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    Satan is the Devil, the incarnation of Evil in the universe, the Lord of Hell, the Prince of Darkness, and a very prominent figure in the Abrahamic religions. Naturally, he appears in many videogames, often as a final boss or last encounter. He is commonly depicted as a tempter that leads the faithful astray, and it's generally a bad idea to trust him.

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    Satan, as depicted by artist Gustave Dore in Paradise Lost.
    Satan, as depicted by artist Gustave Dore in Paradise Lost.

    Satan, which means "the Accuser", is the primary antagonist of the faithful in Abrahamic religions.

    In the Hebrew Tanakh, what Christians refer to as the Old Testament, Satan's role is that of a judge of mankind. He is not a fallen angel (though verses in Ezekiel hint at this) but one of the heavenly host who, true to his name, acts as an accuser, akin to a prosecutor in a courtroom today. In apocryphal Jewish texts such as the book of Enoch, Satan did indeed fall from heaven for being jealous of God's creation of Adam and Eve.

    In Christianity, he rules over Hell. Overcoming his temptation is the goal of believers and his defeat will signal the coming of paradise. In Islam, he is referred to as Iblis or Shaitan.

    In Video Games

    Guitar Hero

    Satan made an appropriately metal appearance as " Lou", for the final boss battle in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. He is also featured in the "storyline" of the career mode for Guitar Hero III. He first appears as the agent that signs the player's band to a label, and also frees their band from prison, taking them on a whirlwind tour. Eventually, when the player is famous enough, their character tells Lou that they don't need him anymore. It's at this point that he turns out to be Satan himself, and challenges the player to a guitar duel for their soul!

    The Binding of Isaac

    In the PC game The Binding of Isaac Satan appears randomly offering items to Isaac, including "The Pact", a presumable deal with the devil that turns his skin black, but grants him greater abilities in combat. Satan also appears as a two-part boss monster in the content added in the Halloween update to the game. If the player attempts to use the Bible on him they will be killed instantly.

    Sam & Max

    Satan from Sam & Max.
    Satan from Sam & Max.

    In the Sam & Max games Satan appears as a very comical figure. Instead of being a mythological environment of fire and brimstone hell appears as an average company office and instead of appearing as an evil overlord, Satan appears as a rather average office manager.

    Megami Tensei

    Like many figures of religion and mythology, Satan makes recurring appearances in the Megami Tensei franchise. He first appears as the penultimate boss of Megami Tensei II, where he stands before only YHVH himself. In Shin Megami Tensei II, he further acts under YHVH's command as the necessary tempter to keep mankind under control and as a judge to weigh their actions.

    Satan also appears as an optional boss in Digital Devil Saga 2, and is a high level persona in the Persona franchise. In the Persona 2 titles Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, as well as Persona 3, he is half of the pair needed to cast Armageddon, an instant-kill move. He also appears in Persona 4, though the game does not feature combination abilities in the vein of previous games.


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