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    Jill Valentine

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    Jill Valentine is a former R.P.D. police officer and is now a member of the B.S.A.A. fighting Bio-Terrorism around the world. She is a staple of the series.

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    Before joining the Raccoon City Police Department's elite S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team, Jill was a member of the U.S. military's elite Delta Force, which is famously known to be more secretive than even the CIA. Rumor would say Jill Valentine had some history with Christopher Redfield, Better known as Chris, but this is not been confirmed officially. In the novels by S.D. Perry her father was a infamous cat burglar named Dick Valentine; this is where she received her 'lock pick training' as she was supposedly his assistant until she decided to join the opposite side of the law, gaining an even better amount of skill with lock picking.

    Resident Evil

    Jill as portrayed by Inezh in the original Resident Evil
    Jill as portrayed by Inezh in the original Resident Evil

    In July of 1998 Raccoon City is plagued by a bizarre string of murders and disappearances, all seemingly linked to the Arklay Forest, just ahead of the Arklay Mountains. After the Bravo team is dispatched to finally check out if they are dealing with, what they believed, is a group of cannibal cultists and dogs trained to eat human flesh, they receive disturbing reports over the communication line from the pilot and co-pilot Edward Dewey and Kevin Dooley. After confirmation Alpha team gears up and gets into their own chopper, piloted by Brad Vickers, and heads out to the area. The team unloads from inside the helicopter, leaving Brad inside, and begins to scan the area to the best of their abilities despite the lack of light. After a while the Omni-man Joseph Frost called out with discovery, drawing his teammate's attention as well as some hidden creatures. It is then he is attacked by MA-39s, also known as Cerberus. This attack triggered Brad's fear and caused him to take off in the helicopter before his teammates could reach it.

    [Note: In both versions of the intro, it is Jill who unsuccessfully attempts to save Joseph from the attacking Cerberus dogs before running into the mansion with the only real difference being that in the Gamecube version, she is saved by Chris from an impending dog attack instead of just running into the house.]

    The team manages to kill several of the attacking dogs, but due to the darkness and a large number of beasts, the team takes refuge inside the old Spencer Mansion. Once inside, Jill and Barry are dispatched by Wesker to locate Chris who [in Jill's version] has gone missing. While searching, Jill and Barry run into a pool of blood, believed to be Chris [Creating the famous joke of 'I hope this isn't Chris' blood!]', and the zombie that killed Kenneth Sullivan, Bravo Team's point man. Upon returning to the main hall, Wesker has disappeared leaving it up to Jill and Barry to explore the mansion on their own. This leads to many memorable situations including the infamous 'You were almost a Jill sandwich!' ceiling trap and the encounter with Lisa Trevor [in the Gamecube version] where Jill discovers Barry's betrayal. Now that she and Barry are on the same page, they trek further into the Mansion where they eventually come to the labs and discover that the whole ordeal was being orchestrated by their Captain, Albert Wesker to acquire combat data on the many hosts of B.O.W. within the mansion by luring S.T.A.R.S. in, since they are definitely qualified. But the ultimate test is saved for last. Within a cryogenic tube was the finished project of the Tyrant model T-002, Wesker had planned that the remaining members be the ones to face it and give him the needed combat data.

    Unfortunately for Wesker, all didn't go as planned and the Tyrant impaled him upon its release before tossing him aside to die a painful death. Jill and Barry combat the fearsome beast until it is as they believed, dead; with relief interrupted, they realize the self-destruct has been activated by Wesker and have only about 30 minutes to escape the blast radius. After meeting up with Chris, they receive a broadcast on their walkie-talkies from Brad who had come back and was circling the mansion's perimeter from above. Apparently, it was a one-way connection, and with little time or fuel left, they quickly departed for the helipad on the roof. Unfortunately, the not-so-dead T-002 pops up via exploding concrete and emerges for another round. After some dodging and near-pointless shooting at the creature, Brad throws down a rocket launcher for Jill to use. Once she uses it, the Tyrant is promptly disposed of and the remaining members of S.T.A.R.S. load into the helicopter, including Rebecca Chambers, and depart to escape the fiery reach of the blast.

