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    Mr. Grimm

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    A character that resembles (and sometimes directly is) the Grim Reaper. He usually rides a motorcycle using a skull as a helmet.

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    License Plate: YURNXT

    Special Weapon: Screaming Soul

    Mr. Grimm's Special Weapon, the Screaming Soul, is one of the most powerful Special Weapons of all the vehicles. A vehicle struck by this weapon will have part of their life force stripped away to be stored for the next shot. Lacking any homing capability, you must plan ahead and aim carefully.

    Character Bios

    Twisted Metal Bio:

    Mr. Grimm selection screen as seen in the original Twisted Metal.
    Mr. Grimm selection screen as seen in the original Twisted Metal.

    A mysterious motorcycle rider who is looking to "claim that one item that has eluded him for years".

    Twisted Metal 2 Bio:

    A ravenous creature of the night, Mr. Grim exists only to feed off the souls of the unwary. Intent on causing the end of all the world, Mr. Grimm is helping Armageddon along by joining the tournament.

    Twisted Metal 3 Bio:

    Mr. Grimm is the Grim Reaper, a.k.a. Death. He rides on a highly modified hog with a sidecar that his top demon occasionally co-pilots. Mr. Grimm's Special Weapon is the Screaming Soul, a giant skull that shoots out from the front of his bike and smacks into his enemies with a hellish explosion.

    Twisted Metal 4 Bio:

    A variant of Mr. Grimm appears in the 4th installment as Captain Grimm. He rides in a Pirate Ship with four wheels. He has a pet Parrot who does most of the talking. Tacky.

    Twisted Metal: Black Bio:

    Mr. Grimm as he appears in Twisted Metal: Black.
    Mr. Grimm as he appears in Twisted Metal: Black.

    Mr. Grimm and his friend Benny were drafted into the Vietnam War when they were only 18 years old. Straight out of high school. Neither one was prepared for the terror of the Vietnam jungles. Their platoon was outnumbered, outclassed, and unprepared. They fought the enemy bravely, but quickly fell. The horror of each battle tortured the survivors. The screams from nightmares could be heard in the trenches each night. Mr. Grimm and Benny saw their comrades fall ten at a time...they knew that their time would come too. During a fight, Benny was injured. While trying to protect his ailing friend, Mr. Grimm and Benny were captured. When they awoke, found themselves in a pit. A Vietnamese adviser said that the only chance of survival was to eat and he dropped a machete. Mr. Grimm knew what he wanted them to do. The friends weren't going to eat each other, though. As the days passed, so did Benny's life. Mr. Grimm had no choice but to eat his deceased friend in order to survive.

    In an effort to memorialize his friend, Grimm used Benny's skull as a type of helmet. When he was rescued from the P.O.W. camp some time later, Grimm killed 4 of the G.I.s who attempted to remove the skull. He was finally subdued and shipped to Blackfield Asylum.

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