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    Green Herb

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    Green Herb is a recurring element of Resident Evil Series as well as many other games. It's used to replenish heath. It can also be combined with up to two other herbs (green, red, blue and in Resident Evil 4 there was also a yellow herb)

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    A green herb is a green plant that is often times used as a healing item in games. Some games also allow for alchemy or combining of them with other things to create something new.

    Ragnarok Online

    In Ragnarok Online the green herb is a commonly found item that when used will cure poison.


    Green Herb Sprite
    Green Herb Sprite
    • Buy Value - N/A
    • Sell Value - 5z
    • Weight - 3

    Dropped By:

    • Green Plant - (70% Chance)
    • Goat - (55% Chance)
    • Spring Rabbit - (45% Chance)
    • Novus (Red) - (30% Chance)
    • The Paper - (20% Chance)
    • Argiope - (15% Chance)
    • Grove - (10% Chance)
    • Les - (10% Chance)
    • Ghoul - (8% Chance)
    • Fabre - (7% Chance)
    • Argos - (6.71% Chance)
    • Poison Spore - (5.51% Chance)
    • Poisonous Toad - (5.41% Chance)
    • Poporing - (5% Chance)
    • Muka - (4% Chance)
    • Mandragora - (3.51% Chance)
    • Hornet - (3.51% Chance)
    • Roda Frog - (3% Chance)
    • Orc Skeleton - (0.51% Chance)

    Quests Used In

    • Biological Weapon Quest
    • Rogue Guild Investigation Quest
    • Sign Quest
    • Veins Siblings Quest
    • Eye of Hellion Quest



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