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    Twisted Metal: Black ONLINE

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 27, 2002

    An online version of Twisted Metal: Black.

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    Twisted Metal: Black ONLINE is the network-only variant of the full retail release Twisted Metal: Black, and was originally released as a free inclusion (in the form of a voucher the owner would fill out and mail away) with the Network Adaptor peripheral for the Sony PlayStation 2 one year after the full games release. As a limited time offer, Sony later stopped including the free voucher with the Network Adaptor, but would eventually include the game with the Greatest Hits version of Twisted Metal: Black.   
    The servers for the game were shut down on June 30th, 2008.


    Network Features

    The game allowed for 4 players over a broadband connection (limited to only 2 if on a dial-up connection) to duke it out online. Later, (through server-side updates by the developers) the count was raised to 8 players over a broadband connection, while the player count for users bound to a dial-up connection remained at two. 
    Additionally, originally the game featured a lobby system devoid of any chat communication -- the server-side updates eventually brought forth a chat system, usable either with an on-screen keyboard or a USB keyboard.   

    Game Modes, Arenas and Vehicles 

     See Twisted Metal: Black page for full information on Cars and Arenas.
     All 15 cars and every arena from the full game were available in this release. Four game modes were playable: 
    • Manhunt
    • Last Man Standing
    • Deathmatch
    • Collector

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