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    The personification of death, also known as the Grim Reaper in American culture. Death in this context represents inevitable human mortality.

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    The personification of Death bears many names such as "El muerte" in Mexican culture, L'ankou in Ancient Celt, Grim Reaper in American culture, or even the Angel of Death in Christian and other religious texts. "Death" is a Soul Reaper.

    Death is often shown as a skeletal figure carrying a large scythe and clothed in a black cloak with a hood. In many cultures death is portrayed in a male form, however in some death is shown as a female character. In some instances Death serves only to sever the last tie from the mortal world and guide the deceased to the next world, having no control over the fact of their death. In others the Grim Reaper is portrayed as being able to actually cause the victim's death, leading to tales that death can be bribed, tricked, or outwitted in order to spare one's life.

    Once killed, naturally or by the Grim Reaper, the victim's soul will be transferred to either Heaven or Hell.

    Versions of the Grim Reaper

    "Death" in Castlevania franchise.

    The Grim Ripper and Lou in the Guitar Hero franchise.

    Grim Reaper appears as a secret character in early arcade versions of NBA Jam T.E.

    Death appears in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy in two varieties: Red Death, who steals 100 heath points, and Black Death, who steals experience often causing level loss.


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