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    Enter the Gungeon

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Apr 05, 2016

    Four unlikely heroes must fight through a fortress inhabited by large sentient bullets (among other gun-related creatures) seeking a legendary weapon in this gun-themed rogue-like "bullet hell" shooter.

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    Enter the Gungeon is a 2D comedic sci-fi fantasy top-down shooter developed by Dodge Roll and published digitally by Devolver Digital for the PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux on April 5, 2016. It was later released digitally on the Xbox One (on April 5, 2017) and Nintendo Switch (on December 14, 2017).

    Taking place in a constantly-evolving labyrinth called "The Gungeon" (inhabited by sentient bullets and other strange gun-related creatures), players control one of four unlikely heroes (the Gungeoneers) as they fight through the forces of the gun-toting Cult of the Gundead to seek the legendary gun that could "kill the past" in order to change their own past.

    Similar to both The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon combines roguelike dungeon crawlers (with procedurally-generated levels and perma-death) with the gameplay of twin-stick shooters (with a focus on dodging numerous projectiles, similar to "bullet hell" shoot 'em ups). Players can find new guns and items by opening chests, defeating bosses, and purchasing from shops.


    Each hero starts with a basic weapon with unlimited ammo and a few selection of items and character traits.

    The Cultist is only available in co-op.

    Character NameStarting ItemsCharacter Portrait
    The Pilot
    • Rouge Special
    • Trusty Lockpicks
    • Disarming Personality
    • Hidden Compartment
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    The Marine
    • Marine Sidearm
    • Supply Drop
    • Military Training
    • 1 armor
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    The Hunter
    • Rusty sidearm
    • Crossbow
    • Dog
    No Caption Provided
    The Convict
    • Budget Revolver
    • Sawed-Off
    • Molotov
    • Enraging Photo
    No Caption Provided
    The Cultist
    • Dart Gun
    • Friendship Cookie
    • Number 2
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    The Gungeon

    The Gungeon is the main core of the game, it consists of 5 levels each containing procedural generated rooms followed by a boss fight.

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    The five levels of the Gungeon are:

    1. Keep of the Lead Lord
    2. Gungeon Proper
    3. Black Powder Mine
    4. Hollow
    5. Forge

    The Gungeon also consists of the Breach which is the main hub where the player can choose what character they want to play as, talk to NPC's, and purchase items from shops.


    The NPC's can be unlocked by finding them in the Gungeon and rescuing them by finding a golden key to unlock their cage. Once they are unlocked they will appear in the Breach for the player to talk to, or they will randomly appear in levels of the Gungeon with side quests or shops.

    NPC NameDescription
    Ser ManuelTeach the player basic controls in the tutorial.
    BelloHe runs the shop that appears in every level of the Gungeon.
    Ox and Cadence

    They run the shop in the Breach where players can buy weapons that are permanently added into the Gungeon.

    Ox and Cadence have to be rescued from the 2nd level of the Gungeon.


    Can build shortcuts to each level of the Gungeon for a price, will also award items once each shortcut is unlocked.

    Tailor appears on each floor should the previous floor's boss be defeated without the player taking a single hit.

    Resourceful Rat

    The Rat will steal any items, guns, or ammo that are not picked up by the player.

    If the player uses a shortcut to the third level onwards the Rat will offer the player a free gun.

    WinchesterHe runs a game in Gungeon where the player has to perform ricocheting trick shots to win prizes.

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