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    The Binding of Isaac

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 28, 2011

    A twisted twin-stick shooter from one of the designers of Super Meat Boy. Players take control of Isaac, a young boy who delves deep into the dungeons of his basement as he is hunted by his deranged mother.

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    The game's starting room, with all controls shown.
    The game's starting room, with all controls shown.

    The Binding of Isaac is an indie horror action-adventure game developed and published digitally by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl for the PC (via Steam) on September 28, 2011. It was later made available for the Mac and was included in some Humble Bundles (with Linux support starting on December 19, 2012).

    Built on Adobe Flash from one of the original creators of Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac has players take control of Isaac, a naked (though not explicitly) crying child who must venture deeper down the dungeons beneath his bedroom floor to escape his religious sacrifice by his deranged mother. Along the way, he must fight demented monsters (using his tears as projectiles) and collect a variety of twisted powerups (mostly based on biblical, crude, and childlike themes).

    The gameplay combines the claustrophobic twin-stick shooting of Robotron: 2084 with the room-based dungeon crawling aspects of The Legend of Zelda. The game is known for focusing on repeated playthrough attempts using roguelike elements (namely perma-death and procedurally-generated dungeons) and unlockable content (requiring numerous successful playthroughs to unlock them all). It is also known for its item system, as each playthrough contains a different random set of passive and active items for players to find (allowing them to create unique and monstrous combinations).

    The game later received an expansion pack, titled The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb, on May 28, 2012. Along with over 100 new items (including new pickup types, such as "eternal hearts" that add a risk/reward element), this expansion includes new room types, a new unlockable character, a challenge mode (in which players must complete a goal starting with a certain handicap), alternate floor themes (which include a new variety of enemies and bosses), and a new endgame. This expansion later received an update by Himsl (with no involvement from McMillen) on May 2, 2015, titled "Eternal Edition". Along with bugfixes, it adds a special "hard mode" that features challenging "Eternal" versions of the game's enemies and bosses.

    On November 4, 2014, the game received a remake by Nicalis (under creative control from McMillen), titled The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which rebuilds the engine (allowing them to bypass limitations of the Flash engine, such as console ports and native controller support) and adds a variety of new content and both visual and audio updates. While the contents from the first expansion pack are included in the remake's base game, the contents of Eternal Edition is not.

    In Europe, the game received two retail boxed releases in 2012 (both by Merge and Headup): the Unholy Edition (released before the expansion) and the Most Unholy Edition (released after the expansion).


    Judas evading a group of globins.
    Judas evading a group of globins.

    The Binding of Isaac is, according to its creator Edmund McMillen, "a roguelike shooter based on the dungeon structure of the NES version of Zelda" and instead of using a traditional leveling system, the game uses an item system and there will be 4 sets of special items; usable items, special weapon upgrades, passive upgrades and stat boosters. In every level there will be a treasure room, shop, boss and other secret/special rooms which might contain unique items. Most of the items stack, meaning that over the course of the game the player's character will become a "monstrous powerhouse" in both stats and abilities as well as appearance.

    There are also "micro puzzles" which use pickup items (coins, bombs, keys, hearts, cards and pills) to allow the player to acquire special items, gain access to shops/hidden areas, kill enemies and affect the gameplay in other ways.

    Character Progression

    Character progression in the game is treated as a mix between games such as Spelunky, Desktop Dungeons, and Super Crate Box. Item drops, enemies, rooms, characters, bosses, endings, and chapters are all unlocked as players complete certain objectives. The goal of this system is make the game's content feel richer as players spend more time with the game.

    Difficulty Mechanics

    Users playing the "basic" game who find themselves struggling will be given helper items, whose purpose is to aid the player and make the game easier for them. For players who are doing well, the game will have more challenging bosses, extra chapters, and an overall increase in difficulty.


    Five playable characters launched with the game: Isaac, Magdalene, Cain, Judas, and ???. Eve was added to the game in the Halloween update, and the Wrath of the Lamb DLC added Samson. All of the characters (with the exception of ??? which is based on a character previously created by Edmund) closely resemble standard DnD classes; Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Wizard, Druid, and Berserker.


