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    Alpha Protocol

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released May 27, 2010

    Control rogue agent Michael Thorton as he tries to unearth an international conspiracy in the near future (where everybody seems to have a hidden agenda or two) in this third-person action RPG.

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    Alpha Protocol is an espionage-themed third-person action RPG developed by Obsidian and published by Sega for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on June 1, 2010 (May 28, 2010 in Europe). Taking place in the near future, players control Michael Thorton, a secret agent for a top-secret United States governmental program known as Alpha Protocol. When things take a turn for the worse during a mission in Saudi Arabia, Thorton (considered rogue by the program) must travel the world to uncover an international conspiracy involving Halbech Corporation, a massive United States defense contractor with a shady goal.

    Thorton can handle most situations in different ways, from sneaking covertly like a spy to blazing guns like a soldier. He can also use special technical gadgets, such as proximity mines and portable radar jammers, to subdue enemies or calm an alarming situation.

    Similar to the Mass Effect series, many of the conversations and scenes can have multiple outcomes based on the player's choice. Anytime in conversations, players have limited time to choose to act professional (similar to Jason Bourne), aggressive (similar to Jack Bauer), or suave (similar to James Bond). These choices can often influence positively or negatively to whoever he's talking to. These reputations, along with certain choices Thorton make throughout the game (such as executing, sparing, or arresting particular foes, or performing certain actions in earlier missions), can directly impact missions and the endgame (sometimes unlocking special information about people).



    After the opening tutorial and training sessions at the Alpha Protocol agency, missions are given, which are grouped by location. Thorton's initial batch of assignments are in Saudi Arabia. After completing the area, three more sets of missions are made available to Thorton in Moscow, Rome, and Taipei, which can be tackled in any order, before the final arc of the story. Each location sees Thorton stay at a luxurious safe house, where he can check his e-mail, buy new weapons from the Clearinghouse system, or customize his appearance before the start of a mission.


    Shooting in Saudi Arabia.
    Shooting in Saudi Arabia.

    Thorton is controlled from an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective. Like most shooters, aiming down the sight provides greater accuracy. When aiming, a circle appears indicating how far off the center the shot may go. With pistols and assault rifles, a reticule is displayed when charging for a critical hit. When fully charged, the shot is guaranteed to hit the center. Thorton carries two weapons and up to several types of gadgets. Trained in the fighting art of Kenpo, he can engage in close-quarters combat if need be, while he can also take cover behind most solid objects and blind-fire, though blind-firing is considerably more inaccurate unless the shot is a critical hit.

    Health is measured in two ways -- an endurance bar and a health bar. Damage is first dealt to endurance. When endurance is empty, damage harms the health bar. Endurance regenerates after a short wait when no hits are taken, but health does not, and must be replenished via first-aid boxes lying around during missions or first-aid kits, which can be carried around among the gadgets. Thorton dies when all of his health is gone. When an enemy is alert to Thorton's presence (the Awareness indicator will turn red), there is a high chance he will set off an alarm that makes the guards aggressively look for Thorton. The alarm must be deactivated if he wishes to switch to stealth. If an enemy spots someone dead or incapacitated or suspects someone is loitering around (the Awareness indicator will turn yellow), he will investigate and start looking around.

    Skills and Abilities

    Players can give Thorton a boost in certain skills and grant him new abilities.
    Players can give Thorton a boost in certain skills and grant him new abilities.

    Throughout the game, players can increase Thorton's skills in various categories (including specific weaponry, stealth, toughness, technical aptitude, and martial arts), granting him bonuses and new active abilities. These skills are upgraded via Advancement Points (AP), which is earned by gaining levels (10 AP per level) and getting certain perks.

    Thorton starts at Level 1 with 30 AP (0 AP with the Recruit background type and 120 AP with the Veteran background type), and gain new levels by reaching certain experience milestones. Experience is gained throughout the game by completing objectives, dispatching (or evading) enemies, hacking, lock-picking, and unlocking certain perks.

    Each of the nine skills have a total of fifteen ranks, each rank costing a certain amount of AP based on the skill. At the beginning of the game, each skill is capped to five ranks. As Thorton gains levels, the skill cap increases up to 10. After finishing Operation: Desert Spear, the player can pick three special skills, in which their skill cap increases even more.

    Stealth (6 AP per rank) - Gives Thorton some covert tricks to avoid alerting enemies to his presence.

    • Concealment - Reduces the range at which Thorton can be spotted by unaware enemies while in a crouched position (or moving in cover). Unlocked at rank 1. Range is further reduced at rank 8 and rank 11.
    • Evasion - Makes Thorton temporarily invisible from human eyes for two seconds if an enemy infantry is about to spot him, keeping them unaware of his presence. Once activated, it cannot be triggered again for five minutes. Unlocked at rank 4. Amount of time invisible is doubled to four seconds at rank 9 and five seconds (with a three minute cooldown timer) at rank 14.
    • Awareness (Active Ability) - When activated, it increases Thorton's ability to sense presence, superimposing both enemy and friendly positions, direction, and awareness on the screen for one minute (with a cooldown timer of 45 seconds). Unlocked at rank 2. At rank 5, the ability is turned into a passive ability which is always in effect.
    • Silent Running (Active Ability) - When activated, it makes all of Thorton's walking and running completely silent from enemy ears for ten seconds (with a cooldown timer of 45 seconds). Unlocked at rank 3. The ability duration is increased to thirty seconds at rank 7 and one minute at rank 13.
    • Shadow Operative (Active Ability) - When activated, it makes Thorton invisible from enemy infantry sight for six seconds (unless he runs, fires a weapon, throws an object, or comes in contact with an enemy camera). Cooldown timer of two minutes. Unlocked at rank 6. At rank 10, the duration is doubled to 12 seconds while the cooldown timer is decreased to 90 seconds. At rank 12, the duration is increased to 20 seconds. At rank 15, the ability also makes Thorton invisible while running.

    Pistols (5 AP per rank) - Increases Thorton's proficiency in pistols by increasing his accuracy, stability, damage, critical hit efficiency, ammo capacity, and reload speed.

    • Pistol Proficiency - At ranks 1, 9, and 12, it increases both Accuracy and Stability stats for all pistols by 2. At ranks 6 and 14, it increases the Damage stat for all pistols by 3.
    • Improved Pistol Critical Hit - At ranks 2, 5, 11, and 13, it increasing the speed for lining up critical hits while increasing the range that triggers lining up critical hits. Applies to pistol critical hits only. At rank 5, it allows Thorton to line up critical hits while in cover.
    • Armed and Dangerous - Allows Thorton to carry twice the maximum allotted pistol ammo. Unlocked at rank 4.
    • Rapid Reload - Thorton can swap pistol clips (either by reloading or by switching ammo types) in an instant. Unlocked at rank 8.
    • Chain Shot (Active Ability) - Can only be activated while equipping a pistol. When activated, time slows down to a crawl for eight seconds. Similar to the Dead-Eye targeting system used in the Red Dead franchise, the player can queue up to two shots during this time. After the time expires or the maximum shots are queued, time returns to normal and all shots are fired in rapid succession. 60 second cooldown timer. Unlocked at rank 3. At ranks 7, 10, and 15, both the number of shots that can be queued and the slowdown duration increases. At rank 7, the the cooldown timer decreases to 45 seconds.

