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    Sweet Tooth

    Character » appears in 16 games

    This homicidal harlequin has been the face of Playstation's Twisted Metal game series from Day 1.

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    Marcus "Needles" Kane, better known by his murderous moniker "Sweet Tooth", is a homicidal maniac of the highest degree, and enjoys "working" with a clown theme. Beginning with the first Twisted Metal games, Sweet Tooth's appearance varied in every game as a facepainted killer clown only to receive his trademark "burning head" appearance in the second game. For Twisted Metal Black, Sweet Tooth was retooled into a dangerous asylum escapee wearing a bondage harness and clown mask while retaining his signature fiery head. This look has carried over to most of his mainstream appearances.

    Kane suffers from split-personality disorder, giving him the problem of switching from a slightly delusional homeless man to a murderous psychopath in a clown outfit. He is the long-lost son of Charlie Kane, the driver of the assault taxi Yellow Jacket in the original Twisted Metal. In Yellow Jacket's ending, Charlie's wish to Calypso is to find his long lost son, and Calypso gleefully tells him that his son was one of the drivers Charlie had murdered to get that wish. Despite having discovered exactly how insane Sweet Tooth was, Charlie then vowed to enter the tournament again next year, so he could wish that his son was alive again.

    Car name/Type: Sweet Tooth/Ice Cream Truck

    Driver Name: Needles Kane

    Driver Info: 42 Yrs, Birthplace unknown

    Twisted Metal 3 Bio: If only all clowns were as sweet as Sweet Tooth, the world would be a much more psychotic place. This demented concessionaire bops around in his ice cream truck spreading merriment and salmonella. You'll also note that Sweet Tooth is down with the good humor: he'll be laughing the entire time he's launching the explosive head off the top of his truck.

    Twisted Metal Black Bio: The first time Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) killed someone he didn't even flinch. He did it as skillfully as a trained surgeon and without regrets. After the first one, it was obvious that he had found his calling in life. He quickly developed an insatiable thirst for blood. Sometimes his victims were meticulously hunted down, chosen and just unlucky to have crossed his path. No one was safe.


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