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    Alister Azimuth

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A Lombax General who helps Ratchet in A Crack in Time.

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    General Alister Azimuth was once a Lombax leader but was exiled when he let Emperor Tachyon gain access to the Lombax technology, leading to the destruction of the Lombax race. He was also a good friend of Ratchet's father. Since his exile, Azimuth has lived alone on planet Torren IV, the former homeworld of the Fongoids. But he just happened to live in the part of the galaxy where Dr. Nefarious was holding Clank.

    He also constructed a famous Lombax citadel known as the Court of Azimuth, where the last battle against Tachyon in Tools of Destruction takes place.


    • Azimuth teams up with Ratchet to help him in his mission in Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time.
      Alister on his Hover Boots
      Alister on his Hover Boots
    • He also has many of the gadgets that Ratchet has in A Crack in Time.
    • He fights with a double-ended wrench similar to Ratchet's, only his is bigger.
    • Azimuth is also the only known Lombax besides Ratchet.
    • Azimuth was childhood friends with Ratchet's father, Kaden.
    • He was a Lombax general on Fastoon before Emperor Tachyon.
    • He has some knowledge of time control.
    • Mentioned in Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. The area just before the final battle with Emperor Tachyon is called The Hall Of Azimuth.

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