    Submachine Guns (5 AP per rank) - Increases Thorton's proficiency in submachine guns by increasing his accuracy, recoil control, damage, critical hit efficiency, ammo capacity, and reload speed.

    • SMG Proficiency - At ranks 2, 8, and 11, it increases both Accuracy and Recoil Control stats for all submachine guns by 2. At ranks 4 and 13, it increases the Damage stat for all submachine guns by 3.
    • Improved SMG Critical Hit - At ranks 1, 5, 12, and 14, it increases the critical hit damage multiplier while increasing the maximum time allowed between successive hits (to keep the multiplier going). Applies to submachine gun critical hits only.
    • Armed and Dangerous - Allows Thorton to carry twice the maximum allotted submachine gun ammo. Unlocked at rank 6.
    • Rapid Reload - Thorton can swap submachine gun clips (either by reloading or by switching ammo types) in an instant. Unlocked at rank 9.
    • Bullet Storm (Active Ability) - Can only be activated while equipping a submachine gun. When activated, it allows Thorton to fire endlessly without reloading for four seconds. 60 second cooldown timer. Unlocked at rank 3. At ranks 7, 10, and 15, the ability's duration increases. At rank 7, the the cooldown timer decreases to 45 seconds.

    Shotguns (5 AP per rank) - Increases Thorton's proficiency in shotguns by increasing his stability, recoil control, damage, critical hit efficiency, ammo capacity, and reload speed.

    • Shotgun Proficiency - At ranks 1, 8, and 12, it increases both Stability and Recoil Control stats for all shotguns by 2. At ranks 4 and 14, it increases the Damage stat for all shotguns by 3.
    • Improved Shotgun Critical Hit - At ranks 2, 9, and 13, it decreases the time required to ready a critical hit. Applies to shotgun critical hits only.
    • Armed and Dangerous - Allows Thorton to carry twice the maximum allotted shotgun ammo. Unlocked at rank 5.
    • Rapid Reload - While reloading or swapping ammo types, Thorton can load two shotgun shells at a time. Unlocked at rank 6. At rank 11, Thorton can load three shotgun shells at a time.
    • Room Sweep (Active Ability) - Can only be activated while equipping a shotgun. When activated, it temporarily increases the rate of fire of the shotgun while making every shot a critical hit knockdown shot. 60 second cooldown timer. Unlocked at rank 3. At ranks 7, 10, and 15, the ability's duration increases. At rank 7, the the cooldown timer decreases to 45 seconds.

    Assault Rifles (5 AP per rank) - Increases Thorton's proficiency in assault rifles by increasing his accuracy, recoil control, damage, critical hit efficiency, ammo capacity, and reload speed.

    • Assault Rifle Proficiency - At ranks 1, 9, and 12, it increases both Accuracy and Recoil Control stats for all assault rifles by 2. At ranks 5 and 14, it increases the Damage stat for all assault rifles by 3.
    • Improved Rifle Critical Hit - At ranks 2, 6, 11, and 13, it decreases the time required to line up a critical hit. Applies to assault rifle critical hits only.
    • Armed and Dangerous - Allows Thorton to carry twice the maximum allotted assault rifle ammo. Unlocked at rank 4.
    • Rapid Reload - Thorton can swap assault rifle clips (either by reloading or by switching ammo types) in an instant. Unlocked at rank 8.
    • Focused Aim (Active Ability) - Can only be activated while equipping an assault rifle. When activated, it temporarily marks all enemies on the screen and, every time Thorton aims down the sight, locks-on to the enemy closest to the crosshairs. 60 second cooldown timer. Unlocked at rank 3. At ranks 7, 10, and 15, the ability's duration increases. At rank 7, the the cooldown timer decreases to 45 seconds. At rank 15, the ability also provides a temporary +5 bonus to the Recoil Control stat.

    Sabotage (3 AP per rank) - Increases Thorton's effectiveness with offensive gadgets, bypass minigames (lock-picking, electronic bypass, and hacking), and stealth against enemy electronics.

    • Interference - Allows Thorton to temporarily disable electronic keypads and computer systems with EMP charges without destroying them. Unlocked at rank 1.
    • Breaking and Entering - At ranks 2 and 14, it reduces the difficulty of lock-picking, electronic bypass, and hacking by increasing the time limit and making certain things more noticeable.
    • Shaped Charge - Renders Thorton immune to all damage from his own gadgets. Unlocked at rank 4.
    • Improved Data Theft - At ranks 5, 8, and 12, it increases the amount of cash (by +50% each) obtained by hacking computers.
    • Binary Invisiblity - Makes Thorton temporarily invisible from enemy electronics for three seconds if a camera or automatic turret is about to spot him, keeping them unaware of his presence. Once activated, it cannot be triggered again for five minutes. Unlocked at rank 6. Amount of time invisible is increased to five seconds at rank 9 and seven seconds at rank 13.
    • Spy's Luck - Supresses the alarm when Thorton fails a lock-picking, electronic bypass, or hack, keeping enemies unaware of his presence. Once activated, it cannot be triggered again for five minutes. Unlocked at rank 7.
    • Overclock (Active Ability) - When activated, it increases the damage (or stun effect) and effect radius of the next offensive gadget used. 45 second cooldown timer. Unlocked at rank 3. At rank 9 and 13, the effectiveness is increased.
    • Remote Hack (Active Ability) - When activated, it allows Thorton to use electronic bypass and hacks at long range (while also allowing him to hack cameras and automatic turrets directly). Unlocked at rank 11.

    Technical Aptitude (3 AP per rank) - Increases Thorton's effectiveness in healing, ability cooldown, and ammo looting, while increases various weapon and armor stats and increasing the overall amount of gadgets he can carry.