    The Fighter

    Isaac: The Fighter
    Isaac: The Fighter
    • Unlocked from start.
    • Health: 3; Damage: 2; Range: 2; Speed: 2; ROF: 2.
    • Starting Item: The D6 (Must be unlocked)
    • Starting pickup item: Bomb

    Magdalene (aka, Maggy and Magdalena)

    Magdalene: The Cleric
    Magdalene: The Cleric

    The Cleric

    • Unlocked by getting 7+ container hearts in one playthrough.
    • Health: 4; Damage: 2; Range: 2; Speed: 1; ROF: 2.
    • Starting Item: Yum Heart
    • Starting pickup item: None


    The Thief

    Cain: The Thief
    Cain: The Thief
    • Unlocked by having 55+ pennies in one playthrough.
    • Health: 2; Damage: 3; Range: 1; Speed: 3; ROF: 2.
    • Starting Item: Lucky Foot
    • Starting pickup item: Key


    The Wizard

    Judas: The Wizard
    Judas: The Wizard
    • Unlocked by completing The Womb.
    • Health: 1; Damage: 4; Range: 2; Speed: 2; ROF: 2.
    • Starting item: Book of Belial
    • Starting pickup item: 3x Penny


    Eve: The Druid
    Eve: The Druid

    The Druid

    • Unlocked by making two deals with the devil during one playthrough.
    • Health: 2; Damage: 2; Range: 2; Speed: 2; ROF: 2.
    • Starting items: Dead Bird and Whore of Babylon.
    • Starting pickup item: None


    ???: The Blue Baby
    ???: The Blue Baby

    The Blue Baby

    • Unlocked by completing the game 10 times.
    • Health: 0; Damage: 2; Range: 2; Speed: 2; ROF: 2.
    • Starting Item: A Poop
    • Starting pickup item: 3x Soul Hearts

    Samson (only available in the The Wrath of the Lamb DLC)

    The Berserker

    Samson: The Berserker
    Samson: The Berserker
    • Unlocked by skipping two treasure rooms and beating Mom in one playthrough.
    • Health: 1; Damage: 2; Range: 1; Speed: 2; ROF: 1
    • Starting Item: Blood Lust
    • Starting pickup item: 1x Soul Hearts

    Unlocking each character will also unlock their special item as a pickup in the main game regardless of which character is being used. There are also unique familiars that are unlocked by completing the full game with each character.


    There are several types of items in The Binding of Isaac.

    • Activated Items - These items go into the space bar slot. After being used, the items have to be recharged by clearing rooms. The recharge rate varies with each item. The Wrath of the Lamb added new Activated Items to the game.
    • Passive Items - These items give a permanent mechanical and cosmetic change to the player. The Wrath of the Lamb DLC added new Passive Items to the game.
    • Tarot Cards - Tarot Cards go in the Q slot. They have a random effect and can only be used once. The Wrath of the Lamb DLC added five Playing Cards to the game.
    • Pills - Like Tarot Cards, Pills go in the Q slot. Also like Tarot Cards, Pills have a random effect and can only be used once. They come in many different colors and their effects change with each new game. The first time players pick up a pill it will always appear as "???", but subsequently, the effect of the pill will be mentioned. The Wrath of the Lamb DLC added new Pills to the game.
    • Trinkets - The Wrath of the Lamb DLC added Trinkets to the game. Trinkets are passive items that provide bonuses, and can only be held one at a time. The "Mom's Purse" item increase trinket slots to two.