    [Note: Much like Chris' version, only 3 people are shown in the helicopter, in Jill's Scenario, it is Jill, Chris, and Barry. However, it has been stated that Rebecca, much like Barry in Chris' version, survives Resident Evil 1.]


    After escaping the hellish nightmare that had been the Spencer Mansion, S.T.A.R.S. returned with only five of the original twelve members and headed for the R.P.D. Calling a meeting in the S.T.A.R.S. room they spoke with Chief Brian Irons and gave him detailed accounts of all their experiences. With his usual flare of temper, he dismissed this as PTSD and argued with them for a while longer -- mostly with Chris -- before forbidding them to go public on the affair. Wesker, Enrico Marini, Joseph Frost, and every other member of the fallen S.T.A.R.S. was to receive a memorial service in honor of their lives and how they protected the innocent with them.

    The remaining members decided they would all put in a course of action, Umbrella needed to be stopped and they were going to help pull it off. Rebecca headed off on her own, presumably to find Billy Coen, while Barry decided to move his family to Canada where Umbrella couldn't touch them again. Chris decided to go ahead of the others and left for Europe to scope out Umbrella's head facility. Jill and Brad remained behind for two different reasons. Jill wanted to investigate the rest of Umbrella's roots and Brad was waiting before he could depart to hide out at a family member's house.

    Resident Evil: Nemesis

    On September 28th, in the earliest of hours, Umbrella has sent in a special tactics

    Jill during her 'last escape' on September 28th
    Jill during her 'last escape' on September 28th

    force known as the U.S.S., led by HUNK also known as Mr. Death. They infiltrate the underground sewer labs where Dr.s William and Annette Birkin are working a more powerful virus than T-virus. William was unwilling to allow Umbrella to just take his precious virus, known as G, and had been making plans of his own. HUNK's team burst into the room, assault rifles raised, and demanded he hand it over; when he did not comply they opened fire and shot him full of bullets. In his weakened state he could do nothing to stop them from taking the case of the finished products and instead removed a separate vial he kept for safekeeping, injecting himself with it.

    This resulted in Birkin mutating into a G-Type monster who tracked down and killed all but Hunk who managed to keep one vial of the G-Virus. During Birkin's rampage, all the G samples were destroyed and samples of the T-Virus were shattered in the sewers. Rats in the sewer found their way into it and ingested the virus. By September 28th daybreak, the city was overrun by T-carriers and numerous B.O.W. such as Cerberus and Lickers.

    After gearing up in her apartment Jill set out into the city in search of Brad and any survivors, knowing she had to get out of the city before it was too late. When she encountered Brad he was frantic and panicking, speaking quickly in cryptic sentences "He's after S.T.A.R.S. members!" being an important figure in her mind, and kept her on edge as she made her way to the police station. As she was about to enter, Brad came rushing through the gates. However, before Brad can even get a real sentence out a hulking form crashes down from the sky between them and takes hold of Brad by the head. A tentacle from the palm of its hand silences Brad forever before his lifeless corpse is thrown to the ground.

    The hulking monster turned to Jill, revealing a horribly disfigured form with as lipless mouth set in a forever grinning sneer. [Here players have the choice of fighting the creature or escaping into the Station. If you choose to go inside the Nemesis attempts to break in as you run around to gather what you need.] After running around the station in search of any sort of escape route, Jill encounters a man named Carlos Oliveira, a mercenary hired by Umbrella as a U.B.C.S. member. Though unbeknownst to him Umbrella is the cause behind all of this, and he was like S.T.A.R.S. to Wesker, combat data for Umbrella. Raccoon City had become a giant testing ground. At the heart of the operation was Carlos' Sergeant Nicholai Ginovaef, who was assigned as head of U.B.C.S. for this purpose. After discovering his betrayal the two have to attempt to escape his grasp while dealing with the Tyrant known as Nemesis, trailing behind them. At one point Mikhail Viktor, a part of Carlos' platoon, sacrificed himself in his injured state to save them, all in vain.

