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    Medievalien takes place in a medieval world, which is suddenly visited by a spaceship. A powerful wizard named Wulfrid casts a powerful spell and destroys the vessel's engines, forcing it to crash down.

    During the explosion, a lot of blue-ish crystals are seen scattering all around; these are called Fate Crystals, and are used both by wizards on earth to cast their spells and by the aliens to power their technology.

    The game begins with a Hunter named Jarin, that reaches Wulfrid's tower and is instructed bu the wizard to reach the alien spaceship.


    Medievalien is a roguelike with a simple game loop, that starts as soon as the player leaves the wizard's tower through a portal.

    As soon as a run starts, the player will be proposed with a random generated 2D map.
    Here the player will choose a path to follow to reach the end of the biome; at the end, he will have to face a boss.

    Each path has multiple waypoints; each waypoint type will bring the player to a specific level.
    The list of waypoints is:

    • Combat (most common): here the player will play in a procedurally generated level and fight against several enemies.
    • Merchant, Smuggler, Blacksmith: vendor points
    • Random Event: events taken from a pool that will usually pose a challenge to the player.


    Medievalien is developed and published by dOOb games srl, an italian based indie development company.


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