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A nightclub is a leisure establishment that provides entertainment, alcohol and other leisure activities to its patrons, human or otherwise. They are characterized by having their primary hours of operation at night or in the early morning, though many nightclubs are open at all hours. Nightclubs and other related businesses are common in many modern and futuristic game settings, ranging from dive bars to spectacular, themed party places. 

Folks of her species table-dance in Club Flux.
Folks of her species table-dance in Club Flux.

Notable nightclubs include The Asylum in Santa Monica from Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, The Triangle Club in Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto IV, Club Flux on the Citadel from Mass Effect, and Technically Legal in Stilwater from Saints Row 2.

47 gets his groove on at Club Heaven.
47 gets his groove on at Club Heaven.
The Club Heaven and Hell Club locations from the Hitman: Blood Money mission "A Dance with the Devil" are an excellent example of a themed party. Club Heaven is located at the top of a Las Vegas skyscraper, with partygoers dressed in white and enjoying subtle singing from an angel-costumed performer.

By contrast, the Hell Club lurked at the lowest basement level of the same building, its patrons dressed in red and black, with racuous dancing on a smoky main room to hard rock and techno from a devil-horned DJ.

Nightclubs are not uncommon in medieval and fantasy settings, though they tend to be multipurpose establishments, such as taverns, inns, and brothel-and-breakfasts. Examples might include The Bloated Float in theImperial City from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivionan Athkatla's The Copper Coronet from Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. Almost any drinking establishment with a resident bard or fight club can be considered a nightclub.

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