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    Anguish of body or mind. Can be used by authority figures to extract sensitive information that would not be given under normal circumstances.

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    Torture is a way to get information from someone who doesn't want to give it. It usually involves great acts of violence. It's against international laws to torture a human being yet many people are being tortured in the world right now.

    Physical Torture


    Whipping is the act of taking an instrument called a whip and hitting it against the individual you are torturing, usually in the back. The whip stings the skin, which usually brings great pain to the one who is being tortured. Usually, the victim is standing up against a wall, shackled so he can't lay down. Some whips have nails attached to the end of them. The whipper first whips the victim, letting the nails dig into the poor man's flesh, then rips them out, creating extreme pain.


    Tied to a chair, the captive must survive his captor's beatings. Any type of beating works in this kind of solution. A couple punches to the jaw can get a captive talking. You can also wear knuckles for extra effect. You can also strangle the captive from behind, pull their hair (especially effective with females), or continually beat them until they're about to pass out.


    Electrocution is very common in acts of torture. The captive is usually attached to metallic clamps that are wired to a generator. Usually the act starts with mild to weak electrocutions. The torturers usually ramp it up by increasing the dose of electricity that hits the captive. Once again, these electrocutions must be well timed as to not kill the captive. Note that the clamps can be attached to any part of the body, from the fingers to the penis.


    Drowning in the case of torture is done to simulate the act of actually drowning. Such a feeling can appear by doing the following things. You can plunge and hold the captives head under freezing water until he does not control his body movement anymore (spasms), that's when you know you have to pull him up. You can also take his head and put it in a potato bag, put said head under a faucet and turn said faucet on. This will simulate the feeling of drowning without really drowning the captive, which means you can do this to him for as long as you want.


    Mutilation is one of the more common acts of torture. This can be done on any part of the body and with many instruments. You can smash fingers with a hammer or simply cut them off with a knife. Nails are usually a good place to go if you want to bring the hurt, either by breaking them or ripping them clean off. Of course, when the captive is a male, his testicules are a weak spot that can easilly be exploited. Mutilation can lead to sadism, as seen in Saw.


    Rape and sexual abuse can be considered as torture if it's done regularly. The captive is locked up and is forced to suffer through the captor's sick fantasies. This is the most traumatizing kind of torture and one of the least effective; 'gathering information' is generally an excuse for the captor to abuse his victim.



    Humiliation can be done in many different ways. Stripping the captive of his clothes, or being ridiculed in front of a large group of people. For example, the captors can toy around with a captive by putting a bag over their head and pushing them around naked. Urination is another popular method. As the captive becomes mentally weaker, so will their willpower to hide their secrets.


    Isolation usually happens in a dark room where the captive doesn't see any form of light for weeks. When alone and between four dark walls, one's mind begins going to some dark places. This can make the captive go mad.


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