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    "He’s so pissed he’ll fight you with his pitchfork." Emil, Castle Crashers Developer Blog.

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    The Peasant is a unlockable character that is obtained by completing the Peasants arena, which is found in the later part of the game. The Peasant starts out with a pitchfork, which has 1 attack, but -1 agility. His most defining feature is his rather oddly shaped head, covered in a patchy rag. He's one of the few friendly NPC's in the game, aside from the Grey Knight and the King. As eloquently summed up by a random person on the forums:  HE’LL FIGHT YOU WITH HIS PITCHFORK.
    AND WIN.


    The peasant has the typical unlockable RT Y character magic that callls forth a volley of arrows. If you level up to the RT B attack, he throws a knife. When he reaches the highest level magic skill possible, he can jump higher by pushing RT A.

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