    Activated Items

    Anarchist's CookbookSpawns multiple bomb in the room.
    The BeanCauses the player to pass gas which damages and poisons nearby enemies.
    Bob's Rotten HeadShoots a bomb in the direction the player are facing.
    The BibleThe player gains wings and the ability to fly over obstacles. Can kill Mom, Mom's Heart and It Lives instantly. Using it on the Isaac or Blue-baby boss kills the player.
    Book of BelialIncreases the player's damage until they leave the room.
    Book of RevelationsAdds 1 soul heart. If used it guarantees that the player will face a Horseman of the Apocalypse boss maximum once per stage.
    Book of ShadowsCreates a shield around the player that absorbs all damage for 12 seconds.
    Book of SinsSpawns a random pick-up.
    The D6Switches special items on the ground with new ones.
    Dead Sea ScrollsActivates a random space bar item.
    Deck of CardsSpawns a random tarot card.
    Doctor's RemoteA controllable red target appears on the floor. After a few seconds, a missile explodes there.
    Forget Me NowRestarts the current floor, generating an entirely new level. Consumes Forget Me Now.
    The GamekidMakes the player's head look like Pac-Man. It temporarily grants invincibility and the ability to damage enemies by touching them. The player gains half a heart for every two enemies killed while the item is in effect.
    HourglassSlows down enemies.
    KamikazeCauses the player to explode, damaging any nearby enemies, at the cost of 1 heart.
    Lemon MishapA yellow puddle appears on the floor which damages any enemy who passes over it.
    Mom's Bottle of PillsSpawns a random pill.
    Mom's BraFreezes enemies.
    Mom's PadCauses enemies to avoid the player.
    Money = PowerEvery 10 cents gives the player a small damage boost.
    Monster ManuelSummons a random familiar to assist the player until they leave the room.
    Monstro's ToothMonstro appears and damages a random enemy in the room (Will not activate against Monstro, but will against Monstro II).
    Mr. BoomDrops a large bomb.
    My Little UnicornThe player temporarily gains invincibility and the ability to damage enemies by touching them.
    The NailThe player becomes a demon, growing in size and gaining attack power and the ability to crush rocks. Gives +1 Soul heart per use.
    NecronomiconImmediately kills all normal enemies in the room and damages bosses.
    A PonyPassively Increases speed and lets the player fly over chasms and barriers. Upon activation, the player will charge across the room in whatever direction they were facing, dealing damage to every enemy they hit.
    The PoopDrops a poop.
    Shoop Da WoopThe next time the player fires, instead of a tear, they launch a large, instant-hit laser.
    Tammy's HeadShoots 10 projectiles in a circle around the player. Only takes one room to recharge.
    TeleportTeleports the player to a random room. Small chance of being teleported to an "Error" room, where the player will be presented with two active or passive items and a trap door to the next level.
    We Need to go DeeperA trap door to the next level appears.
    Yum HeartRestores 1 heart.

    Wrath of the Lamb DLC Activated Items

    Best FriendCreates an Isaac doll that enemies will be drawn to until it eventually explodes.
    Blood RightsSacrifices the player's health to damage every enemy in the room.
    The CandleShoots a blue flame in the direction of the player's choice that damages anything in its path. Recharges in 3 seconds.
    Crack the SkyCreates angelic pillars of light that fall from the sky and hit enemies for huge damage.
    Crystal BallReveals the entire map and supplies the player with either a card or a soul heart.
    D20Changes every item and chest in the room into another random item.
    Dad's KeyUnlocks all doors in the room.
    Guppy's HeadSpawns two to four attack fly familiars.
    Guppy's PawExchanges one of the player's Heart Containers for 2 Soul Hearts.
    IV BagExchanges hearts for coins.
    Notched AxeDestroys one rock when used.
    Prayer CardGives the player half of one Eternal Heart.
    Portable SlotA portable slot machine. Costs one penny to use.
    Remote DetonatorThe player's bombs only explode when the item is used. Also gives the player five bombs.
    Spider ButtDamages all enemies in the room and causes them to be slowed down for a few seconds.
    Telepathy for DummiesGrants the player homing tears for one room.
    White PonyIncreases Speed by two and allows the player to fly. When used, the player will do a charging attack coupled with Crack the Sky.

