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    Detective Mode

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    A feature in games that allows you to see objects and objectives either completely or just more clearly than the game's regular vision allows.

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    This is a mode that allows you to see beyond your character's (and most human's) usual scope of vision. It has its origins in the thermal scope and night vision mechanics introduced in the Metal Gear series, which required specific items to be equipped in order to use. A similar mechanic is used with the Lens of Truth in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    These mechanics were expanded into a detective mode in Condemned: Criminal Origins, and more recent games have since started to adopt this feature. Batman: Arkham Asylum can be credited with bringing much attention to this mechanic in recent times.

    Functionality in Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Scanning spilled alcohol in order to follow a lead is an applicable use for Detective Mode.
    Scanning spilled alcohol in order to follow a lead is an applicable use for Detective Mode.

    Detective Mode is an X-ray type vision mode that can be switched on and off. Some uses for it are letting you see:

    • Enemies through walls (and differentiate which ones are armed or not)
    • A list of the type of enemies within the room (armed or unarmed)
    • The rate of each enemy's heartbeat
    • Destructible walls
    • Items that can be pick ups and certain things that can be scanned (i.e. finger prints, DNA, etc.)

    Detective Mode Breakdown for Batman: Arkham Asylum

    A typical view of Detective Mode.
    A typical view of Detective Mode.
    • Red enemies mean they are armed (white enemies mean they're unarmed)
    • Transparent walls with cracks means that the wall is breakable (other by plastic explosives or being pulled down with the Ultra Batclaw, depending on the position)
    • The list in the middle-right of the screen is a list of total enemies, then broken down into "Armed" or "Unarmed" categories.
    • Information text also pops up depending what Batman is looking at. If he is looking at something that can be perched on, it will be circle and text will display telling the player that it can be used to hide.
    • While following a trail (finger prints, DNA, tobacco) the particular pieces of evidence will be highlighted and circled

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