    • Medic - At ranks 1, 6, and 13, it increases the amount of healing done to Thorton (by first aid kits or medical stations) by 50%.
    • Weapon Rechambering - Adds +3 to the Ammo Size stat for all weapons. Unlocked at rank 2.
    • Field Stripping - Increases the amount of ammunition looted from enemies. Unlocked at rank 3.
    • Medical Familiarity - At ranks 4 and 11, it reduces the cooldown timer of first aid kits and Epinephrine Spikes by 25%.
    • Weapon Balancing - Adds +2 to the Recoil Control stat for all weapons. Unlocked at rank 5.
    • Gadgeteer - At ranks 7 and 14, it adds an additional inventory slot for gadgets.
    • Armor Customization - At rank 9, it adds +10 to Thorton's overall Endurance stat. At rank 13, it adds a further +15 to Thorton's overall Endurance stat.
    • Weapon Customization - Adds +3 to the Damage stat for all weapons. Unlocked at rank 10.
    • Brilliance (Active Ability) - When activated, the cooldown timer of Thorton's other abilities are immediately resolved. Four minute cooldown timer. At rank 15, it reduces the cooldown timer to 45 seconds.

    Toughness (4 AP per rank) - Increases Thorton's health capacity, Endurance recharge delay, and damage resistance.

    • Improved Health - At ranks 1, 3, 8, and 11, it adds 25 to Thorton's maximum health. At rank 14, it adds a further 50 to Thorton's maximum health.
    • Resilience - At ranks 2, 4, 6, 9, and 13, it reduces the time until Thorton's Endurance recharges by one second.
    • Hard to Kill - If Thorton runs out of health, then he clings back to life with 10 HP and a three second temporary invulnerability. When activated, it cannot be used again for another fifteen minutes. Unlocked at rank 10. At rank 13, the health recovered from the ability is 50 HP.
    • Iron Will (Active Ability) - When activated, it grants Thorton temporary damage resistance (nullifying 25% of all damage) and temporary bonus health (25 HP) for ten seconds. 90 second cooldown timer. Unlocked at rank 5. At ranks 7 and 15, it increases the damage reduction and bonus health. At rank 7, it also increases the ability's duration.

    Martial Arts (4 AP per rank) - Improves Thorton's close-quarters melee combat, granting him stronger hits, longer combos, and extra special attacks.

    • CQC Proficiency - At ranks 1, 6, 9, and 12, it increases the damage of all hand-to-hand attacks. Ranks 9 and 12 also further increases the damage of jump attacks.
    • Strike Combo - At ranks 2 and 8, it adds an additional attack to Thorton's standard combo.
    • Melee Defense - At ranks 3, 11, and 14, it reduces the damage given to Thorton by enemy melee attacks.
    • Knockdown Strike - Adds a slower, but more powerful, melee attack that staggers victims. Unlocked at rank 4.
    • Jump Attack - Adds a powerful knee strike that (when executed by running and performing a melee attack) knocks down victims. Unlocked at rank 7.
    • Point Blank Slot - Adds a finishing move to Thorton's standard combo. By pressing the Fire button during the combo, Thorton quick-draws his weapon and fires a shot. Unlocked at rank 13.
    • Fury (Active Ability) - When activated, it temporarily slows down time, increases Thorton's melee damage, and reduces the effectiveness of enemy blocking attempts. Stealth movement is disabled and the ability ends either after six seconds or if Thorton aims, shoots, or throws a gadget. 90 second cooldown timer. Unlocked at rank 5. Ranks 10 and 15 increase the ability's duration and further reduces the effectiveness of enemy blocking attempts. Rank 10 decreases the cooldown time to one minute. At rank 15, each enemy defeated while the ability is in effect gives Thorton a quick boost of 15 Endurance.

    Decision Stance System

    The Decision Stance System.
    The Decision Stance System.

    One of the most notable features in Alpha Protocol is the Decision Stance System (DSS). When Thorton interacts with another character, he can take up one of (usually) three stances when responding. These three common stances are "professional", a by-the-book attitude, "suave", a more relaxed stance that sees Thorton smooth-talk, and "aggressive", where Thorton likes to get straight to the point without worrying about what anyone else thinks. Obsidian has likened these to the personalities of three fictional spies, the "three J.B."s: Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Jack Bauer respectively. From time to time, a fourth stance is available. For example, Thorton may be given the option to draw his gun or attacking the person he's speaking to instead of continuing the conversation.

    In all conversations, Thorton only has a few seconds to decide which stance to assume. Different characters react well and poorly to different responses, which is vital in determining whether they end up trusting or disliking Thorton. Each NPC has a number that indicates Thorton's reputation to them, ranging from -10 (animosity) to 10 (friendship). Reputation determines their attitude towards Thorton, and dialogue is often altered as a result of this. In some cases, having a certain reputation with a character opens up an extra option. Maybe they will offer a deal that they wouldn't normally make or welcome romantic advances. Another example sees an informant, if he doesn't trust Thorton, alert the local Embassy that he's in the city, resulting in extra armed men in a following mission. Having a negative reputation with a character is not necessarily a gameplay disadvantage however. All the mission handlers have a unique perk, only available by antagonising them and in the example above the the increased guard at the local embassy can be persuaded to work with Thorton, providing more backup than the lightly armed staff otherwise present.

    Choices and Consequences

    Throughout the game, Thorton is faced with plenty of key decisions that affect dialogue, alliances, reputation, and intel. In one example, by sparing a character, Thorton learns the real identity of the person responsible of a crime, and an additional mission is added to the city. These choices aren't necessarily moral decisions -- some are lose-lose situations where no matter what Thorton picks, a catastrophe is going to happen. The decisions made and reputation earnt plays a significant part in the story's finale, which has multiple endings and two possible different final boss fights, and allows for different fates for most of the major characters involved. In fact, all but one major character can be killed during the course of the game (one of the game's achievements requires Thorton to execute everyone possible in one playthrough).


    Modifying a pistol.
    Modifying a pistol.

    Weapons and armor are bought in the safe house before each mission and come with different stats. Weapons have damage, accuracy, recoil, stability, and ammunition, while armor have endurance, damage reduction, sound dampening, upgrade slots, and inventory space.

    Weapons and armor are open to be modified with attachments and upgrades, which in turn provides stat boosts and additional bonuses. By attaching a scope to a weapon, it becomes more accurate to use. A camouflage armor upgrade reduces an enemy's sight range, and arm guard upgrades increase strike damage.


    Perks vary from extra endurance or experience to reduced cooldowns or discounts in the store. These are obtained by meeting certain requirements, which can range from relationship status with NPCs to accomplishing a certain number of deeds, such as lockpicking a pre-defined number of locks, etc.