    Passive Items

    1UPGives an extra life. Upon death the player will spawn outside the room they died in.
    <3Increases HP by 1 and fully heals the player.
    A Lump of CoalIncreases damage from the player's tears based on how far they travel.
    Attack FlySpawns a fly familiar that circles the player and damages any enemies it touches.
    BandageIncreases HP by 2.
    The BatteryAllows active items to recharge while fighting.
    BeltIncreases speed by 2.
    Blood of the MartyrIncreases damage.
    Bomb BagSpawns a bag familiar that follows the player around and drops a bomb every three rooms.
    The Book of BelialIncreases the player's damage skill to the highest rank until they leave the room.
    Boom!Grants 10 bombs.
    BreakfastIncreases HP by 1.
    BrimstoneTears are replaced with brimstone, a charged beam attack with infinite range and a high attack value that can fire through obstacles and enemies. It has a short duration, and enemies take more damage the longer they are in the beam. However, it must be fully charged before it can be fired (Isaac will flash yellow when fully charged).
    Brother BobbySpawns a familiar that follows the player around shooting projectiles.
    Bucket of LardGives two empty heart containers, heals by half a heart, but decreases speed by 1.
    Charm of the VampireKilling 13 monsters heals the player for half of a heart. This effect happens even if the player's health is full. Causing an enemy to split in two or changes forms due to damage counts as "kills" and can be exploited for the healing effect.
    Chocolate MilkAllows the player to charge their shots by holding the arrow keys.
    The Common
    Makes tears poisonous.
    CompassReveals icons on map.
    Cube of MeatThe first pick up gives a floating cube similar to the Pretty Fly. The second pick up changes it to a floating head that shoots red tears. The third pick up changes that floating head into Meat Boy. The fourth pick up increases meat boy's size and damage.
    Cupid's ArrowPiercing arrows
    Dead BirdUpon taking damage, will emerge and attack enemies in the room until the player exits the room.
    Demon BabySpawns a familiar that fires at any enemies that come close to the player. Only fires at short range.
    DessertIncreases HP by 1.
    DinnerIncreases HP by 1.
    Dollar BillGives the player 99 cents.
    Fetus in a JarReplaces tears with bombs.
    Forever AloneSpawns a friendly fly familiar that circles the player in a wide radius, damaging any enemies it touches.
    Growth HormonesIncrease speed and damage.
    Guardian AngelGives the player one faith heart and circles the player. Doubles speed of shield items (Pretty fly, Cube of meat, Sacrificial Knife).
    GuppyGives the player 9 lives, but reduces the player's health to one heart. Every death reduces maximum health back to 1.
    HaloIncreases all of the player's stats by one.
    Halo of FliesSpawns two fly familiars that circle the player at a close radius, blocking projectiles and damaging enemies.
    The Inner EyeArrows are shot in bursts of 3. Increased tear delay.
    LadderAllows the player to walk across gaps one square across.
    Little SteveSpawns Little Steve as a familiar who shoots homing tears.
    Loki's HornsIncreases fire rate and grants a random chance to shoot projectiles in 4 directions.
    Lord of the PitGrants the player demon wings and turns the player's entire body black. The player flies over all obstacles, including damage floors, spikes, rocks, and pits.
    Lucky FootRaises the player's luck.
    LunchIncreases the player's HP by 1.
    Magic MushroomUpgrades multiple stats and makes the player and their projectiles larger.
    MagnetoPick-ups move slowly towards the player. This includes troll bombs.
    The MarkIncreases damage by 2. Adds 1 soul heart.
    Max's HeadIncreases damage by 1.
    Meat BoyRuns into nearby enemies and damages them over time.
    Mini MushIncreases speed and range.
    Mom's ContactsTears gain occasional freezing effect.
    Mom's EyeIncreases tears and occasionally fires a tear in the opposite direction.
    Mom's HeelsIncreases range by 2.
    Mom's KnifeReplaces tears with a carving knife. Can be charged and thrown a short distance in one direction before it comes back to the player. Very powerful, but low range.
    Mom's LipstickIncreases range by 1.
    Mom's UnderwearIncreases range by 1.
    Mr. MegaAdds 5 bombs, and makes all dropped bombs large bombs.
    My ReflectionGives tears a boomerang effect.
    Number OneTears fire more rapidly at the cost of range.
    Ouija BoardTears pass over solid objects.
    The PactTurns the player's body black and grants the player to shoot blood instead of tears, giving a bonus to damage and rate of fire.
    The ParasiteMakes the tears split in two when they hit something.
    PentagramIncreases damage.
    PHDReverses the effect of negative pills, also fully heals Isaac.
    A QuarterGives 25 pennies on pick up.
    Radioactive SpiderArrows have a chance to slow down enemies when hit.
    Raw LiverIncreases HP by 2.
    The RelicDrops a soul heart upon completion of every fourth room.
    Robo-BabyFollows Isaac while shooting lasers.
    Roid RageIncreases speed & range.
    RosaryAdds 3 soul hearts. Significantly increases the chance of finding the Bible in the shop and secret rooms.
    Rotten MeatIncreases HP by 1.
    Sack of PenniesMay drop pennies or nickles after a room is completed.
    The Sad OnionIncreases rate of tears.
    Sister MaggySpawns a familiar that shoots projectiles.
    SkatatoleRunning into flies kill them instantly, with no damage taken to the player.
    Skeleton KeyGives the player 99 keys.
    Small RockIncreases damage. Found by exploding blue rocks.
    Spelunkers HatSee through locked doors. Reveals the location of the secret room when in an adjacent room.
    Spider's BiteTears slow down enemies.
    Spoon BenderHoming tears.
    Steam SaleAll items in the shop become 50% off.
    StevenIncreases damage.
    TechnologyTears turn into lasers. Can penetrate enemies. Unlimited range.
    TranscendenceRemove's the player's body, allowing them to fly over obstacles.
    Treasure MapReveals all rooms for every floor, including the secret room.
    The VirusDeal damage to enemies on touch.
    WaferGive's damage resistance (attacks that would have done 1 heart of damage do only 1/2 a heart).
    Whore of BabylonIf the player reaches half a heart, their speed and damage are increased. This effect will continue until the player leaves a room with more than half a heart.
    Wiggle WormMakes tears zig zag. Tears can no longer be angled by movement.
    Wire Coat HangerIncreases rate of tears by 2.
    Wooden SpoonIncreases speed.
    X-Ray VisionReveals secret room entrances and opens them without bombing.

