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    Sandover VIllage

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    Sandover Village is the town where Jak is raised. This is the start of your adventure in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

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    Population: 10
    Energy Cells: 6
    Precursor Orbs: 50

    Sandover Village appears in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacyas well as, to a smaller extent, Jak II. The population of Sandover Village is peaceful and small. The village is on the sea and Sentinel Beach extends from the village. The village's power source comes from a Precursor temple in the Forbidden Jungle. Samos the Sage lives in a large hut on top of a rock that juts from out of the ocean with his daughter Keira. Jak and Daxter were both raised here.

    The people are mostly isolated as the village is surrounded by sea, jungle, and molten rock. To leave the village, one may way want to consider purchasing an A-Grav Zoomer equipped with a heat shield to travel through the Fire Canyon. Alternatively, a boat will be able to take you to either Geyser Rock or Misty Island.

    Energy Cell Information

    Energy Cells: 6
    • Bring 90 Orbs to the mayor
    • Bring 90Orbs to your uncle
    • Herd the Yakows into their Pen
    • Bring 120 Orbs to the Oracle (x2)
    • Free 7 Scout Flies

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