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    this is a vehicle/character page for Roadkill from the twisted Metal games.

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    Car Name/Type: Roadkill/Junk Car

    License Plate: WAYKUP

    Driver Info: Born in 1964, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Height: 5' 11", Weight: 255

    Special Weapon

    Twisted Metal 2: Boomerang Blast

    RoadKill's Special Weapon is a Boomerang Missile that curves back toward your car. If you strike an enemy while the boomerang is returning, its destructive power increases three-fold. Because it is a quick-firing weapon, you must learn to control your car's speed while aiming.

    Twisted Metal 3: Spike Bomb

    Roadkill's special weapon is the Spike Bomb, a nasty little tool that arcs out from his car and hits home with frightening impact.

    Twisted Metal 2

    Bio: Marcus has been living in his car for the past ten years. Penniless, friendless, and on the brink of sanity, this homeless bum is convinced that the entire world is one horrific nightmare. If he wins Twisted Metal, sanity will be his prize and the key to going home.

    Twisted Metal 3

    Bio: Marcus is a deranged homeless guy who drives an old clunker he slapped together from junkyard scraps. Though he is a diagnosed schizophrenic, we can confirm that everyone is indeed out to get him. After all, this is Twisted Metal! Insanity required! Marcus plans to win the tournament then crawl into the forest to frolic with the wildebeests.

    Twisted Metal: Head-On

    Bio: Marcus Kane is a man plagued with nightmares of competing in past Twisted Metal competitions. These nightmares have gotten worse. Desperate to put these nightmares to rest once and for all, he decides to compete in what he believes to be another nightmare; he doesn't realize this Twisted Metal is for real.

    Twisted Metal:Black

    Driver Name: John Doe

    Bio: John Doe can't remember who he is, what he did, or whom he did it to. The only thing he knows is that his body is covered in tattoos that could possibly reveal the past to him. One day he's going to discover the truth...but will he like what he finds?

    Vehicle: Roadkill

    Roadkill's creation is as mysterious as its driver. John Doe only knows that Roadkill is his to drive and that it is equipped to win. For its special attack, Roadkill fires a series of missiles. The longer the fire weapon button is depressed the more missiles will be fired in a single volley. Watch as the missile indicators light up one after the other. Once it is fully charged, the lights will flash, indicating that it is charged for maximum damage. Make sure to fire it right away. Holding onto the charge too long will backfire, resulting in a lost attack.


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