    Wrath of the Lamb DLC Passive Items

    3 Dollar BillThe player's tear effect is randomly changed every time he enters a new room.
    AbelA familiar that shoots and moves in the opposite direction of the player.
    AnkhWorks as an extra life. If killed, the player respawns in the previous room as ???.
    Black BeanIf the player takes damage, they expel harmful farts that hurt nearby enemies. The farts are the same as the ones in the Bad Gas Pill.
    Bloody LustEvery time the player gets a kill, their damage increases. The damage resets when they leave the room.
    Bob's CurseMakes all bombs endowed with poison. Also grants the player five bombs.
    BoxSpawns one of many possible common items (e.g. one key, one bomb, one penny, etc).
    Bum FriendBeggar familiar that picks up coins for himself. Once he gets a certain amount of coins, he drops an item.
    Cat-o-nine-tailsIncreases speed of tears (not rate of fire).
    Celtic CrossWhen the player gets hit, there is a chance a shield will spawn around them.
    Chemical PeelTears fired from the left eye do increased damage.
    Daddy Long-legsThe boss Daddy Long Legs stomps enemies.
    Dead DoveGives the player flight and spectral tears.
    Epic FetusMakes tears guided missiles.
    FateGives the player flight and one Eternal Heart.
    Ghost BabyFriendly companion who shoots spectral tears.
    Guppy's Hair BallSmall ball that follows the player and hurts any enemies it touches. Every enemy killed increases damage of the hairball, size reduces over time.
    Guppy's TailChances of finding Golden Chests increase.
    HabitWhen the player is hit, their activated item gets 3 bars of charge.
    Harlequin BabyA familiar that shoots tears diagonally from the player's.
    Holy GrailGives the player flight and an extra heart container.
    Holy WaterBreaks when the player is hit, becoming a puddle that hurts any enemies that walk over it.
    InfestationEvery time the player is hit an attack fly spawns.
    IpecacAdds poison and explosive damage to tears.
    Jesus JuiceIncreases damage.
    Magic 8 BallIncreases ROF and spawns one Tarot Card when picked up.
    MEAT!Increases ROF and maximum Health by one.
    The MitreIncreases Luck. Every red heart drop has a chance of becoming a Soul heart
    Mom's PurseLets the player hold two trinkets.
    Mom's Coin PurseSpawns 4 pills around the player when picked up.
    The MulliganOccasionally spawns attack flies when the player hits an enemy.
    Mutant SpiderGives the player quad tears.
    Pageant BoySpawns coins around the player when picked up. Increases chance of nickles and dimes dropping.
    The PeeperRips out the player's left eye, which proceeds to float around the room, damaging any enemies it touches.
    PolyphemusIncreases tear damage and size, but sets ROF back to one. If a tear kills an enemy the tear will penetrate with damage reduced.
    PyroGives the player 99 bombs.
    Rainbow BabyA familiar whose tear effect changes with every shot.
    Sacred HeartTears are larger, slower, and home in on enemies. Decreases ROF by one. Fully restores health and gives one Soul Heart on pick up.
    Sacrificial DaggerSpawns a dagger familiar that floats around the player, damaging any enemies it touches.
    ScapularIf the player's health reaches half of Heart he's given a Soul Heart.
    SMB Super FanIncreases all stats by one except Speed. Decreases Speed by one.
    Speed BallIncreases Speed and causes tears to travel faster.
    Spirit of the NightGives the player flight and spectral tears.
    SqueezyIncreases ROF by one and spawns two Soul Hearts on pick up.
    Stem CellsIncrease maximum Health by one.
    StigmataIncreases Damage and maximum Health by one.
    Technology 2Fires a laser in addition to the player's tears.
    ToothpickIncreases ROF.
    Tough LoveRandomly shoots a tooth instead of a tear. Teeth do double damage.