    Handler Perks are perks that depend on the handler chosen for the current mission:

    • Constant Encouragement (Mina Tang, positive) - Adds +10 (+15 when very positive) to Endurance.
    • Too Busy to Play Nice (Mina Tang, negative) - Adds a 5% (10% when very negative) cooldown bonus on all abilities.
    • Tech Savvy (Sean Darcy, positive) - Adds 10% (20% when very positive) to damage with all gadgets.
    • Who's the Better Agent? (Sean Darcy, negative) - Adds +5 (+10 when very negative) to Endurance.
    • By the Book (Yancy Westridge, positive) - Adds a 5% (10% when very positive) cooldown bonus on all abilities.
    • Loose Cannon (Yancy Westridge, negative) - Adds +1 (+2 when very negative) to the Damage stat for Thorton's favored weapon.
    • Due Caution (Madison Saint James, positive) - Reduces the sight range of all enemies by 5%.
    • Redirected Frustration (Madison Saint James, negative) - Adds +1 (+2 when very negative) damage to Thorton's favored weapon.
    • Size Matters (SIE, positive) - Adds +1 (+2 when very positive) to the Recoil Control stat for all submachine guns and assault rifles.
    • Never Show Fear to a Cougar (SIE, negative) - Adds 5% (10% when very negative) to damage resistance.
    • Fighting Dirty (Steven Heck, positive) - Adds +1 (+2 when very positive) to damage with all melee attacks.
    • Ignore the Sociopath (Steven Heck, negative) - Reduces the sight range of all enemies by 5% (10% when very negative).
    • The Subtle Approach (Albatross, positive) - Reduces the sight range of all enemies by 5% (10% when very positive).
    • Competition (Albatross, negative) - Adds +5 (+10 when very negative) to Endurance.
    • Death By Zoom Lens (Scarlet Lake, positive) - Adds +1 (+2 when very positive) to the Accuracy stat for all pistols and assault rifles.
    • Rivalry (Scarlet Lake, negative) - Adds a 5% (10% when very negative) cooldown bonus on all abilities.

    XP Perks

    Perks that immediately reward you with one-time only XP bonus upon being achieved.

    • Breaking and Entering - XP +100 - You successfully picked 10 locks.
    • Chain of Command - XP +250 - You completed Operation Desert Spear with the respect of all of your fellow agents. [Not active in-game]
    • Circuit Breaker - XP +100 - You successfully bypassed 20 electronic devices.
    • Perfect Pitch - XP +100 - You have thrown 50 gadgets with careful aim.
    • Transmission's Breaking Up - XP +100 - You have hung up on (or tried to hang up on) people twice. You're either busy, or kind of a jerk.
    • Last Word - XP +250 - You have hung up on (or at least tried to hang up on) people four times. Do you hate conversation in general, or telephones in specific?
    • Data Theft - XP +100 - You successfully hacked 10 computer systems.
    • Veteran Attitude - XP +500 - You've saved the world once, you'll do it again, and anyone who questions you can go fuck themselves. You've selected the Veteran stance in conversations 10 times.
    • Textaholic - XP +250 - You replied to 5 emails across your career.
    • Antisocial - XP +250 - You earned the antipathy of three people.
    • Behind the Lies - XP +250 - You uncovered the truth of the Triad defectors.

    AP Perks

    Perks that immediately reward you with a one-time only AP bonus upon being achieved.

    • Testing the Waters - AP +1 - To keep your target guessing, you've attempted being Suave, Professional, and Aggressive all in the same conversation.
    • Variable Approach - AP +2 - In 15 different conversations, you've varied up your approach instead of sticking to one attitude or posture.
    • Hard to Read - AP +3 - Over the course of numerous conversations, you have kept your demeanor in flux - using professional, suave, and aggressive approaches at least a quarter of the time each.
    • Green - AP +2 - While you may not have a lot of field experience, at least you aren't ashamed to admit it - you have used the Recruit stance 3 times.
    • Rookie Move - AP +8 - Rather than fake it, you chose the Recruit stance 10 times and let your rookie charm work its mojo.
    • Email Enhancement - AP +2 - Just because you're saving the world doesn't mean you can't find time to write. You replied to 10 emails across your career.
    • Profiler - AP +1 - You have completed your 5th Dossier.
    • Intelligence Analyst - AP +1 - Always keeping tabs on the opposition, you have completed your 10th Dossier.
    • Psychological Warfare - AP +2 - Leaving no fact unearthed, you have completed your 15th Dossier.
    • Desert Spear - AP +2 - Operation Desert Spear is a success: you eliminated Sheik Shaheed as ordered.
    • Agent of Change - AP +5 - In a remarkable act of manipulation, you managed to sway Conrad Marburg's sense of duty.
    • Thorton, Inc. - AP +25 - By way of expert manipulation, you managed to turn all of your enemies into allies. [Does not appear in-game]
    • Lady's Man - AP +5 - The ladies cannot resist you, nor can you resist the need to romance them. You have seduced all the ladies of Alpha Protocol, well done.
    • Swiss Diplomacy - AP +5 - You made it to the final operation of the game bearing a neutral Reputation with everyone.

    Discount Perks

    Perks that give your character a discount on items from the Clearing House.

    • The Big Picture - 5% Weaponry discount from all sources - Knowing full well what the ends justify the means, you let Nasri go - receiving a bribe, as well as a connection (albeit a reluctant one) to the underworld market.
    • On the Guestlist - 5% Intel Discount from all sources - You exercised a thorough investigation of your target by identifying all operatives in the vicinity of Jibril Al-Bara
    • Well-Connected - 5% Intel discount from all sources - You have acquired Intel from 7 different sources. [Does not appear in-game]
    • Knowledge is Power - 5% Intel Discount from all vendors - You showed up Leland with your knowledge of Deus Vult.
    • Enemy of My Enemy - 10% Intel Discount from all sources - In your career, you've made allies with terrorists, double agents, and Russian mobsters. [Does not appear in-game]
    • Friends in Low Places - 10% Armory Discount from Grigori - You managed to win over Grigori with your good humor and charm. He'll provide you a significant discount with armor and armor modifications, as he never likes to see a friend get hurt.
    • Enough Chit-Chat - 5% Weaponry Discount from Grigori - Your threatening demeanor made a lasting impression on Grigori. He'll sell you weapons for less, as he'd rather appease your belligerence than risk your temper over a few dollars.
    • Camaraderie - 5% Discount on all non-intel purchases from all sources - Your words and actions have won over 10 people.
    • Social Butterfly - 5% Intel Discount from all sources - You're a natural at making friends - you've gained a favorable reputation with 3 people
    • Snap Shot - 20% Ammunition discount from all sources - During the Al-Bara mission, you seized the initiative and fired before wasting time identifying all the possible suspects.
    • Necessary Roughness - 5% Weaponry Discount from Rome vendors - Showing no favoritism towards nationalities, you used lethal force against CIA operatives that stood in the way of your mission.
    • The Basics - 5% Discount on all purchases from Saudi vendors - You completed all of the orientation tasks offered in your training mission.
    • Cage Match - 5% Weaponry Discount from Saudi vendors - You completed Mina's request to one-up Darcy during your training exercises.
    • Betting Man - 5% Intel Discount for Saudi missions - You completed Darcy's training challenge.
    • Custodial Work - 5% Intel Discount for Saudi missions - You successfully completed Parker's challenge during your Alpha Protocol orientation.
    • News Conscious - 5% Intel Discount from Saudi vendors.You watched all of Shaheed's broadcast.
    • Speaking the Language - 25% Intel Discount from Heck Enterprises - You played along with Heck's erratic persona and gained his trust.
    • Stick to Business - 5% discount on Armor, Armor Mod, and Gadget purchases from Heck Enterprises - You remained mostly professional in light of Heck's insanity.
    • Everybody Loves Dry Cleaning Solution - 5% Weaponry Discount from Heck Enterprises - You and Heck shared a mutual dislike for subtlety.
    • I Don't Hit Girls - 5% from all transactions with G22 - You let Sis escape with her life after you bested her in combat.
    • Always Listening - 5% Intel Discount from all sources - You paid careful attention to Sung's speech during the rally in Memorial Park.
    • Keeping the Peace - 20% Intel Discount from anonymous sources - You opted to prevent a deadly revolt from taking place, even if it means letting a plot on President Sung's life go undeterred.
    • Straight Talker - 5% Gadget discount from Grigori -You dealt with Grigori in a straight-forward, professional tenor. He knows you mean business and will supply you with high-tech supplies at a discount, trusting you'll provide him with steady income.
    • Professional Courtesy - 10% Armory Discount from Rome Vendors - When you encountered CIA operatives in Rome, you made sure to use non-lethal force in subduing them.

