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    A driver in the Twisted Metal series, who has a doll mask permanently attached to her face. She drives Darkside.

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    Twisted Metal Black (2001)

    Seven years before the events of Twisted Metal Black took place, Dollface was a recent college graduate, and worked for a mask maker named Mr. Creole as her first job. One day, she accidentally spilled coffee on some important paperwork. In a fit of rage, Mr. Creole locked Dollface inside a mask, nailing it onto her head and locking it with a special key so that she couldn't remove it. For some reason, she didn't go to the authorities for help, and soon went mad and was sent to Blackfield Asylum, who equally inexplicably made no effort to remove the mask.

    Will kill for the key
    Will kill for the key

    Calypso visited her one day and convinced her to enter the Twisted Metal tournament with the promise of giving her the key to unlock her mask should she win. When she won Dollface was presented with her key to unlock her mask; however, it was attached to a device which was holding open an iron maiden that Mr. Creole was placed inside. If she took the key, the device would be set off, and Creole would die. It didn't take long for Dollface to decide. She took the key, and with it, sealed Creole's fate. However, a little while later she decided that she no longer wanted the key; she preferred her doll face to the real one, reasoning that it "doesn't cry and it doesn't look scared and it will always be pretty even when [she's] old and gray." She tossed away the key and returned to Darkside, setting off to become a dealer of vengeance to those who hurt others.

    Twisted Metal (2012)

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    In this version, Dollface is given a new backstory and identity. Dollface was once a supermodel named Krista Sparks whose face was damaged in a car crash. She underwent facial reconstruction surgery and was left with a thin facial scar, which she saw in her obsessive vanity as a horrific, festering wound covering her entire lower face. Thinking that the surgeon destroyed her face, she brutally murdered him and wore a doll mask to cover her beautiful face, which she perceived as being hideous simply because it was no longer 'perfect'. Eventually, the mask became stuck on her face for some reason, and she couldn't take it off no matter what she did. Eventually she got involved with the Twisted Metal competition, in hopes of winning and wishing for the mask to be removed.

    Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale (2012)

    For some bizarre reason, Dollface was selected as Sweet Tooth's non-playable "minion" support character, which stands out as especially strange, given that Sweet Tooth and Dollface are the heads of rival gangs, the Clowns and the Dolls, and because the two characters absolutely despise each other, and wouldn't hesitate to brutally murder each other if given the slightest opportunity.


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