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Here is a list of games, franchises, people, developers, publishers, PR, marketing and all the other piddle and crap I'll never touch with a ten foot clown pole.

List items

  • Watch_Dogs, I'm not impressed for a number of reasons, mostly cos I don't like big budget Ubisoft games or most games that come from montreal, they lack originality, they lack vision, they all feel like they're built by committee to appeal to everyone, and in the process they some how missed me. The character designs in Watch_Dogs look unoriginal a copy of copy of copy of the Millennium Trilogy - Lisbeth Salander anyone?

    The voice work is just bland and generic, a gravely male voice for a protagonist and the facial animations are always stilted in a way that just brings about the uncanny valley of the robo-apocalypse.

    That being said just let Michel Ancel do what he wants. He's the opposite of Watch_Dogs and the direction that Ubisoft goes in. Which is Beyond Good and Evil.

  • I played Halo on the PC enough to say, "That was an alright." and went back to playing Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Soldier of Fortune 2 and as many Id engine games I could get my hands on. The Halo universe always felt way too squeaky clean for a intergalactic war. It's no Marathon, which had a layer of grime to it that Halo never did.

  • I haven't bought anything Nintendo in almost twenty years, not since the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I played the Marios and a Zelda and Metal Gears, the bad cheap ass games you'd buy from a bin or borrow from a friend or your local video rental store.

    Not a lot of nostalgia or love for Nintendo from me. So when people talk about Nintendo like a childhood friend I feel nothing but a "meh, its was alright I guess".

    If Nintendo disappeared tomorrow I wouldn't care.

  • I wub Diablo, I wub RPGs, I wub FPSs, I FUCKIN HATE DUB-STEP, well I lie, I don't particularly care about dub-step. Borderlands is made up of a lot components that I like, but there's always something missing when it all comes together. I don't think the game looks visually appealing either, and the humor comes off as annoying than quirky and the repetition is more exhausting than most ARPGs. When Borderlands 2 cameout I said I might get it when GOTY edition comes. When Borderlands 2 GOTY edition came out, I said I might get it when its on sale. Borderlands 2 GOTY edition was on sale. I still haven't bought it.

  • There are only a few cel-shaded games I like, its mostly hit or miss with me, most of the time I consider it unnecessary.

    Games I like that have cel-shading:

    Pendulo Studio Games, Bastion, Transistor, Costume Quest, Broken Sword 5, Ni no Kuni, Mad World, Darkness 2, Fear Effect 1+2. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. There's probably more.

  • I understand convolution and hidden depth but Final Fantasy is just stupid, stupid in a way that leads to full grown adults doing cosplay or j-pop.

  • It's just fashion and branding over tactile functionality. Same with Steel Series & Astrogaming, all shameless when it comes to teaming up with a publisher for promotional garbage.

  • You mightn't have thought it but Mad Catz, is a massive company, they own Gameshark (remember them?) Saitek (you know flight sticks), Tritton ( branded headphones for young gamers) and all they seem to do now more than ever is push out cheaply manufactured game branded garbage. It's not worth your time and money. You'll end up replacing it either cos it functions slightly off or simply broken. I've got mice and keyboards to prove it.

  • I played enough WOW, (6 months) to know I don't particularly like Subscription Models. (Yes I see the contradiction/parallel between GB Premium, but its not like I can get this kind of content anywhere else.) I still own a unopened Tabula Rassa Collectors Edition. This is why Subscription Models suck, you're forced to play as much as can like a chore, where's the enjoyment to go at your own pace. I respect Guild Wars for not being greedy fuckin assholes about all this. It's too bad I don't particularity like MMOs.

  • Desperate times call for desperate measures, so enticing buyers with "Exclusives" is an old strategy. I'm guilty of pre-ordering games all the time, I want to play them on day one. There are some pros (discounts, free games) but mostly the exploitative cons to getting "exclusive DLC*" (*meaning exclusive till 6 months later you can purchase it for $3.99) gives me the shits. If you want exclusivity, collect art, antiques or vinyl.

  • For a very very long time I was completely opposed to the concept of DLC, I kinda still am adverse to it. So this is how I see it. "So I pay you $4.99 for 3 new weapons or 3 new character skins" Before consoles required the internet and became no longer plug and play, superficial DLC were called community made mods and they were free and if you bought an Expansion Pack Disc, you were able to play more than just 1-2 hours you'd get from DLC. Season Passes are a little better than random DLC in consumer practices but not by much sometimes.