    Endurance Perks

    Perks that increase your character's Endurance.

    • Tour of Duty - Endurance +5 - You survived Operation Desert Spear.
    • Seasoned - Endurance +5 - You completed your first operation as a lone agent. You're starting to make a name for yourself.
    • Experienced - Endurance +5 - You completed two successful operations without the backing of the agency. Congratulations are in order.
    • World Traveler - Endurance +5 - Defying the odds (and countless attempts on your life), your solo career as a rogue agent has lasted three successful operations.
    • Difficult Break-Up - Endurance +5 - Your uncanny ability to annoy and enrage Madison Saint James culminated in her physically attacking you.
    • Real Men Don't Hide - Endurance +5 - You completed 15 missions wherein you have raised an alarm and lived to tell about it. Unabated violence is a perfectly acceptable alternative to stealth.
    • Limited Bloodshed - Endurance +10 - You subdued 50 opponents with non-lethal (though certainly violent and entirely painful) methods.
    • Lone Wolf - Endurance +10 - Alienating most everyone who crosses your path, you have gained the dislike of 10 people. Friendship just makes it harder to pull the trigger when the time comes.
    • Merciful - Endurance +25 - Proving yourself reluctant to take a human life, you subdued 250 enemies with non-lethal means.
    • Ready for Anything - Endurance +25 - You have purchased the overwhelming majority of Intel available in your career.
    • Tough as Nails - Endurance +5 - You have sustained 1000 points of damage across your career without dying.
    • Professional - Endurance +5 - You have tried the Professional approach in your first few conversations.
    • Office Romance - Endurance +5 - You turned your working relationship with Mina Tang into romance.
    • Exclusive Interview - Endurance +5 - Scarlet Lake granted you a behind-closed-doors interview.
    • Rome-ance - Endurance +5 - You turned your Friendship with Madison Saint James into something much more.
    • Honest - Endurance +5 - Apparently the lying aspect of espionage isn't your thing - you were Honest 10 times in conversations across your career.
    • Due Process - Endurance Recharge Rate +20% - Eschewing bribes and pragmatism, you opted to arrest Nasri. Your conviction to act within the law has strengthened your resolve.
    • No One Left Behind - Endurance Recharge Rate +20% - You rescued your ally from Brayko's mansion.
    • Hand of Al-Samad - Endurance Recharge Rate +20% - Once your target, now your ally, you have made peace with Shaheed and his organization.
    • Gentleman - Endurance Recharge Rate +20% - When given the chance to reciprocate Madison's affections, you politely turned her down.
    • No Time for Love - Endurance Recharge Rate +20%, Endurance +20 - The promise of romance failed to distract you from your mission. You avoided any and all entangling affairs in Alpha Protocol.
    • New Sheriff in Town - Endurance Recharge Delay: -1 Second - When faced with the opportunity to set a criminal free or kill them in cold blood, you instead chose the lawful route and brought turned them over to authorities.

    Ability Perks

    Perks that directly modify the behavior of certain features within any of the given ability sets.

    • The Better Part of Valor - Increased Duration: Shadow Operative - Not every situation calls for violence. You have evaded 75 enemies.
    • Suave - Reduced Cooldown: All Abilities - You have shown your Suave side in your earliest conversations.
    • Impatient - Reduced Cooldown: Fury, Iron Will - Maybe if people realized your time was valuable, you wouldn't have had to adopt an Impatient demeanor 10 times across your career.
    • Sororicide - Reduced Cooldown: Chain Shot - Being an equal opportunity witness killer, you finished off Sis when she was defeated and defenseless.
    • Trigger Happy - Reduced Cooldown: Room Sweep - While gunning for Al-Bara, you "accidentally" killed some other people at the party... these things happen.
    • Cull the Weak - Reduced Cooldown: Room Sweep, Bullet Storm - Not one to suffer weakness, you finished the job that Brayko started, and killed your former ally.
    • Thanks but No Thanks - Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Iron Will - As tempting as it may have been, you refused SIE's amorous advances.
    • Faith Killer - Reduced Cooldown: Focused Aim - When given the opportunity, you pulled the trigger on Jibril Al-Bara - the academician with financial and spiritual ties to Al-Samad terrorist network.
    • Birds of a Feather - Reduced Cooldown: Chain Shot, Shadow Operative - Working with Albatross on a pivotal mission reinforced your understanding of covert tactics.
    • Secret Service - Reduced Cooldown: Iron Will, Hard to Kill - You chose to protect the life of President Ronald Sung, even at the expense of letting a dangerous revolt be set into motion.
    • Under the Radar - Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Shadow Operative - When you encountered CIA personnel, you avoided taking out fellow American agents - abstaining even from non-lethal methods and taking a minimal violence approach.
    • These Aren't the Agents You're Looking for - Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Shadow Operative - Twice in your career, you manipulated armed guards into letting you stroll right past them.
    • Any Last Words...? - Reduced Cooldown: Chain Shot, Room Sweep, Bullet Storm, Focused Aim - Rather than letting a known weapons dealer roam free or languish in jail, you gave Nasri a taste of his own merchandise.
    • Savage Love - Reduced Cooldown: Fury, Room Sweep, Iron Will, Hard to Kill - You successfully romanced the enigmatic mercenary SIE. Assuming that being ravaged while strapped to a table counts as romance...
    • Verbal Ménage a Trois - Reduced Cooldown: Bullet Storm, Focused Aim - On a pivotal mission, you had SIE and Mina guiding you over the radio.
    • Logical Deduction - Reduced Cooldown: Overclock, Remote Hack, Binary Invisibility, Brilliance - You defied improbable odds by reasoning with Alan Parker and actually convincing him that he's genuinely wrong.
    • Who, Me? - Reduced Cooldown: Shadow Operative - Facts just get in the way of the truth. You've tried to bluff your way (successful or not) in dialogues 5 times across your career.
    • Razor Wit - Reduced Cooldown: Chain Shot, Bullet Storm, Room Sweep, Focused Aim - In an effort to amuse (or sometimes annoy), you took a joking approach to conversations 10 times across your career.
    • Composed - Reduced Cooldown: Iron Will, Evasion, Binary Invisibility - You employed a Calm disposition 5 times during conversations.
    • Evasive - Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Binary Invisibility - You have adopted an Evasive response to questions 5 times during your career.
    • Practical - Reduced Cooldown: Overclock, Brilliance, Remote Hack - You have selected the Practical stance in conversations 10 times across your career.
    • Unfinished Business - Reduced Cooldown: Iron Will, Chain Shot, Bullet Storm, Room Sweep, Fury, Focused Aim - You resolved an outstanding issue and put an end to Sheikh Ali Shaheed.
    • You Talking to Me? - Reduced Cooldown: Fury - You exploited Conrad Marburg's temper, and baited him into a fight to the death.

