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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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If I get a PS3...

... these are the games I will hunt down.  Going to stick with what I know to be exclusives for this list, although if this was my only third gen I can think of some other games to add.

List items

  • Could be a fun co-opportunity.

  • I've been on a driving kick lately, and I've always been fascinated by F1 cars. I doubt I could even touch a real car without exploding, but this game has a lot of what I loved about Super Monaco GP, along with tons of realism along with actual damage allowed (unlike all those land-yacht games I've seen that don't even allow you to crash spectacularly).

  • This may be big. Even if it doesn't quite hit its mark, I still think it might be worth the money.

  • On to Jupiter!

  • Something about the cinematic progression of the levels that I saw in the E3 demo that just blew me away. Not sure if they could keep it up for a whole game, but who knows.

  • Eh, why not?

  • I heard the story was good, even if the gameplay was super short. So, OK.

  • The fact that I can't play Shadow of the Colossus or ICO on a PS3 makes me a bit bitter, but people keep reminding me PS2s are crazy cheap right now.

  • Tactics is yes.

  • Since I'm into exploration games, and like a change of pace from the usual stuff, this looks like it might rock when I just want to sit back and take pictures instead of trying to wreck everything.

  • I realize this is definitely a niche game, but I like some punishment with my games sometimes, as long as it feels like that challenge can eventually be beaten. Drives me forward. You know, like that machine Deckard uses in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Makes me feel... human :)

  • Never played the originals. If you're going to have a game that's pretty straight forward, make it a thrill ride like this.

  • Of course! Thanks, RagingLion.

  • Thanks to Flickr for this and inFAMOUS. I like future racing stuff; that was one of the first games I designed as a kid was some sort of crazy, high-speed racing thing.

  • I can't believe I forgot about this; it was one of the reasons I made this list in the first place.

  • As this is a hypothetical purchase I guess I can put down whatever I like. :) This wouldn't be top of my list but why not? Thanks to SUPERhys

  • As this is a hypothetical list, I can take advice from Bananas in Pajamas and not think twice about the consequences. The gameplay seemed to me to be strangely ramped up in difficulty and less than stellar in other areas, so I didn't think much of it. But as I have 8 million phantom bucks to spend on these things, I might as well add this. If I really wind up getting a PS3, I'll sure as hell pare this list down a bit.

  • You know what? I'd get the Japanese version. I don't care if it'd be nigh incomprehensible to me; I want to do as much crazy things as possible.

  • Thanks to Abdo for reminding me that this would fit in here.

  • Lupin!!!!