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    Claire Redfield

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    Claire Redfield is the sister of S.T.A.R.S. Operative Chris Redfield. While initially only a young college biker, Claire quickly becomes instrumental in the fight against the Umbrella Corporation as a survivor of the Raccoon City disaster.

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    Claire Redfield is the younger sister of Chris Redfield. She is a co-protagonist in the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Code: Veronica games. She has a similar role in the CGI films Resident Evil: Degeneration and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

    Resident Evil 2

    Claire enters Raccoon City on the same night as Leon Kennedy, only a day or so after the initial viral outbreak has begun. Searching for her brother Chris, who has been missing since the Special Tactics and Rescue Service were suspended from duty after they claimed that the Umbrella Corporation had been creating bio-weapons in the abandoned Spencer Estate outside of the city.

    Taking a peek inside Emmy's Diner--a frequent dining spot for her brother, who lacks cooking skills--Claire is quickly assaulted by the living dead. Fleeing to a back door, she is rescued by Leon, and they both seek safe haven in an abandoned patrol car.

    Or so they thought. The officer who had been in the back seat all along reanimates into a zombie and attacks Leon, causing a car crash and the subsequent explosion of the patrol car, separating Leon and Claire from one another.

    In the police station, Claire is stalked by a large Bio-Organic Weapon that she refers to as Mr. X. X is repeatedly defeated by Claire, but regenerates over time and continues his slow chase. Claire encounters him a number of times throughout the course of the game.

    As the game progresses, Claire encounters police chief Brian Irons, who believes her to have been contracted by Umbrella to assassinate him. Irons is attacked by the G-Mutant William Birkin before he can kill Claire, and William indirectly saves his own daughter by allowing Claire to escape into the sewer network with the young Sherry Birkin. Claire comes up against William Birkin in the sewers but dispatches the weakest of his G-Mutations with ease.

    Sherry is accidentally sucked into a sewer drain where, while unconscious, she is implanted with a G-Virus embryo by her father. Claire does everything she can to recover the girl, and eventually encounters the girl's mother Annette, who had just fallen over a sewer railing after wrestling with Ada Wong. Convinced that everyone is out to get her and William's life's work, Annette doesn't believe Claire when she asks for her help in locating Sherry.

    Claire eventually finds Sherry but realizes that she must have been infected. Annette finally believes Claire and is killed by her deformed husband who no longer recognizes her. Annette's final act is to give Claire the means to cure her only daughter. Claire has several more encounters with the G-Virus infected William Birkin until she defeats him (or so she thinks). Climbing aboard the train and starting the engine, Claire spots Leon Kennedy as he approaches the train and calls for him to hurry up and jump on. Despite her vision of Leon being blocked by a concrete beam, she is relieved when he stumbles in through one of the train compartment doors.

    Just when the trio think that they are safe the final mutation of William Birkin, reduced to a blob with eyes and tentacles, sets off the bio-hazard alarm on the train. Unable to defeat him due to the regenerative properties of the G-Virus, Claire flees and activates the self-destruction mechanism on the train. Claire, Leon and Sherry escape the train just in time, and the girl vows to find her brother.

    Resident Evil Code: Veronica

    Claire leads a one-woman assault on the main headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation but is ultimately captured and sent to Rockfort Island. Shortly after her arrival the island is attacked by Albert Wesker . This results in a T-Virus outbreak infecting the guards and island staff.

    Claire meets Steve Burnside, a young man incarcerated on the island alongside his father. She sends out a call for help over the internet, relaying a message to Leon, which is quickly relayed to Claire's brother Chris.

    While assisting Steve, the two eventually come across Steve's father, who has been transformed into the living dead by the T-Virus. Though hesitant, Steve kills his father and has an emotional breakdown immediately afterward.

    Through the game, Claire's progress at escaping yet another hellish zombie outbreak is hindered even further by Alfred Ashford, the insane Umbrella Corporation executive in charge of the island. Alfred constantly causes problems for Claire and Steve, sealing them inside of rooms and taking potshots at them when they aren't paying attention or when the situation favors him.

    Before gaining access to Alfred's private mansion, Claire encounters Wesker. It is her that Claire learns that it was Wesker who led the assault on Rockfort that released the T-Virus. Wesker proclaims his hatred for Chris Redfield and decides to eliminate Claire, demonstrating his newfound super-human abilities. He is summoned away before he can finish the job, and leaves Claire with one more thing to worry about.

