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    Marijuana is a recreational drug that occasionally appears in video games, usually those with a crime theme.

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    Marijuana is the most popular name given to the female Cannabis plant. The buds of the plant contain mild psychoactive substances, such as THC, or Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which reputedly gives a feeling of well-being, mild euphoric feelings, reduced stress and pain when consumed.

    It is illegal in most parts of the world, although its enforcement can be quite lax depending on the area. One notable exception were marijuana is legal is the Netherlands. Marijuana is also allowed for medical purposes in Austria, Canada (except Quebec), Spain and in some states of USA. Medical marijuana can be bought from dispensaries or "compassion centers". Marijuana can also be bought for religious purposes in some places. Rastafarians consume Cannabis as a religious act.

    Marijuana is culturally bound with the number 420. there are many theories about this number. Some very sketchy theories on the origins of 420 include but are not limited to:

    • Kids met at 4:20 after school to smoke marijuana.
    • Police code about marijuana smoking taking place.
    • On April 20 smokers light up to honor the plant and people related to it.
    • Hitler was born on April 20 and the smokers wants to celebrate him.

    The most common way to consume marijuana is by smoking it in hand or machine rolled "joints", which look like cigarettes. Joints sometimes contain tobacco and thus the cigarette is dubbed a "Spliff". Smoking it takes about 30-50 seconds to begin taking effect .But it's also common to eat it too by making cannabutter (Butter with Cannabinoids) and then baking it into a cake, brownies or anything requiring butter. Cannafood is a little bit less common than joint or spliffs due to the fact that one has to wait approximately 1-1 1/2 hours to start to feel the effects, although it is rewarding because the effects last up to 10 hours.

    Another popular method is to smoke it through a bong or pipe. Bongs are preferred because the water cools down the smoke, thus letting the user smoke more of it without feeling throat irritation and the need to cough. Pipes, also refereed to as "bowls", are popular due to their small size and great portability. Many smokers use pipes for when they're outside, because they are easy to carry and conceal.

    The least popular method would be vaporization. The cannabis is heated and the cannabinoids are released in steam, which the user then inhales. Vaporization is least popular due to it's high costs, some vaporizers have been known to cost over 600$. Vaporization is the healthiest method though, any carcinogens produced when the plant is burned are canceled out because no burning is taking place.

    Marijuana may not have been featured in a lot of games, but there are some games where you come in contact with it, or people who smoke it. Like the GTA series.

    It is also possible to smoke a bong of cannabis in Saints Row which results in a wavy effect on the screen.


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