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    Sir Daniel Fortesque

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    A fallen hero on a quest for redemption.

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    Sir Daniel Fortesque once captured the attention of King Peregin of Gallowmere with fabulous stories about slain dragons and vanquished knights. For his excellent storytelling, Sir Fortesque was knighted and put in charge of the Royal Battalion, a purely honorary position considering the kingdom's centuries of peace.

    But one day the evil sorcerer Zarok raised an army of mutant undead and Sir Fortesque was called upon to lead the King's army into battle.

    Fortesque was slain in the opening seconds of the battle, the very first arrow piercing his left eye, though the King's army went on to triumph. Despondent over Fortesque's failure and concerned because of Zarok's disappearance, the King proclaimed that Fortesque had killed Zarok and lost his own life shortly after to give hope to the people of Gallowmere.

    A hero's tomb was erected for Fortesque, who's soul was the laughing stock of other heros since he was not admitted into the Hall of Heroes. But now, 100 years later, Zarok has returned to unleash his revenge upon Gallowmere and Fortesque's skeleton must rise up from the eternal sleep and redeem itself.


    Medievil is a 3rd-person action game which has strong aspects in puzzle-solving and combat.

    Every enemy has a weakness to a weapon in Dan's arsenal, so the game can be easy or hard if you know the ropes well.

    When Fortesque runs out of ammo, breaks, or loses all his weapons, he removes his left arm and uses it as a cudgel. His arm is unbreakable and cannot be stolen by sticky fingered imps.

    Colored runes can be found and used on gates colored the same way. A lot of the puzzle solving aspect comes from solving rune puzzles.

    Also, If Dan kills enough enemies in a map, the chalice gauge fills up and the chalice can be collected. The chalice allows Dan to warp to the hall of heroes and obtain new weapons and gold. The chalice can be difficult to obtain and in most levels it is cleverly hidden by an optional puzzle.


    Dan makes a cameo appearance in Hot Shots Golf 2 as an unlockable character after typing in a cheat code.


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