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    Whether it's a regular piece of colored fabric or the high-tech keystone of a base's defenses, the flag is the most important asset a team can have and the most precious thing the opposing team can steal. It is also used for racing games.

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    Flags are mainly featured in multiplayer games of Capture the Flag, but the flag may be portrayed in many different forms such as the larger member of a royal family that you need to protect or kidnap or as a field lattice generator that you need to steal to turn off your enemies spawn generator. but in every game, the flag is what you need to win.

    Lakitu waving the checkered flag, finishing the race in Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
    Lakitu waving the checkered flag, finishing the race in Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

    In racing games, the flags represent something during your race. This is most used in NASCAR and more (Except the Mario Kart series, which uses Lakitu's Start Signal for the start of the race). For example, if the green flag is waved, then that means GO! Here are 6 flags that will help you in the race:

    Types of Racing Flags

    • Green: GO! (This flag also means restart when the caution is finished)
    • Yellow: Caution!
    • Red: Stop the race
    • Black: Go to the Pit Stop!
    • White: Final Lap!
    • Checkered: Finish!

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