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    A blunt tool used to hit things, whatever those things may be... a nail, a person.

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    Types of Hammers

    In video games, we generally have a few different type of hammers:

    Basic Hammer

    The Basic Hammer is the one we all use in our everyday lives, we all probably have one in our garage, but if it's not hammering nails, it can also be thrown at someone, or you can swing it and hit someone in the skull.  This type of hammer is very quick and pretty dangerous in real life.  The other side of this hammer has some pointy edges sticking out, which would also be rather dangerous.  However, in video games, hammers like this do generally less damage most of the time.


    This type of hammer has two flat sides on it's head, and comes in varying shapes and sizes.  It is sometimes used for comedic effect, especially in lots of the Looney Tunes games, but can also be used seriously.  The trend normally goes like this: The bigger the mallet, the funnier it is. In video games, hammers like this normally do about the same as the Basic Hammer, or sometimes a little less.

    Battle Hammer

    The Battle Hammer, sometimes reffered to as a War Hammer is usually seen in fantasy games such as World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, or it can also be found in action games such as Malice or Conan.  It's big, it's brawny, and it can crush many people with it's epic blows.  The Battle Hammer is often seen being handled by very jacked, ripped individuals simply because scrawny or even average sized people cannot wield it due to it's massive weight.  In video games, Battle Hammers do a lot of damage, but are generally very slow.

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