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    Aggressive Door-Opening

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    Used by protagonists when opening a door that is locked, or just for looking really cool.

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    In a rush? Some dumb enemy hiding behind a door? Sick of that same boring door opening animation? Then aggressive door-opening is for you!

    Aggressive door-opening involves the character opening a door in a quick, violent way that usually involves the door being slammed. The character does this by kicking the door, pushing the door or running through the door. Sometimes this results in the door being knocked down.

    If the door is reinforced and made of a tougher material, then normal kicking or pushing the door would be ineffective. The most effective and best course of action would be to shoot the door (or more specifically the lock on the door) or to use explosives, such as C4, to blow open the door. The latter is extremely effective against the tougher doors like ones made of metal.

    The player can initiate an aggressive door opening by pressing the door opening button twice or by running towards the door and pressing the door opening button.

    The idea of aggressive door-opening is perhaps epitomized in Dante's Inferno, in which doors are living demonic entities, and Dante "opens" them by stabbing them to death with his oversized scythe.

    Offensive properties

    Aggressive door-opening can also be used offensively, with the objective of killing or incapacitating enemies that closely stand behind the door. This can be accomplished either by the actual swinging force of the door-opening to strike an enemy, or from the explosion of a door breach using explosives which can result in killing nearby enemies outright.


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