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    Alabama is located in the southeastern U.S. and is most widely known for its college football teams and its involvement in the Civil War,as well as having a song made for it by a band from Florida...

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    Otherwise known as the "Heart of Dixie",Alabama is a state at the heartland of the southern United States,bordering Mississippi,Tennessee,Georgia,and Florida.It was the 22nd state admitted into the union,in 1819.While best known for it's nearly fanatical obsession with its college football teams,as well as Floridian band Lynyrd Skynyrd's song,"Sweet Home Alabama",it also has featured prominently in several of the nation's most historic events.Alabama's current capital,Montgomery,served as the capital for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War,and its largest city,Birmingham,was at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement of the 60's.It is the home of a NASA Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville,as well as one of the premier hospital systems in the country in Birmingham.In recent years the state has seen a decline,fraught with political and financial corruption,natural disasters,as well as some of the lowest marks in the country for health,education, and wellbeing.

    Video Game Relevance

    Alabama,while not a prominent setting for most story based games,features heavily in many collegiate sport titles such as NCAA Football,as well as NASCAR titles,due to the Talladega Superspeedway being a staple of the NASCAR circuit.

    Alabama Natives of Note

    • Hank Aaron(Home Run King,Hall of Fame baseball player)
    • The Allison brothers(Hall of Fame NASCAR drivers)
    • Bobby Bowden(Legendary college football coach)
    • Charles Barkley(Hall of Fame basketball player,inventor of the Chaos Dunk) 
    • Bo Jackson(Hall of Fame football/Tecmo Bowl player)
    • Paul Bearer(WWF,manager for Kane and the Undertaker)
    • Michael Biehn(Actor)
    • Courteney Cox(Friend)
    • Rich Boy(Rapper,thrower of D's)
    • Nat King Cole(musician,singer)
    • Gucci Mane(Rapper)
    • Eric Esch(Butterbean)
    • Bobby Eaton(Wrestler,one half of tag team "The Midnight Express")
    • Mia Hamm(soccer player)
    • Hardcore Holly(Wrestler)
    • Evander Holyfield(Champion Boxer,Mike Tyson Buffet)
    • Orlando Jones(actor,Ferrari crasher)
    • Carl Lewis(Olympic gold medalist,national anthem killer)
    • Joe Lewis(Boxing Legend)
    • Willie Mays(Baseball Legend)
    • Jesse Owens(Olympic gold medalist,did not kill the national anthem)
    • Terrell Owens(Future Hall of Fame football player,diva)
    • Randy Owen(lead singer,Alabama)
    • Rosa Parks(Bus Seat Guard)
    • Geoff Ramsey(Grif,Achievement Hunter)
    • Lionel Richie(Father of Nicole,Ceiling Dancer)
    • Philip Rivers(Charger)
    • Waldo Semon(invented vinyl)
    • Ozzie Smith(Hall of Fame Backflipper)
    • Kenny Stabler(Snake)
    • Channing Tatum(Wooden puppet,GI Joe)
    • Ben Wallace(Afroman)
    • Hank Williams(Father of Bocephus)

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