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    Minion is a demon from the Twisted Metal series. Many should recognize him from Twisted Metal 2: World Tour, although he is featured in almost all of the Twisted Metal games. He usually drives a very large tank.

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    Special Weapon: Quad Missiles (Also known as Serpent in Twisted Metal 4)

    Quad Missiles is one of the most powerful attacks in the Twisted Metal games. It fires three homing missiles and a freeze missile that almost always hits its target and cause a lot of damage.

    Character Bios

    Twisted Metal Bio:

    While Minion appears in Twisted Metal, he only appears as the last boss and is not playable.

    Twisted Metal 2 Bio:

    After the first tournament ended, Minion's only goal is to take down Calypso and get his powers back from him. In the end, he also wants to send him down to his homeland, hell.

    Twisted Metal 3 Bio:

    The demon returns once again, this time to take down his enemy Calypso, and to finally return back to hell.

    Twisted Metal 4 Bio:

    Minion appears in Twisted Metal 4 as a boss in the level Minion's Maze. While he has no story or goal this time, he is unlockable by completing the game.

    Twisted Metal: Black Bio:

    Minion makes a return in Twisted Metal: Black, but this time he isn't the same old demon that he was before. While no one knows who Minion truly is, he is believed to be the split personality of Marcus Kane, otherwise known as Sweet Tooth. He is the mid-boss in the game on his own level called Minion's Stadium.

    Minion's vehicle as it appears in Twisted Metal: Black.
    Minion's vehicle as it appears in Twisted Metal: Black.

    In Twisted Metal: Black Minion has a different Special Attac k than he usually does. Instead of the Quad Missiles, he uses a flamethrower at close range, and shoots homing fireballs at long range. While he's not the hardest boss in the game, he is still very deadly. Minion is also unlockable, but you have to beat the game with every character. When you do finally unlock him, you play as a smaller, but still strong version of him.


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