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    A port town on the road to the Ninth Underworld Gate. Home to Calavera Cafe, the Blue Casket, and Maximino's cat track.

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    Calavera Cafe

    Manuel Calavera sets up his casino/bar from the old Rub-A-Mat cafe on the cliff-face. He uses roulette tables to also allow gambling.

    The Blue Casket

    A restaurant owned by Olivia, where souls love to sit and talk to each other. Olivia also performs here.

    Feline Meadows and the High Rollers Lounge

    Feline Meadows is the giant cat-track that dominates Rubacava and is owned by kingpin Maximino. The High-Rollers Lounge is for exclusive members only, manned by demon Aitor and a new snooty-waiter Raoul. While screens show those VIP guests the races, the best seats in the house are seen from the personal office of Maximino or from a balcony where the bets take place. The race-track also boosts a gigantic litter-box for those giant race-cats.

    Olivia II Boarding Area

    Manned at night by security officer Carla, the Boarding Area has strict surveillance by metal-detectors and even its own bomb disposal unit; this extra security is probably down to the tragedy of the first Olivia Blimp, which crashed on the tracks of Feline Meadows.

    Velasco's Dock

    Velasco's dock is for manual-labour ships only; while passenger ships are nearby the race-track here is where the quiet dockmaster spends his time day and night. In his little shack he constructs small ships to pass the time on the docks.

    Membrillo's Morgue

    Here is where the unfortunately sprouted come to Membrillo, the town coroner. Here on the slab, he searches for the identity of the sprouted victims, though it seems with his equipment the search can go on forever.


    Toto Santos, Rubacava's only Scrimshaw artist, lives here and carves tattoos in the arms of sailors that come by the docks. He has many different designs in his book and carefully drills them into the arms of his clients, having covered himself in them too.


    Chowchilla Charlie

    Charlie is a faker, and has pretty useless tools relating to his employment, and helps Manny with them along the way.

    Olivia Ofrenda

    Known for her seductions, she controls the Blue Casket club and she's aware of her affairs being revealed to Maximino.


    Vekasco is an old sailor, spending his life temporary at Rubacava, and although he's a friend of Manny, he won't help him immediately.


    Lola is photographer. She snaps a photo from Olivia and Virago kissing each other, and loses her after-life because of it.


    Crime lord, owner of Cat-Track and engaged to Olivia.

    Nick Virago

    A dirty, but proficient lawyer. After being blackmailed by Manny having hold of Lola's photograph, he helps Manny to save Terry from being locked up.


    He is a Sea-Bee and now unemployed; once he found the words he was able to incite a riot on the docks, whereafter the bees rebelled against the law. However, he was arrested by Chief-Officer Bogan and put into jail. Manny hires Virago to saves him, and he does.


    A young lady who works at Calavera Cafe and loves her new archive system.


    The officer that upholds the security on the blimp boarding area at night. Once a personal favourite of Manny, she stays away from the club after Lupe's appointment; she also falls out with Calavera over a metal-detector.


    Maximino's waiter in the High Rollers Lounge; it is presumed he quit after Manny locked him in a pantry and the claustrophobic waiter knocked himself out inside. He was later released by Glottis who was going on a drunken rampage that night on the Day of the Dead.

    Chief-Officer Bogan

    The one man who upholds the law in Rubacava is also a crook at heart - a terrible gambler with a grudge against businesses which he doesn't win in; he also monitors the docks for trouble. Such an incident was when Terry made a riot and Bogan arrested him, yet he was fortunately released; he then later lost in the Calavera Cafe and closed down the business; whether it opened again in the game remains unknown.

    Other characters such as Toto Santos and Membrillo played minor roles in the game, but also appeared in Rubacava.


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