    Stealth Perks

    Perks that affect your sneaking ability.

    • Unseen Presence - Enemy Sight Range -5% - You completed 5 missions wherein you killed less than 5 enemies, and no alarms were raised.
    • One with the Shadows - Enemy Sight Range -5% - In an impressive act of covert action, you completed 3 missions wherein less than 5 enemies were killed and no hostiles became alerted to your presence.
    • Lurker - Movement Noise -20% - You took a stealthy approach to conflict resolution by evading 75 enemies or silently dispatching them with martial art takedowns.

    Weapon Perks

    Perks that increase the performance of any given weapon or to the close-quarters-combat ability.

    • Pistol Proficiency - Pistol Accuracy +1 - You have a passion for precision perforation. You scored 50 Critical Hits with the pistol during your career.
    • Pistol Mastery - Pistol Damage +1 - You scored 100 Critical Hits with your pistol over your career, marking you as a handgun savant.
    • SMG Fury - SMG Recoil Control +1 - You have managed to achieve the highest possible Critical Hit Streak with your SMGs four times across your career.
    • SMG Havoc - SMG Damage +1 - You have managed to achieve the highest possible Critical Hit Streak with your SMGs seven times across your career.
    • Shotgun Rampage - Shotgun Recoil Control +1 - Having shown a fondness for brute force, you scored 50 Critical Hits with your shotgun across your career.
    • Shotgun Crowd Control - Shotgun Damage +1 - In an impressive show of ballistic mayhem, you scored 100 Critical Hits with your shotgun across your career.
    • Assault Rifle Precision - Assault Rifle Accuracy +1 - Your aim is true - you have scored 50 head shots with your Assault Rifle over your career.
    • Assault Rifle Marksmanship - Assault Rifle Recoil Control +1 - In an impressive display of homicide, you scored 100 head shots with your Assault Rifle over your career.
    • Surprise Attack - Favored Weapon Damage +1 - You have launched surprise attacks on unaware enemies 150 times.
    • No Witnesses - Favored Weapon Damage +1 - You killed 4 major characters in cold blood.
    • Trail of the Dead - All Weapon Damage +1 - You have left a trail of cold-blooded murders throughout your career. Your mother would be proud of you... though it's possible you murdered her too.
    • Stay of Execution - Favored Weapon Recoil Control +1 - After listening to Shaheed, you exercised restraint and allowed him to live.
    • Be Prepared - Increased Ammo Capacity with all weapons - Always planning ahead, you have acquired a great deal of Intel on your missions.
    • Black Belt - CQC Strike Damage +1 - You have defeated 50 enemies with hand-to-hand attacks.
    • Fistful of Diplomacy - CQC Strike Damage +1 - When words fail, fists succeed. Three times now, you have resolved a conversation with non-lethal (though extremely brutal) violence.
    • Aggressive - CQC Strike Damage +5 - You have shown your Aggressive side in your earliest conversations.
    • Deadeye - Favored Weapon Recoil Control +1 - You completed 5 missions with 90% or greater accuracy with all of your firearms.
    • Intimidating - Non-Favored Weapon Damage +1 - A big believer in the American tradition of negotiating with the promise of wonton violence, you've been Intimidating in coversations 5 times in your career.

    Enemy Perks

    Perks that increase the damage dealt to any of the region bosses.

    • Know Your Enemy - Damage Bonus: 5% vs. Konstantin Brayko - Your research on Konstantin Brayko is complete, giving you a better chance of stopping him in a firefight.
    • Know Your Rival - Damage Bonus: 5% vs. Conrad Marburg - You worked up a complete dossier on Conrad Marburg. Your through knowledge of his characteristics and flaws will serve you well should the two of you battle.
    • Know Your Competition - Damage Bonus: 5% vs. Omen Deng - Having completed your research on Omen Deng, you have an advantage over him should the two of you come into direct conflict.

    Gadget Perks

    Perks that directly affect your gadgets' effectiveness.

    • Plan B: Kill it with Fire - Incendiary Bomb Carrying Capacity +1 - Pyromania does not disqualify you from black ops employment. You set 25 people of fire by use of Incendiary Bombs.
    • Impersonation Artist - Radio Mimic Carrying Capacity +1 - You put your technology and language talent to work by calling in false all-clear messages 5 times using Radio Mimic gadgets.
    • Self-Made Medic - First Aid Bonus +10%, +1 First Aid Kit Carrying Capacity - You patched up 2000 points of damage by way of First Aid. You could pry bullets from your spleen in your sleep.
    • Demolitions Expert - Explosive Grenade Carrying Capacity +1 - With over 50 lives claimed by your Explosive Grenades, you have become a veritable master of ordnance.
    • Orchestrated Carnage - Remote Mine Carrying Capacity +1 - You killed or injured three or more enemies with a single Remote Mine in three different missions. Your planning, timing, and flair for killing are to be commended.
    • Shock and Awe - Shock Trap Carrying Capacity +1 - You violently incapacitated 50 enemies with Shock Trap, making you an expert.
    • Art of Incapacitation - Flashbang Carrying Capacity +1 - Having rendered 50 enemies languishing in a state of partial blindness and bleeding ears, you have proven yourself a master of flashbang tactics.
    • Electronic Warfare - EMP Charge Carrying Capacity +1 - You disabled 25 devices with EMP Charges and learned quite a bit about stumping electronic sentries.
    • Major League Edge - Epinephrine Spikes give +10% Damage Resistance - You completed 10 Missions with an extra dose of strength from Epinephrine Spikes. Fortunately for you, the side effects of epinephrine do not include shrunken genitals.
    • Taxpayer Money at Work - Reduced Cooldown: Noise Maker - You completed 5 missions wherein you've activated your Sound Generator gadget at someone's head or crotch. Really, the Sound Generator was just asking to be used for juvenile amusement...
    • Technophile - 10% Gadget discount from all sources - You completed 5 missions where you employed at least 6 different gadgets.
    • Building a Deadlier Mouse Trap - XP +100 - 100 of your placed devices have been detonated - either by unsuspecting foes or by remote detonation.
    • Perfect Pitch - XP +100 - You have thrown 50 gadgets with careful aim. [i.e., throw 50 Gadgets using the preview arc; blind throws don't count.]

