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    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Aug 15, 2017

    A cyberpunk horror game from the creators of Layers of Fear.

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    >observer_ is a first person cyberpunk horror game set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by a nanophage plague. The plague decimated populations of augmented people on a global scale and led to the collapse of both Eastern and Western centres of power. The Chiron corporation has subsequently emerged as the head of the new world order built on the ruins of the old world and Daniel Lazarski, the protagonist, is employed as an 'observer' law enforcement agent on behalf of the corporation.

    Observers have the capacity to view human memories via a cranial biomechanical interface and to employ two forms of 'detective mode' vision, each of which can be used to scan either biological or mechanical objects.


    The game is predominantly divided into sections that are based in either the real world and sections where the protagonist re-lives memories of the various NPCs that he encounters throughout the story using his Chiron implant.

    The primary game play loop is to investigate both real world and 'memory' environments for clues which advance the main story. There are also an optional series of side quests. Progress and next objective information can be tracked via the protagonist's hand terminal.

    Death is possible during specific gameplay conditions, and the main character has no weapons or other means to fight back. Sneaking away undetected from antagonists is the only way to progress through these sequences.

    The main character is responds to the stimuli experienced in the gameworld and the degree of disorientation and trauma endured is reflected in visual distortions to the screen that increase along with the trauma level. A drug called synchrozine can be found in certain locations throughout the game and taking it reverses will reverse the symptoms.


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