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Permafrost Keep
Permafrost Keep

Permafrost Keep is easily one of the most dangerous places to visit across Antonica. Legend states that this castle of ice was built long ago by giants who have since left Everfrost in favor of an unknown destination. The vacant keep then became inhabited by a legion of goblins who have mined small passages through the castle. They do not rule this dungeon though. Centuries ago, Lady Vox, an ice dragon formerly of the Ring of Scale, came to reside in the deepest depths of the ice. The stories heard in the taverns of Halas state that she was exiled by her kin for attempting to mate with a dragon of a different color. Armies comprised of both good and evil adventurers have banded together on countless occasions in attempts to slay the mighty ice dragon, but few have returned. Those few to survive her lair return with some of Norrath's richest treasures, but also with horror stories of friends encased in ice for eternity or slaughtered by massive bears after falling to Vox's traps.

Neighboring Zones


Notable NPCs

  • Elite Honor Guard
  • Goblin Alchemist
  • Goblin Archeologist
  • Goblin Champion
  • Goblin Jailmaster
  • Goblin Patriarch
  • Goblin Preacher
  • Goblin Scryer
  • High Priest Zaharn
  • The Ice Witch
  • The Icebound Spirit
  • King Thex`Ka IV
  • Lady Vox
  • Priest of Nagafen
  • Scout Janomin

Notable Items

  • Archeologist Pack
  • Crystalline Blade
  • Dented Brass Mask
  • Dragon Bone Bracelet
  • Etched Ivory Charm
  • Goblin Frost Totem
  • Heart of Frost
  • Ice Crystal Staff
  • Kavruul's Mystic Pouch
  • Mammoth Hide Cloak
  • Mammoth Hide Leggings
  • McVaxius' Horn of War
  • Runed Bolster Belt
  • Runed Circlet
  • Scimitar of the Mistwalker
  • Silverwing Circlet
  • Silvery Two Handed Axe
  • Symbol of Loyalty to Vox
  • Tobrin's Mystal Eyepatch
  • Torn, Frost covered book
  • Warhammer of Divine Grace
  • White Dragon Hide
  • White Dragon Scales
  • White Wolf-hide Cloak
  • Wolf Fur Slippers
  • Zaharn's Coronet

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