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Badman is a character who is in Grand Theft Auto IV; he plays a supporting role in the game and is also known as Real Badman. His real name is Teafore Maxwell-Davies. He is a Caribbean gang leader in Broker. He also deals drugs such as cannabis and can give Niko missions to deliver drugs to other dealers. He speaks Jamaican Patois, which is very hard to understand to someone who is unfamiliar with the language, to help Niko (and the player) understand what Badman is saying, Little Jacob translates it into a more recognizable form of English.

Reference in the Story

Main Story

Badman is first introduced into the Grand Theft Auto storyline and to the protagonist Niko in the Mission “Shadow” for Little Jacob. In this mission Niko is sent to Bohan to get rid of some Dealers which have been saying things about him and generally disrupting his work. Once Niko finishes the mission Badman is not seen until near the end of the game where he goes to Roman Bellic and Mallorie’s wedding with Little Jacob; after that part of the game Badman is not seen for the rest of the main storyline.

Random Encounter

However, he does reappear in a random character side mission in which you help him take out some Russian gangsters in an alley in Schottler. He is armed with a pump action shotgun and can be found outside the “Phil Pharm” pharmacy on a bench. To find him you can find the roundabout by the park in Broker and then follow the road north into Dukes and you should find it. It is also very near the end point of the Elizabeta mission “Have a Heart”.

Side Missions

Badman Character Artwork
Badman Character Artwork

He can also give you 10 missions to deliver drug packages via the in game phone. You can call Little Jacob and he will tell you that Badman has a “package” for Niko to deliver. There are a variety of different types of missions which you can undertake. Timed missions in which you have to deliver the package within one game hour. It is best you call on the turn of the hour to get the most time for the it. The other variants are deliveries.  The police turn up and rival gangs know about the deal.  They attack you and you have to lose the police or kill all of the gang members. When you deliver the package to an area where the rival gang knows about the deal you have to stash the drug package, so always draw a weapon, preferably a shotgun, as they quickly come very close. After the 10 missions, Badman gives reasons why there are no more missions left. As a reward for the last mission Badman provides a Huntley Sport SUV painted in the colors of the Jamaican flag, black, yellow, and green instead of of the usual rusted old car. When you deliver the drugs package he texts you to tell you that you can keep the car. For each of the missions Niko gains money to compensate for his effort.


In Grand Theft Auto IV Badman is Voiced by Seeborn (As of GTAIV Book)

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