    Tarot Cards

    O The FoolTeleports the player to the starting room for that floor.
    I The MagicianGives the player homing tears until they leave the room.
    II The High PriestessSummons Mom's foot to crush an enemy.
    III The EmpressGives the Whore of Babylon effect (Increases speed, damage, and changes the player character's form) until the player leaves the room.
    IV The EmperorTeleports the player to the boss room.
    V The HierophantSpawns 2 soul hearts
    VI The LoversSpawns 2 red hearts.
    VII The ChariotGives the My Little Unicorn effect (the player gains invincibility and can damage enemies by touching them for a short period of time).
    VIII JusticeSpawns a bomb, heart, key, and a penny.
    IX The HermitTeleports the player to the mini-boss room or the shop.
    X Wheel of FortuneSpawns a slot machine or Fortune teller.
    XI StrengthMakes the player bigger, increasing maximum health and damage until the player leaves the room.
    XII The Hanged ManThe player becomes a floating head until they leave the room, allowing flight over obstacles.
    XIII DeathDamages every enemy in the room.
    XIV TemperanceSpawns a blood donation machine.
    XV The DevilIncreases damage until while in the current room.
    XVI The TowerSpawns multiple bombs in the room.
    XVII The StarsTeleports the player to the golden item room on the current level.
    XVIII The MoonTeleports the player to the secret room on the current level.
    XIX The SunReveals all the rooms in the current level and full heals the player.
    XX JudgementSpawns a beggar.
    XXI The WorldReveals all the rooms in the current level.

    Wrath of the Lamb DLC Cards

    2 of ClubsDoubles the player's number of bombs. If the player has no bombs, they are given two.
    2 of DiamondsDoubles the player's money. If the player has no money, they are given two pennies.
    2 of HeartsDoubles the player's hearts. If the player has half a heart and uses the card, their health is brought up to two.
    2 of SpadesDoubles the player's keys. If the player has no keys, they are given two keys.
    The JokerTeleports the player to either the Devil or God room on the floor.


    And Ate Them!Does not affect player's stats, but player's face becomes hollow-eyed and slack-jawed.
    Bad GasDamages nearby enemies.
    Bad TripThe player loses 1 heart. If the player has only one heart, it will act as a full heal.
    Balls of SteelGives the player 2 soul hearts.
    Bombs Are KeySwaps the player's current amount of bombs with their current amount of keys.
    DamageDeals damage to the player.
    Explosive Diarrhea!The player drops several lit bombs.
    Full HealthFully restores the player's health.
    Health UpIncreases HP by 1.
    Pretty FlySpawns a fly familiar that circles around the player and blocks projectiles.
    Range DownDecreases range.
    Range UpIncreases range.
    Speed DownDecreases speed.
    Speed UpIncreases speed.
    Tears DownDecreases rate of tears.
    Tears UpIncreases rate of tears.
    TeleportTeleports the player to a random room on the current level.

    Wrath of the Lamb DLC Pills

    PubertyNo mechanical effect, but causes the player to sprout hairs on their head.
    Luck UpIncreases luck.
    Luck DownDecreases luck.
    Friends Till the End!Spawns three attack flies.


