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    A souvenir photographer in Rubacava whose infatuation with Maximino leads to serious trouble.

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    Lola is a minor character in the 1998 LucasArts adventure game Grim Fandango. She appears as a female skeleton wearing a dark cocktail dress and a wide-brimmed hat shaped like a cluster of skyscrapers. Lola is a souvenir photographer in Rubacava and typically carries a camera with her that she uses to snap photos of tourists as well as the port town's other residents.

    Lola is introduced when Manny Calavera enters the Blue Casket nightclub in chapter two. Although Lola never directly acknowledges her true feelings, Manny offhandedly accuses her of being infatuated with Maximino, the wealthy owner of Feline Meadows and prominent racketeer, who is currently in a very public relationship with Blue Casket proprietor Olivia Ofrenda. Lola has recently taken to loitering around Olivia's office, and Manny realizes that she is attempting to expose Olivia's infidelity by taking incriminating pictures. Her chance eventually presents itself when Lola photographs Nick Virago, Maximino's personal lawyer, while locked in a passionate kiss with Olivia.

    Although Olivia believes herself immune to Maximino's wrath, Nick knows that the powerful Maximino is also a very jealous lover who would not hesitate to have Nick sprouted if he knew about his affair with Olivia. After running afoul of Nick, Lola decides to carefully hide the illicit picture inside the photo-finish archives at Feline Meadows. She then entrusts the Rubacava lighthouse key to Lupe at Calavera Cafe along with a note addressed to Manny before heading to the lighthouse herself, presumably to hide from Nick. Unfortunately, Nick somehow manages to steal the key and follows Lola to the lighthouse, where he shoots her with slow-acting Sproutella before locking her inside.

    By the time Manny recovers the key and reaches the lighthouse, he is too late to save the sprouted Lola; she laments Manny's obsession with his lost "Meche" before being consumed by flowers, which are scattered by the wind into the starry night sky. Manny later renames the cargo ship SS Limbo in her honor after becoming its captain in chapter three, re-christening it as the "SS Lola" following a complete overhaul.


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