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    Bring Me His Head

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    Sometimes when accepting a quest or mission of killing someone a request is made for evidence that the target (or targets) is dead in the form of the objectives head being brought back to the quest giver.

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    A common term of phrase in films, television, books and games often used by the evil protagonist and normally referring to the good protagonist's head.

    It is now a popular term in fantasy and MMO games, often when a player or group is asked to go kill a target (normally a NPC) they must collect the head and bring it back to the quest giver as a prerequisite for completing the mission or quest. Often the head is picked up in the same manner as other objects or loot are picked up, via looking in the dead enemies inventory. Naturally, it is not always a head that is retrieved, many quests in World of Warcraft, for example, require the player to kill a specific type of animal and bring back a body part such as claws, eyeballs, or bones, as an ingredient in a potion or a part of a constructed weapon or device.


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