    Ace of SpadesIncreases Playing Card drop rate.
    Bloody PennyChance to drop half a heart when money is picked up.
    Burnt PennyChance to drop a bomb when money is picked up.
    CancerDoubles the player's rate of fire.
    Child's HeartIncreases Heart drop rate.
    Counterfeit PennyChance to add an extra penny whenever money is picked up.
    Cursed SkullWhen the player's health reaches half a heart, they are teleported to the last cleared room.
    Curved HornIncreases Speed by one point. Increases damage dealt against Satan.
    Flat PennyChance to drop a golden key when a penny is picked up.
    Fish HeadFriendly attack flies spawn whenever the player is hit.
    Goat HoofRandomly increases tear size and damage.
    Isaac's ForkThe player is healed after killing a certain amount of enemies.
    Liberty CapThe player gains a random mushroom effect each room.
    Lucky ToeIncreases Luck.
    MatchstickIncreases bomb drop rate.
    A Missing PageChance to apply random book effect once the player's health reaches half a heart.
    Mom's PearlIncreases chance to find Mom's items from Golden Chests.
    Pinky EyeChance to fire random poisonous tears.
    The PolaroidApplies a brief shield to the player once their health reaches half a heart.
    Push PinRandomly shoots spectral and piercing tears.
    Red PatchChance to increase damage when hit until the player leaves the room
    Rusty KeyChance to drop keys when damaged.
    Safety CapIncreases Pill drop rate.
    TickLowers boss health and gives it to the player. Once picked up, it cannot be replaced.
    Umbilical CordWhen the player's health reaches half a heart, Little Steven spawns.

    Wrath of the Lamb DLC Trinket

    Game SquidIsaac's tears occasionally have a slowing effect. Made available in the Eternal Edition update.

    Deals with the Devil

    DealHP CostEffect(s)
    The Mark2666 appears on the player's forehead. Increases Damage. Adds one soul heart.
    The Pact2Turns the player black with horns. Increases Damage and Fire rate. Adds two soul hearts.

    Gives the player nine extra lives, but sets their current health, and all future live's starting health, to one.

    Lord of the Pit2Grants the player a permanent flight effect.
    Sister Maggy1Spawns a familiar that shoots red tears.
    Brother Bobby1Spawns a familiar that shoots grey tears.
    Technology1Gives the player laser tears that have infinite range and pass through enemies.
    Lucky Foot1Raises luck.
    The Nail2The player is granted one Soul Heart, an increase to Damage, a decrease to Speed, and the ability to crush rocks and destroy Arena doors on contact.
    We Need to Go Deeper1Immediately spawns a trapdoor that takes the player to the next level. Does nothing on the final floor.
    Book of Sin1Spawns a random pick up.
    Book of Belial1Increases damage until the player exits the room.
    Book of Shadows1Grants invulnerability for a short period of time.
    The Common Cold1Gives tears a guaranteed poison effect.
    The Necronomicon1Damages all enemies.
    A Quarter1Adds 25 pennies.
    Money = Power1Adds damage based on the amount of coins the player has in their possession.
    Yum Heart1Restores 1 heart.
    Brimstone1-2Makes tears a chargable laser.
    Parasite1Shots that hit split in two and travel on perpendicular axes.
    Ouija Board1When the players health reaches half a heart, they transform into a demon and get extra attack and speed.
    Whore of Babylon1-2Enables sacrifice of health for increased damage in one room.
    Razor1Spawns a familiar that follows the player and automatically fires short range shots from any angle at enemies near the player.
    Demon Baby2Spawns a familiar that follows the player and fires short range shots.
    Mom's Knife1Replaces tears with a carving knife. Can be charged and thrown a short distance in one direction before it comes back to the player. Very powerful, but low range.
    Forget Me Now1When activated, the level ends and is regenerated with new rooms, monsters, and items.
    Monster Manual1Summons a random familiar for the current room only.
    Doctor's Remote1Sets a big red target on the ground which can be controlled with the arrow keys. After a few seconds, a huge explosive missile hits it.
    Odd Mushroom1Possible effects include: Increases speed by 1; increasing Tears to maximum (Rate of fire); decrease max health or damage by 1.


    Each floor has a random boss that must be fought before moving on to the next level. The Basement, The Caves, The Depths and The Womb each have their own specific bosses. In the Wrath of the Lamb expansion pack, a new alternate floor was added for each existing floor. These are the Cellar, Catacombs, Necropolis, and the Utero, respectively. The final stage of The Depths/Necropolis will always be a fight against Mom. Mom's heart is unlocked after defeating Mom the first time, as well as the Four Horsemen. After beating Mom's heart nine times, it is replaced by It Lives. After beating It Lives once, and thus completing the game 10 times, the level Sheol is unlocked, as well at the new final boss, Satan. Once certain conditions are met, more unlockable bosses can be fought. Every boss has multiple colors that affect their properties and they can also appear in mini-boss rooms, usually with different properties that make them easier.