    Misc Perks

    Perks that don't really fit within any of the other categories.

    • One-Track Mind - Damage Resistance +5% - While entirely capable of using different approaches to best manipulate people, you instead used the same approach to dialogue over, and over, and over again... 30 times as of earning this perk, to be exact.
    • Insurance Liability - Damage Resistance +10% - In an impressive feat of perseverance (or an inability to duck), you have sustained 5000 points of damage across your career without dying. Now seriously, find some cover - you've made your point.
    • Furious - CQC Strike Damage +1, Reduced Cooldown: Fury - Not one to hide your wrath, you got Angry 10 times in conversations across your career.
    • Conspiracy Theorist - Endurance +5, Reduced Cooldown: Epinephrine Spike - Speaking the language of insanity, you catered to Heck's delusions.


    Dossiers provide information on the characters of Alpha Protocol. Each is divided into several parts, and these are scattered across the game. They can be picked up on missions, purchased or given as intel, or added as Thorton learns through a conversation. Some are dependent on the decisions you make. Killing someone, for example, may mean you'll lose the chance to finish their dossier, while one mission gives Thorton the chance to blackmail someone for intel at the cost of losing a potential ally.

    Acquiring a full dossier on a subject can be tricky, but can have certain benefits other than reading up on their background. Extra damage can be dealt to boss characters, and further dialogue options and -- at a few rare points in the game -- revelations can be given. There are 22 character and 13 faction dossiers to collect, though it is impossible to fully complete every single dossier in one playthrough. This is because during two e-mail correspondences with Mina Tang, Thorton can only request one person to be researched out of a group of three individuals.


    A bearded Thorton with shades.
    A bearded Thorton with shades.

    Alpha Protocol offers little in terms of customizing Thorton's appearance. A few eye colors, hair styles, and facial hair styles are available to use, and Thorton can wear an assortment of eyewear and headwear. His name and gender cannot be altered.


    Thorton can romance up to four women:

    There is only one opportunity to romance each one, during a specific conversation in the game. Whether they happen or not depends on dialogue options and Thorton's reputation with them. Madison can only be romanced before the final Rome mission, Mina and Scarlet just before Thorton begins the finale, and SIE during the last mission. The romance cutscenes are low-key and show no nudity.


    Alpha Protocol features a large cast of characters, most of whom come with their own dossier in the game.

    Michael Thorton

    Michael Thorton
    Michael Thorton

    Thorton is the game's protagonist and Alpha Protocol's newest recruit when the story starts. When he is declared a rogue agent by the agency, Thorton begins to unravel the intricate plans of Halbech, and wishes to stop the ongoing conspiracy.

    Mina Tang

    Mina Tang
    Mina Tang

    Initially one of Thorton's handlers during Alpha Protocol missions, Mina soon works behind Alpha Protocol's back to support Thorton, and provides invaluable intelligence and analysis as she helps him in finding out more about Halbech.

    Henry Leland

    Henry Leland
    Henry Leland

    Leland is the man in charge of defense contractor Halbech. Once he learnt about Alpha Protocol, he used its resources to further his own plans.

    Yancy Westridge

    Yancy Westridge
    Yancy Westridge

    The Chief of Operations at Alpha Protocol, Westridge is Thorton's boss at the beginning of the game. With more than two decades' worth of experience with the CIA and a further five years at Alpha Protocol, he's an experienced no-nonsense man, who is proud to serve his country.

    Alan Parker

    Alan Parker
    Alan Parker

    Parker is a Senior Intelligence Analyst at Alpha Protocol, having worked up the career ladder over the years. His wife died in a drunk-driving accident, and his daughter has severed all ties with him.

    Sean Darcy

    Sean Darcy
    Sean Darcy

    Darcy is an Alpha Protocol agent, but a slightly frustrated one due to limited opportunities to be involved on the field in missions. He harbors a romantic interest in co-worker Mina Tang, and specializes in using gadgets.

    Ali Shaheed

    Ali Shaheed
    Ali Shaheed

    Sheikh Ali Shaheed is part of Al-Samad, an anti-American terrorist organization, who has his hands on numerous missiles.

    Omar Nasri

    Omar Nasri
    Omar Nasri

    Nasri is an illegal weapons dealer in the black market. He has been monitored for a long time by the CIA and Interpol.


    Sis and Albatross
    Sis and Albatross

    Albatross is the leader of the G22 faction. Rumored to be once a CIA analyst, he prefers a stealthy approach when tackling missions. Albatross can be a useful ally for Thornton; he and G22 can be involved in several missions in the game.



    Sis is Albatross' young and mute bodyguard. She sports a goth look and has a preference for dual-wielding revolvers.



    A high-ranking member of the Veteran Combat Iniative, SIE is an experienced German mercenary who despises Marburg, despite his association with the VCI.



    Grigori is an unemployed informant that can often be found drinking in his local bar.

    Sergei Surkov

    Sergei Surkov
    Sergei Surkov

    Having previously worked with the KCB, Surkov is now a successful businessman who is said to have ties with the Russian Mafia.

    Konstantin Brayko

    Konstantin Brayko
    Konstantin Brayko

    A former protegé of Surkov, Brayko is an enforcer with a penchant for cocaine and a questionable taste in clothes and decorum. His theme tune is Autograph's "Turn Up the Radio".


    Championchik (right)
    Championchik (right)

    Championchik, bodyguard for Surkov, is a former Olympic heavyweight boxer. In a fight, he relies on his fists.

    Conrad Marburg

    Conrad Marburg
    Conrad Marburg

    Marburg formerly worked for Leland at Halbech, but has since left to take up a position in the Veteran Combat Initiative. He is said to always wear gloves to cover his hands from blood when he executes someone. In Rome, Marburg is trying to enact a plan that could cost the lives of hundreds.