    Hoping to escape both Alfred Ashford and Albert Wesker and the subsequent self-destruction sequence, Claire and Steve board an automated flight to Antarctica, leading them into yet another hellish zombie nightmare only after facing a Tyrant on the plane.

    Claire and Steve retreat into the Umbrella facility and are quick to discover that Alfred has followed them. Aware that he can't win against them using his own personal skill Alfred releases his father, now the dreaded creature Nosferatu, who turns on him and kills him. Claire and Steve successfully destroy the monster, but are taken into captivity by Alexia Ashford, Alfred's sister.

    Chris Redfield arrives in Antarctica soon enough, hastily chasing his former S.T.A.R.S. Captain. He rescues Claire, but Steve is a lost cause, infected by Alexia's T-Veronica Virus. He dies in front of Claire and her brother from wounds sustained while protecting Claire from one of Alexia's mutant creations.

    Trying to escape, Claire and Chris happen upon an ensuing battle between Alexia and Wesker. Wesker takes his leave, jokingly referring to Chris' killing of Alexia as an "order." Chris destroys Alexia, and the disgruntled Wesker takes Claire into captivity. Chris gives chase, and the two former comrades battle each other, Wesker fully demonstrating his new abilities.

    Chris is able to outsmart his former captain, dropping several tons of steel onto him. Wesker emerges, barely scathed, but takes his leave with the body of Steve Burnside from whom he can extract a sample of the T-Veronica virus. Claire escapes the island with Chris.

    Resident Evil: Degeneration

    Seven years have passed since the bio-hazard incident that led to the destruction of Raccoon City. Claire is now a member of the organization known as TerraSave which is in charge of handling search and rescue at bio-attack sites. She has just arrived at the Hardaville Airport to help a family in need. She watches the niece of a friend when a US Senator that was just on the news is trying to sneak through the airport unnoticed. While waiting for her ride she notices someone that she calls Curtis Miller. At that same moment Rani, the young girl Claire is watching, notices him and the media quickly take notice of him. A demonstrator in a zombie mask begins stalking the senator but Claire condemns him as an idiot and unfortunately is to be taken in as well due to her being indirectly responsible for the incident.

    However, another figure that appears zombie-like is near the senator as well. The airport police officer attempts to arrest him as well but it is quickly revealed that this man is actually infected with the T-Virus. Claire's warning to get away comes too late and the zombie bites the officer on the neck. The virus quickly spreads as more and more people come under attack. Just as Claire is searching for Rani the senator begs Claire for help. As if on cue, things go from bad to worse as a passenger plane crashes into the terminal. Infected passengers drop from the plane and enter the terminal looking for living people.

    Claire manages to help the Senator, Rani, and a few other survivors to the relative safety of the VIP Lounge. She calls in the incident and the S.R.T. (Special Response Team) quarantines the terminal. Leon is sent by the Pentagon to deal with the incident as he is their best field agent and has the most experience with the virus and those infected by it. Leon saves Claire, much like he did when they first met by shooting an infected person in the head after she has ducked upon his orders.

    Claire does her best to protect Rani while helping the other survivors escape the airport. When the senator pushes Rani into harms way in order to save his own life, Claire leaps to her rescue. Surrounded by zombies, Leon tosses Claire his handgun which she deftly uses to kill all of the zombies surrounding her.

    The group exit the airport with only one casualty and a traumatized Rani. Claire lashes out at the senator for putting Rani in harms way.

    Claire then goes with one of the Willpharma Executives to the plant to see the facility. He explains that they have acquired a sample of the G-Virus and are attempting to make a vaccine for it. However, there is a security breach and he goes to look into it. A little while later an explosion occurs from the lower-level labs. The T-Virus is loose and the G-Virus has been stolen as well as all of the data on the T-Virus vaccine. Curtis Miller has stolen the G-Virus and implanted it within himself. He then begins transforming into a G-Mutation.

    Claire meets up with Leon who gives him his backup weapon and orders her to get out and to not die. She replies "Ditto" and winks at Leon. Claire makes her way to an elevator and travels to the observation floor. She helps Leon escape Curtis and after the incident is over notices that the events have been recorded.

    Claire then figures out that the WIllphrama exec set her up. She was to be his alibi so it looked like he died and so he could get away with combat data on the G & T Virus Subjects. However, Leon, Claire, and Angela Miller catch him. Claire later consoles Angela about her brother.

