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Green knight
Green knight
The Green Knight is a playable character in the video game Castle Crashers. His Green helmet is his defining feature, he also initially wields a sword and shield but you can change his weapon by visiting the blacksmith. The Green Knight has a unique power attack, power attacks are performed by tapping the Y button, when doing this other characters will swing their sword in a circular motion, whereas the Green Knight performs a back-flip-slash attack, the attack deals the same amount of damage.


As with the rest of the characters in Castle Crashers, the Green Knight has a Magic Ability, his being the ability to perform poisonous attacks upon enemies. The poison attack is unique to the Green Knight, however the Orange Knight's ability is very similar. To perform the Poison attack the user must press RT (Right Trigger) and press Y whilst holding RT , this will let the Green Knight release a blast of what appears to be a Green Mist - described as a splash magic attack. If it makes contact with an enemy it causes an initial impact damage and also de-gen damage as it also poisons the enemy for a certain amount of time. The range and damage of this attack is entirely dependent on how many points the user has put into the Green Knight's Magic stat. If this stat is raised enough, then you are able to perform another magic attack by pressing RT B. It shoots a ball of poison at the opponent. This attack does more damage, and has more range then the RT Y attack, but does not effect multiple targets.  

The Green Knight can also perform a jump attack unlocked after upgrading magic to the final glowing bar, holding RT (Right Trigger) and pressing A will cause the knight to be propelled into the air by a green mist.  If done near to an enemy it inflicts the same amount of damage as the RT B attack, but this attack can do short-range splash damage. 

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