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    Pre-Order Exclusive

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    Where a video game comes with something "exclusive" only when you Pre-Order it, sometimes from a specific location. This can be a piece of DLC or it can be something not in-game or even "exclusive" or early access to demo or beta.

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    In recent years, many retailers have begun to sell pre-orders for upcoming games. They basically reserve the game for the customer who purchases the pre-order. To increase sales of pre-orders, many retailers and publishers have begun to offer exclusive DLC like costumes, weapons, vehicles, etc. or give an actual object like a t-shirt, soundtrack or artbook. Pre-order exclusives could also give the opportunity to play the game early through early access to demos or "multiplayer betas". Many retailers also have exclusive pre-order exclusives which can only be obtained by pre-ordering it from that specific retailer. For instance, one retailer might have an exclusive costume, weapon etc. for the game that wouldn't be available by pre-ordering it anywhere else.

    Giant Bomb named this concept the Worst Trend of 2010.


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