    The Basement

    Larry Jr.
    Larry Jr.
    • Monstro
    • The Duke of Flies
    • Larry Jr.
    • Gemini (After certain conditions are met. Can be randomly replaced by Steven)
    • Famine (Unlocked after beating Mom)

    The Cellar (Alternate to The Basement)

    • Blighted Ovum
    • Gurdy Jr.
    • Widow
    • Pin
    • Famine (Unlocked after beating Mom)

    The Caves

    • Gurdy
    • Peep
    • Fistula
    • Chub (After certain conditions are met. Can be randomly replaced by C.H.A.D)
    • Pestilence (Unlocked after beating Mom)

    The Catacombs (Alternate to The Caves)

    The Hollow.
    The Hollow.
    • Blighted Ovum
    • The Husk
    • The Hollow
    • The Wretched
    • Prestilence (Unlocked after beating Mom)

    The Depths

    • Loki
    • Monstro II (After certain conditions are met, can be randomly replaced by Gish)
    • Mom
    • War (Unlocked after beating Mom)

    The Necropolis (Alternate to The Depths)

    • Daddly Long Legs
    • Mask of Infamy
    • The Wrecthed
    • The Bloat
    • Mom
    • War (Unlocked after beating Mom)

    The Womb

    • Scolex
    • Blastocyst
    • Mom's Heart (After defeating Mom's heart in nine previous games, it is permanently replaced by It Lives)
    • Death

    The Utero (Alternate to The Womb)

    • Daddy Long Legs (After certain conditions are met, it can be randomly replaced by Triachnid)
    • The Bloat
    • Lokii
    • Teratoma
    • Mom's Heart (After defeating Mom's heart in nine previous games, it is permanently replaced by It Lives)
    • Death


    Can sometimes be accessed before being permanently unlocked by having a devil room appear after defeating Mom's Heart.

    • Satan


    • Isaac

    The Chest

    Can only be accessed if the player has the Polaroid trinket.

    • Blue Baby

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    The Seven Deadly Sins as they appear in the game's credits.
    The Seven Deadly Sins as they appear in the game's credits.

    The Seven Deadly sins are bosses that can randomly appear in any shop or secret room. Each of them has a "Super" version that were added in the Wrath of Lamb expansion pack. Pride has an "Ultra" version that resembles the developers - Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl.

    • Envy
    • Gluttony
    • Greed
    • Lust
    • Pride
    • Sloth
    • Wrath

    Devil Room

    • Krampus (Can appear randomly upon entering a devil room; added during the Halloween update.)


    The original score for The Binding of Isaac was composed by Danny Baranowsky and is available through digital release at Steam.


    Cover for The Binding of Isaac's Soundtrack.
    Cover for The Binding of Isaac's Soundtrack.
    1. Those Responsible - 00:13
    2. In The Beginning... - 02:21
    3. The Binding of Isaac - 03:17
    4. Unknown Depths Below - 00:05
    5. Sacrificial - 05:08
    6. Conflicted - 00:08
    7. Divine Combat - 02:27
    8. Pride - 00:07
    9. Peace Be with You - 02:10
    10. Agony - 00:12
    11. Repentant - 05:22
    12. Respite - 02:04
    13. $4cR1f1c14|_ - 05:01
    14. Dreadful - 05:02
    15. Burning Ambush - 02:23
    16. Greed - 02:43
    17. Thine Wrath... - 03:15
    18. Apostate - 05:08
    19. Hereafter - 01:30
    20. Temptation - 02:14
    21. The Pact - 00:07
    22. ... Be Done - 02:01
    23. Absolution - 00:46
    24. Ultimate Reward - 00:13
    25. End Times - 01:54
    26. In The Beginning... (No Voiceover) - 02:21
    27. The Clubbing of Isaac (Remix) (by Big Giant Circles) - 03:53
    28. Atempause (by C418) - 02:03

    System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 1GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 50MB
    • Video Card: Direct X9.0c Compatible Card
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c


    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: Intel Mac 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 1GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 50MB

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