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    The Necromancer is the second to last boss in the game Castle Crashers. He can raise undead foes to fight the knights.

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    The second to last boss of the game Castle Crashers. A powerful Necromancer with the power to raise previously defeated foes to life. Appears multiple times throughout the story to raise skeletons to block the knights path. He is very skilled in magic and sword fighting.


    The Necromancer appears several times throughout the story.

    Lava World

    He appears for only a minute with the wizard to raise skeletons to defeat you.


    He appears, again with the wizard, to raise skeletons. This time half of the skeleltons raised are beefy (very large).

    Necromancer's Room

    The final encounter with the Necromancer, inside the wizard's castle. This will be a difficult fight.


    The battle against the Necromancer is very difficult, even for higher level characters. Be sure to have full health potions and bombs. This boss has multiple phases.

    First Part

    For the first part of the battle, the Necromancer does not fight you directly. Instead he raises undead enemies for you to defeat.  These include a Barbarian, Thief, Bear, Conehead, Fencer, Fire Demon, Ninja, Saracen, and Royal Guard. The player must defeat all these enemies to move on. Some of them move at extremely fast speeds so be prepared.

    Second Part

    For the second part, the Necromancer once again raises undead enemies for you to fight. This time he raises half normal and half beefy enemies. (Beefy enemies are the very large ones that can pick you up and cannot be pushed back) These include an Alien, Beefy Bear, Snakey, Fire Demon, Iceskimo, Beefy Barbarian, Beefy Brute, Conehead, and Fencer. The beefy enemies will take you down very quickly if not avoided or taken down fast. A good strategy is to take down all the smaller enemies first and avoid the beefy ones will damaging them with ranged attacks.

    Third Part

    This is it. The battle between you and the Necromancer, face to face. He is an adept swordsman and powerfull mage so be ready to block, a lot. He will often block your attacks if they are not quick enough so heavy attacks are not advised as many will be blocked. He will often use his magic against you so be prepared to dogde when necessary. His magic consists of sending a kamikaze skeleton at you that will run in a straight line until it hits you or a wall, or he will summon a row of skeleton hands to raise from the ground, knocking you back unless you dodge it. Slowly chipping away at his health while blocking and dodging his attacks is a very succesfull stragegy. Once defeated, he drops the Evil Sword that gives 2 MAG and 7 DEF.

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