  • Everyone has the right to protect their property from assholes. If anything I would be the guy who would probably takes things too far if I had my way. But when it comes to the fact that every waring publisher MUST have their own Online DRM and Online Distribution Store to save every 1/2 cent from a competitor and at the expense of the consumer, but fuck em right? As long as you're on top of the pile of those you stood on to get there it's fine in capitalism. The only person that looses is the consumer, problems with these half-ass DRM is paid consumers are unable to connect to activation servers, wither it be one activation per boot up or always online. It all sucks

  • Whether its poorly done, phone it in ADR by some rapper/some actor who can't do ADR VO work. Or a out of place cameo appearance by... Just shameless. All publisher and developers are doing with stuff like this is taking away work from professional ADR actors who do this for a living, and when a publisher throws them aside for some celebrity who can't talk into a mic with conviction, who really benefits here?

    A major example that bugs the shit outta me is when EA Bioware was re-redesigning femshep for Mass Effect 3, why not model femshep on Jennifer Hale? She not pretty enough for mass appeal eh?

  • (Some) Lawyers suck! (some are complete monsters). A lawyer once told me, and I'm paraphrasing, he said; "As long as there's people, there will be problems and when there's problems there will always be a lawyers."

    When a bunch of lawyers stop me from paying to watch, listen, read or play things I want, then they have no excuse when people pirate or copy their shit. But that's up to debate with the lawyers, again.

  • Self censorship can be funny sometimes, options to use beep SFX instead of tiring unoriginal use of four letter words can be funny sometimes. But when the hypocrisy of a society that allows rape, murder, government sanctioned murder, corporate greed, theft & larceny, environmental issues, racial, sexual, gender abuse I wonder where people's priorities lie? In make believe or the real world.

    "Ah, Tipper come on, it's just a smoke screen for the real problems. S&L deficit, the homeless, the environment" - Censorshit - Joey Ramone

  • Nothing I hate more in this messed up pale blue dot than a rapist. Rape is a serious violation towards another human being's right. We're not animals, we have a choice to think before we act. So I genuinely have a problem when "Rape" is superficially used in video games. It really makes my blood boil when video games use rape as some blasé subplot device that goes nowhere, other than to grab mainstream audiences with an "edgy/adult" narrative. They never answer some fundamental consequences; what happens to the victim(s), will the perpetrator(s) be caught and convicted? What is the recovery process for the victim(s)? Video game communities and game developers talk about maturity and for games to be taken more seriously, well hows about the harsh realities and learn a thing or two while we're at it, not just left trigger, right trigger for another thousand hours.

  • "Run it into the ground boys!" Fan service says to me that you've run out of ideas and its time to cash-in while there's still a glint of interest. The only fan-service I want is continuity, and not remodeling your lead in a sequel for weak marketing reasons or so called "community participation". Nice work with the new default femshep on Mass Effect 3 EA Bioware. You ruined it for me.

  • It's been a very long time since the first Assassins Creed game came out and I have not played anyone of them. I don't think I will in the future either.

  • If you're into anime that's great, good for you. The older stuff pre-digital (Toei, Production IG & Ghibli) animation techniques are amazing. What I don't want, is that new perverted weirdo shit in my face, especially the obscene gross looking borderline child pornography shit! You're one upskirt from being arrested - sickos!

  • Poorly done or rushed console to PC ports maybe on my highest not to buy list when it comes to new purchases. I have a lot of unfinished, barely played games due to the fact that I can't play it with a keyboard and mouse, poor performances, unable to change key inputs, limited to no graphical options, no option or editable files to change FOV or performances. The list goes on.

  • "I’m not going to try to tell you that I’m different from all the rest. I’ve been subject to the same de-structure of desire and I’ve felt the same effects; I’m a hetero-sexist tragedy. And potential rapists all are we. But don’t tell me this is natural. This is nurturing. And there’s a difference between sexism and sexuality. I had different desires prior to my role-remodelling. And at six years of age you don’t challenge their claims. You become the same. (Or withdraw from the game and hang your head in shame). I think that’s exactly what I did. I tried to sever the connections between me and them. I fought against their further attempts to convince a kid that birthright can bestow the power to yield the subordination of women and do you know what patricentricity means? I found out just a couple of days/months/years/minutes ago. It means male values uber alles and hey! Whaddaya know… sex has been distorted and vilified. I’m scared of my attraction to body types. If everything desired is objectified then maybe eroticism needs to be redefined. And I refuse to be a man. - Refusing to be a man - Chris Hannah, Propagandhi

  • It makes sense when it comes to free to play, they have to make money some how and I support good free to play games with a decent chunk of change. But when micro-transactions are tacked on for games you've paid full price $70-150+ (Fancy Special/Collectors/Limited Edition), Season Pass DLC $30-60, lets just say $200 total in purchases. Is that not enough? Then tack on micro-transactions for one time use items, superficial items and other crap ranging from .99 to an unlimited amount. No amount is enough.