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"Nix", who never gives out her real name, is a woman with a grudge against the Militia because Joseph Bertrand consumed her mother, the only family she had, among many other people in order to recreate the Ray Sphere explosion and give himself Conduit abilities. Caught on the periphery of the blast, Nix was also transformed into a Conduit, and promptly began using them to get revenge against Bertrand and the Militia. She is the opposite of Agent Kuo because accepting missions from her will give you bad karma because she uses more destructive methods to get the job done.


Nix's powers are primarily fire based, though she has a small variety of others that revolve around gooey leech like anomalies that she can use to temporarily disable hostiles, which will explode when combined with any of Cole's attacks. Nix also has the ability to teleport from place to place at will.

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