed the Hydra from God of War will explode out from below and eat Captain Qwark, after which it proceeds to attempt to eat the players as well.
    ParisSly Cooper / LittleBigPlanetStage begins on a rooftop in Paris from the Sly Cooper series. Midway through the battle, the background becomes a vortex that spits out the Negativitron from LittleBigPlanet who proceeds to attack the players.
    Sandover VillageJak & Daxter / Hot Shots GolfSandover Village is a Jak & Daxter map with multiple tiers of platforms with water containing a ferocious Lurker Shark below. The stage eventually is invaded by Hot Shots golfers who rain down golfballs on the players from the background.
    San FranciscoResistance / Ratchet & ClankThe stage begins on a pier in San Francisco during the Chimera invasion with ships attacking buildings in the background. The stage is eventually captured in a tractor beam from the Nefarious Space Station and pulled in to space. Dr. Nefarious then appears and wreaks havoc with the aid of his Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler until it turns on him.
    StowawaysUncharted / BioShock InfinitePlayers will begin fighting in the plane's cargo area, which will eventually open up. The fight continues on the cargo hanging out of the plane until a a zeppelin appears along with The Songbird, which will swoop in and attack the players as they fight.
    TimestationApe Escape / ResistanceFighters will be fighting in the foreground of the Timestation, with Specter making use of the machine to summon creatures to attack the players. Specter will first warp in a randomized creature from a variety of franchises attacking a monkey until a Chimeran Widowmaker appears and begins spewing toxins on the combatants.

    DLC Stages

    Two new stages have been released:

    FearlessHeavenly Sword / WipeoutThe stage begins atop a giant pillar where players will fight until they fall in to a town area down below. In this new area a Wipeout race track appears with the racers speeding through the stage.
    GraveyardMediEvil / The Unfinished SwanStarting out in a stylized graveyard, this stage will quickly begin changing with transitions to the blank canvas of the Unfinished Swan. When the canvas appears paint will douse it causing hidden platforms to appear before transferring back to the graveyard.


    Spear of DestinyGod of WarA melee weapon which when used on other players steals some of their AP meter.
    Hermes BootsGod of WarBoots that when picked up will give the player a boost of speed, allowing them to move more quickly on land and in the air.
    Medusa HeadGod of WarThe only item in the game that can kill other players. When picked up a players can use it to turn another in to stone and then smash them. The frozen player can escape however if they mash buttons repeatedly.
    Murder of CrowsBioShock InfiniteWhen picked up it grants the player the ability to send crows to attack opponents.
    Dohvat Laser DesignatorKillzonePlayers who obtain the Designator will be able to paint a target area with a laser. This painted area will then come under heavy fire soon after.
    Great Mighty ScythePataponA melee weapon that fighters can use to create mighty tornadoes that will drain AP from their enemies.
    Freeze MissileTwisted MetalA missile that briefly freezes an opponent when fired at them. The freeze effect slows the player to a crawl for a few moments.
    Hedgehog GrenadeResistanceA grenade that when thrown explodes outwards sending shrapnel in to the other players. If hit by the shrapnel, the player will temporarily be unable to activate their supers.
    Gravity ShieldWipeoutA glowing yellow shield that when activated blocks other players attacks, including supers.
    LR-3 RailgunStarhawkA large high powered energy weapon, fighters can pick this gun up an fire it, shooting a bullet that travels acroos the entire stage.
    Leech BeamWipeoutThe leech beam is used to sap AP from other players after being fired at them.
    Killer BeesApe EscapeWhen picked two satellites appear around the players which will then fire lasers in the opposite that you are facing.
    SackbotLittleBigPlanetWhen obtained this robot can be used to attack other players with it's fists.
    RPG-7UnchartedAn RPG with three missiles, which can be fired at other players to gain meter.
    Nanotech CrateRatchet & ClankA breakable box that when hit bursts in to AP orbs which add to your characters super meter.
    Razor ClawsRatchet & ClankA set of claws which can be used as a melee weapon to build meter by attacking other players.
    Fusion BombRatchet & ClankWhen this bomb is thrown it will explode in to several smaller bombs that spread out in order to hit multiple players around the stage.
    Baumasu's AxeThe Mark of KriA large axe which can be picked up and used to attack other players with a spin move.
    SturgeonUnchartedThe player picks up a large fish which is then used as a melee weapon to beat down the other players.
    Sonic RiftModNation RacersThe orb once thrown travels across the ground creating large rings that immobilize any fighters who get caught in the rings it creates.

    Pre-Order Exclusives

    No Caption Provided

    Pre-ordering from GameStop or Amazon included exclusive alternate outfits for all 20 announced characters.


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