    Madison Saint James

    Madison Saint James
    Madison Saint James

    Madison is Marburg's personal assistant, who finds herself involved when she contacts Thorton, concerned for his life. She also has an interesting family connection.

    Jibril Al-Bara

    Jibril Al-Bara
    Jibril Al-Bara

    A professor of Arab studies, Al-Bara is said to be working for the terrorist organization Al-Samad.

    Scarlet Lake

    Scarlet Lake
    Scarlet Lake

    Scarlet first meets Thorton on a plane shortly after the events in Saudi Arabia. A young award-winning photojournalist, she is in Taipei to find her latest story, and accepts Thorton's request for help in one mission.

    Steven Heck

    Steven Heck
    Steven Heck

    Heck is an eccentric contact in Taipei, who is rather territorial. He is voiced by the popular voice actor Nolan North.

    Hong Shi

    Hong Shi
    Hong Shi

    The leader of the White Mountain Oak Triads, Hong Shi is having trouble with three of his defecting lieutenants, who are threatening to create a separate faction. He provides Thorton with information regarding the assassination plot on Ronald Sung in return for a favor dealing with, as he calls it, a "family matter".

    Omen Deng

    Omen Deng
    Omen Deng

    Working for the Chinese Secret Police, Omen is suspected of planning to assassinate Ronald Sung.

    Ronald Sung

    Ronald Sung
    Ronald Sung

    Sung is the president of Taiwan and the target of an assassination plot.


    No Caption Provided

    Because certain story events can unfold in multiple ways, the below is a general overview of what happens in Alpha Protocol. Most of the game takes place in the past as protagonist Michael Thorton and Henry Leland, the boss of American defense contractor Halbech, are discussing the events of the previous three months from Thorton's perspective, just before the start of the final mission.

    Thorton is a new field agent for Alpha Protocol, a secret agency that must deny all links to the US government due to the nature of the covert operations it performs. After training, Yancy Westridge, in charge of the program, assigns Thorton an assignment in Saudi Arabia: to find Ali Shaheed, a core member of the anti-American terrorist group Al-Samad, and recover the remaining missiles; one was recently used to devastatingly shoot down an airplane. After confronting Shaheed, Thorton learns that Halbech supplied the missiles. Moments later, having survived a missile strike, he is cut off from Alpha Protocol. Mina Tang, one of his handlers, tells him that there are people who are part of Alpha Protocol that also work for Halbech, and are trying to prevent Thorton from relaying what he learnt from Shaheed.

    Thorton wants to report back to Alpha Protocol, but Mina says that would only end up in his capture. Alpha Protocol, distancing themselves from the operation, has branded him as a rogue agent; Thorton is now a wanted man. It becomes clear that Halbech are working with Alpha Protocol and using its resources to advance their plans to initiate a cold war for profit, but there is growing concern from Thorton and Mina that Halbech's projections are inaccurate and that they might actually incite a real war.

    No Caption Provided

    With Mina's assistance, Thorton chases leads around the world to uncover the whole truth about Halbech and to stop them from causing international conflict. Moscow sees Thorton try to determine who's been dealing with Halbech and distributing the missiles, and possibly allies himself with faction G22, led by Albatross, and SIE. When trying to reach Sergei Surkov, a businessman rumored to be collaborating with the Russian Mafia, he encounters resistance whose intention is to kill Surkov under Halbech's orders. Surkov tells him that Konstantin Brayko is responsible for the missiles, but as Thorton infiltrates Brayko's mansion, he can discover that Surkov may not have been entirely honest, and that he was previously working with Halbech.

    Thorton initially investigates why an Al-Samad terrorist cell appears to have been activated in Rome, but Conrad Marburg, Halbech's former Chief of Security, soon becomes his main focus. Marburg warns him to stay away, but Thorton ignores his threats and learns with help from Marburg's personal assistant Madison Saint James that he plans to blow up the museum to harshen the anti-terrorist laws. However, Marburg kidnaps Madison, and gives him a choice: save Madison or deactivate the bombs.

    No Caption Provided

    Thorton's objective in Taipei is to prevent the assassination of President Ronald Sung. The assassination would incite massive riots and raise significant tension between China and the US. Help from photojournalist Scarlet Lake, local contact Steven Heck, and Triad boss Hong Shi leads Thorton to learn more about the plans as well as the mysterious Omen Deng. Thorton retrieves a flash drive of both the assassination and riot plans, but a self-deleting mechanism forces him to choose to save the data of only one set of plans. Omen appears to be the one who's set to snipe Sung, but when Thorton defeats Omen in a fight, Sung is still shot. Depending on what data Thorton chose to save earlier, either Sung dies from the bullet to the chest or large numbers of casualties happen in the proceeding riots, with the rioters believing that their president is dead.

    After Thorton has finished up in Moscow, Rome, and Taipei, he reflects to determine his next move. In a conversation with Mina, he learns that despite his best efforts, Halbech is still confident that a cold war will happen between China and the US, but it becomes increasingly likely that they'll start World War III instead. This inspires Thorton to act urgently, and prepares to give himself up to Alpha Protocol to be transported to their headquarters for a final showdown with both Halbech and Alpha Protocol. Before doing so, he possibly speaks to Scarlet (to give her incriminating evidence of Halbech's crimes that he's accumulated during his travels), Albatross, and Shaheed.

    No Caption Provided

    Now in the present day, Thorton and Leland finish off their conversation in Alpha Protocol's interrogation room. Leland can then offer Thorton the opportunity to work for Halbech, as long as Thorton agrees to take down Alpha Protocol and its key employees to remove any trace of Halbech's association with them. Held in the medical bay, Thorton relies on an ally to free him from his restraints, and encounters many of his former colleagues before a final confrontation with either Westridge or Leland. By this point, he may have discovered that Mina was the one who cut him off from Alpha Protocol back in Saudi Arabia (she claims only a rogue agent could take down Halbech and Alpha Protocol together) and that Scarlet was Sung's sniper (she had a freelance contract with Leland). How Thorton deals with them has a possible effect on the final scene.

    After taking down the final boss and putting an end to Halbech or Alpha Protocol (or both), Thorton rides off on a speedboat towards the sunset, either by himself or with Mina, Scarlet, or Heck. If he earlier agreed to work for Leland, Thorton accepts a cigar from his new boss, and they hop onto the speedboat to get away from the ruined Alpha Protocol.

    PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
    • Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel or Athlon XP 2400 AMD
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 12 GB free space
    • Video Card: DirectX 9.1, Pixel Shader 3.0, and 256 MB (e.g. GeForce 7900, ATI 1800)
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.1 compatible
    • Peripherals: Keyboard, mouse

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