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    Halas is a barbarian city in the frozen regions of northwest Antonica. It is the starting city for all barbarians in EverQuest.

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    Shaman of Justice
    Shaman of Justice

    Halas is the home to Norrath's barbarians. Hidden in the northern reaches of Everfrost Peaks, Halas does not get many outside visitors, but the barbarians will tolerate any good-natured people. Any barbarians who are not agnostic will most likely worship The Tribunal, while a few Halasian warriors pay homage to Rallos Zek. The rogues of the White Rose guild are not exactly celebrated in the community, but are respected for the mastery of weapons. Unknown to even most barbarians, Cappi McTarnigal, the proprietor of the city bank, is also the guildmaster for the White Rose. Shops are scattered throughout the icy town, providing basic needs. And there seems to be a tavern around every corner. The shaman of Halas are highly revered, and are the only shaman found worldwide that do not worship the dark gods of fear and hate. Halas is an excellent rest stop for experienced adventurers attempting to hunt ice giants or those that dare to enter Permafrost Keep.

    Neighboring Zones

    Starting City


    • Merchants of Halas
    • Rogues of the White Rose
    • Shamen of Justice
    • Wolves of the North

    Guild Halls

    Guild NameClassesChurch
    Cappi's Rose GardenRogues-
    The Halls of the TribunalShaman, BeastlordsThe Tribunal
    The Pit of DoomWarriors-

    Commerce & Crafting

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    The Bound MermaidFishing--
    Cappi's CofferBank, Food, Water, Rogue Supplies--
    Dok's CigarsFood, Water, General SuppliesPottery-
    The Golden TorcPlate Armor-Pottery Wheel, Kiln
    The Halls of the TribunalAlchemy--
    Mac's KiltsCloth Armor, Leather ArmorTailoringLoom
    McDaniel's Smokes & SpiritsFood, Water, AlcoholSmithing, BakingOven
    McDonald's Fire CiderFood, Water, AlcoholPottery, Brewing-
    McPherson's Bloody BladesPlate Armor, Chain Armor, BowsFletching, SmithingNorthman Forge, Forge
    McQuaid's Bar & StoutAlcohol, OreBrew Barrel-
    The Pit of DoomWeapons--
    Provider's PostFood, WaterBaking, Pottery-
    Yee's MajikMedicine Bags, PotionsAlchemy-


    Notable NPCs


    Cappi's Coffer
    Cappi's Coffer

    The frozen northlands were not always so cold. Long ago, in the Elder Age, these lands were lush forests and rolling plains of green. But, after the invasion of the planes by the Rallosian Army, the giants that inhabited this region were cursed by the gods. Their lands were rendered icy and barren, and the giants were stricken with a paralyzing level of unintelligence. Remnants of their once great civilization are scattered throughout the region. The atrocities of Rallos Zek's creations brought the attention of two more gods to Norrath; the Marr twins, Mithaniel and Erollisi. They carried the gift of life and searched the world of Norrath for the right place to grace the world with a new race of people. Innoruuk, having already corrupted the creations of Tunare, sought to take it a step further and corrupt the creations of elemental god, Tarew Marr. The Prince of Hate enlisted the help of Cazic-Thule and sent their minions to capture the twins. Erollisi was able to escape and find refuge among the elves of the Elddar Forest, but Mithaniel was abducted by an army of trolls, lizard men, other frightful creatures.

    The Pit of Doom
    The Pit of Doom

    Terris Thule, seeking the approval of her father, was able to enter Mithaniel's dreams and steal the gift of life from him. Morell Thule, seeking to thwart his father's plans, was able steal it from his sister, which infuriated not only his father, but Innoruuk as well. Knowing that he would eventually be caught, Morell divided the gift of life in half. He scattered one half across the swamps of southern Tunaria, which gave life to the frogloks of the world. Morell then visited Erollisi in her dreams and supplanted the other half within her. The elves soon realized that the goddess among them was with child. They escorted her to the uninhabited area of the frozen north where they could hide and protect her. Meanwhile, Morell visited the young frogloks in their dreams and gave them visions of their creator imprisoned by the minions of hate and fear. This instilled the frogloks with the sense of honor and valor that would lead them to raiding the Plane of Fear. The frogloks fought valiantly, but it appeared as though they would be unsuccessful. Then, a new army arrived to back the frogloks. They were the Northmen, otherwise known as barbarians and the children of Erollisi Marr. Together they were able to save Mithaniel Marr by defeating the Avatar of Fear.


    The barbarians returned to the frozen north and soon established the city of Halas. Though small, and not visited often by other races, the barbarians thrived there. Eventually, they began to expand southward, and a small group of them broke away from the rest. This group was presumably touched by the divine intervention of Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr. They became the first humans on the face of Norrath and went on to establish the city of Qeynos on the western shores of Antonica. The city of Halas and the barbarian race continued on though and provided many of the world's sturdiest warriors, most adept shaman, and deadliest rogues until the Shattering.

    After the events of the Rending and the Shattering, northern Antonica was one of the many regions of Norrath presumed lost forever. Parts of Everfrost were later discovered, but Halas was truly gone forever. The once great city had sunk beneath the icy waters of what became known as Icegill Lagoon. When Mithaniel Marr returned to the world of Norrath during the Age of Destiny, he sought to establish a New Halas for his people. He discovered a suitable island of ice and velium that was inhabited by surviving Coldain dwarves. He convinced them to construct a grand city in honor of his sister, Erollisi. Mithaniel himself placed a statue in the center of New Halas himself. Many barbarians and frogloks of this age made pilgrimages to New Halas.


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