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    Daft Punk

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    French electronic music duo who are known by their signature robotic suits.

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     Thomas (Left) and Guy-Manuel (Right)
    Thomas (Left) and Guy-Manuel (Right)

    Daft Punk are a electronic music duo originating from Paris, France consisting of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Daft Punk are one of the key artists in the French House genre and gained popularity during the 90s and 2000s with their release of Homework and Discovery in 1997 and 2001 respectively. They have continued to produce music since then having released a total of three studio albums and toured a number of times.

    This along with their robotic suits and generally shy attitude towards interviewers have given them a unique persona.

    They appeared in video game form for the first time officially with the release of DJ Hero in 2009 providing a number of 'megamixes' similar to their live shows. They also composed the soundtrack for the Tron: Legacy film, from which two tracks ("Derezzed" and "The Grid") appear in Tron: Evolution.


    Studio Albums

    • Homework, March 25, 1997
    • Discovery, March 13, 2001
    • Human After All, March 14, 2005
    • Random Access Memories, May 17, 2013

    Other Albums

    • Alive 1997 [live album] , November 6, 2001
    • Daft Club [remix album] December 1, 2003
    • Human After All [remix album], March 29, 2006
    • Musique Vol 1: 1993-05 [compilation album], April 4, 2006
    • Alive 2007 [live album], November 20, 2007

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