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    Severed Limbs

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    Severed limbs are objects in video games that fall off of characters, often from explosions, gunshots,and melee weapons.

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    A Severed Limb is the result of a loss of a body part that allows movement in some fashion. In video games, a Severed Limb is very common in games that contain Extreme Violence throughout. Severed Limbs are frequently used to add more gore to a game, but some games uses severed limbs to affect how a situation pans out between characters (See Strategic Dismemberment).

    What is considered a Limb?

    A Limb is simply parts of the body of an organism that allows movement; a Human limb mainly consists of parts of Arms (Hands, Forearms, etc.) and Legs (Feet, Thighs, etc.). However, limbs are not limited to just humans, any creature that uses any part of a body as movement is considered a Limb. For example: A dog’s legs are considered limbs because it allows them the ability to move.

    Methods and Results of Severed Limbs

    Severed Limbs are result of the Dismemberment of a limb; in video games that contain violence, there are a many methods of severing limbs. A common method of severing limbs is by a sharp/moving blade. Swords and Chainsaws are commons weapons used in games that can sever limbs although a Chainsaw tends to make a bigger mess. Explosions allow multiple limbs to be severed as well usually caused by Grenades or any other weapon that uses projectile explosives. Gunshots also have the potential of severing limbs as well; however, it depends on several factors such as the game itself and the type of gun used in the game. Usage of a Shotgun is the most common way to lose a limb especially at close range.

    Severed Limbs obviously results in the reduction of movement, a giant pool/spray of B lood, and eventually will lead to death. Games such as Dead Space use Strategic Dismemberment as a method to eliminate enemies and as a result, Severed Limbs are everywhere. A Severed Limb is also considered useless because it is detached from a certain character and cannot move on its own. In some cases, enemies with severed limb will still keeping attacking the player despite losing a limb. Zombies, for example, will attempt to attack the player despite the loss of its legs or arms.


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