    Leon and Claire playfully flirt before they once again part ways, both on their own missions to save the world.

    Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

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    One year has passed since the Willpharama Hardaville incident. Claire is in the country of Pananmstan for Terrasave in her continuing efforts to help those less fortunate. While talking to a young boy that survived the Civil War she discovers that the boy doesn't speak due to the trauma he suffered after witnessing the death of so many of his loved ones. Looking in the boy's sketchbook she sees an illustration of the events and it reminds her of the viral outbreak at Raccoon City.

    Returning to Washington D.C. to meet with a White House official not knowing that the man was infected with the T-Virus the night before and is dead. The government is keeping this under wraps as they don't want the public to know that a viral outbreak occurred inside the White House at this time. Claire encounters Leon and shows him the sketchbook. During their talk, she sees Jason, the Hero of Penamstan.

    Claire decides to investigate what happened and learns that the US Army Special Forces Team, the Mad Dogs, have all died over the last six years save for two. As Jason is out of the country on a mission with Leon, Claire goes to the last team member's home only to find that the man has committed suicide. In his suicide note, he confesses to being infected by a viral agent and that Secretary of Defense Wilson is responsible.

    Claire is planning to go public with this information but she is captured by government agents and brought to Wilson's underground lab. Wilson first tries to bribe Claire but when that doesn't work he is prepared to infect her with the virus. However, Jason arrives and after arguing with Wilson, allows the virus to run its course through his body and he transforms into a hulking monster. Jason infects Wilson while Claire, bound to a chair, struggles to free herself before the acid that is flooding the facility kills her. Leon helps her to the safety of the walkway and the two work in tandem to defeat Jason.

    After the incident is dealt with Claire request Leon hand over the chip so that she can make copies of it and distribute the information to the media. Leon however does not do so. Claire is disappointed in Leon and the two part on bad terms for the first time.


    In Resident Evil 2 Claire wears a red vest with an angel and the logo "Made in Heaven" on it. She has a black short-sleeved short-legged cycling suit with long black fingerless riding gloves. She may also unlock a crimson red cowgirl outfit (minus hat) should she kill the zombie of Brad Vickers and take the closet key. She also has red cutoff covering her black shorts and brown boots. Her updated look for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles changes the red cutoffs for blue jean cutoffs, brown cowboy style boots and simple black fingerless gloves.

    In Resident Evil: Code Veronica ( Code Veronica X & RE: Survivor 2) she has altered her look. Claire now wears long blue jeans, brown boots (covered by the jean cuffs), black fingerless gloves, a short sleeve black top (with a plunging neckline), and a new red vest sporting a Valkyrie and the logo "Let Me Live".

    In the canon movie Resident Evil: Degeneration, Claire is a member of the civilian group TerraSave. She wears a red long-sleeved turtle neck shirt. Tan Short-sleeved shirt and khaki pants.


    Claire is a tomboy and as such has learned to take care of herself (with some help from her older brother). She owns a S.T.A.R.S . knife (as seen in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles) that she acquired from her brother Chris. In Resident Evil 2 she acquires a Browning Hi-Power 9mm Pistol from the police cruiser that she and Leon borrow. This is her sidearm until she loses it in the intro to RE: Code: Veronica. Claire has a unique weapon that only she can wield through Resident Evil 2, the Bow Gun. In scenario A for her, it can be found in Kendo's Gun shop after he is killed by zombies, if missed, it will be found in the police station's rear car park cabin. In scenario B it is found in the weapon cabinet of the S.T.A.R.S office.

    After escaping from her cell on Rockfort Island, Claire acquires a Beretta 93R pistol. Originally it is not capable of the 3-shot burst but she later finds the parts to modify it to do so. This becomes her sidearm for the remainder of the game.

    In Resident Evil: Degeneration, Claire is living the life of a civilian again and does not carry a firearm. She borrows and uses Leon's custom Kendo Handgun for one scene and later is given his Glock 30 sidearm for the remainder of the film.


    • Claire Redfield's voice actress, Alyson Court, is the only voice artist to continue voicing one of the longer-running characters in the series throughout the character's every appearance -- that is until Revelations 2.
    • Claire throughout her appearances has consistently featured the color red in her attire, much like how her brother Chris is always found wearing outfits featuring a shade of green.

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