    Later on Jill herself became infected due to the Nemesis and was able to get to the clock tower to hide and rest. Carlos, worried for his new friend, had set out to find the vaccine. After finding it in the Raccoon City Hospital he made a hasty retreat to escape Nicholai and the thereafter destroyed hospital then brought the cure to Jill. It took time but she managed to pull through and the two continued their game of cat and mouse with Nemesis. Jill discovers another lab and explores it before running into Nicholai who reveals himself as a traitor to his men; he wanted the bounty on Jill's head and was determined to have it. But before he could collect on it, Nemesis showed up for another battle.

    [Note: During this encounter, if Jill selects to push the Nemesis off the bridge, he kills Nicholai while attempting to kill her. If she jumps off the bridge, Nicholai escapes and takes the helicopter Jill was going to use for himself.]

    After pushing the Nemesis off the bridge -- subsequently killing Nicholai -- she continues her exploration of the labs and makes a valuable discovery. A top secret Rail Gun was left behind and it's power was great enough to mortally wound the Nemesis once it found her again. Immediately after it was wounded enough she drew her magnum and shot it in the head, effectively destroying the NE-Parasite. Once it was dead she jumped into the helicopter Carlos had rallied, which was coincidentally piloted by Barry Burton, and the two escaped the city. As they sat in the chopper they watched the sun slowly begin rising and the missile sent by the United States as their contingency plan zoomed past until it hit Raccoon City. Effectively Destroying the former peaceful city. Seeing her home destroyed only increased her ire and she swore vengeance for all the innocent souls destroyed by Umbrella. . . . .

    Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles - Umbrella's End

    2003, Russian Facility
    2003, Russian Facility

    On February 18, 2003, Jill and Chris are members of a Private Bio-Hazard Containment Unit, an Anti-Umbrella group. The organization caught wind of Umbrella's facility in Russia and the B.O.W.'s supposedly being manufactured. The pair decide on a course of immediate action and rally a strike team together before heading in on a chopper with the team. Chris and Jill being the most experienced were heading up the operation for the most part and when they touch land, the two took off together to exterminate and destroy any remnants of the virus.

    However, they weren't without casualties on their side and endured the sounds over their headsets while being careful to move about and find the heart of the facility. Dealing with the all too familiar Crimson Heads, Hunters, Eliminators, and an assortment of other infections the two finally made it to the heart of the facility, underground. There they came to a room and encountered the disembodied voice of Sergei Vladimir, the Colonel and most sadistic of Umbrella's loyal employees. He unleashed Umbrella's final project with the help of the Red Queen upon the two: T-A.L.O.S.. The hulking creature stood much like a Tyrant but unlike other models, this one had firepower built in. It took time but they defeated it only to learn the T-virus was mutating inside of it and soon revealed its true form before attaching itself to the ceiling for a second round. The battle was hard but after discovering its weak spot they defeated it; the ending result was allowing the Russian Military to take care of the rest. But when they went to the control center they discovered the Red Queens database UMF-013 was wiped clean. Despite this the two knew Umbrella was finished... the only true remaining threat was still alive though. Albert Wesker.

    Jill's 'Demise'

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    At the end of 2006, Chris and Jill learned of the whereabouts of Ozwell E. Spencer's location due to an anonymous tip sent to the B.S.A.A.. The two immediately took this opportunity to take down the remnants of Umbrella and set out for Europe. Upon arriving and entering they discovered something was off, aside from how eerily familiar to the Mansion back in Raccoon City the place was -- all of the guards were dead. Whatever had killed them was immensely powerful, and they both knew whatever it was they'd end up meeting it. So carefully the two began exploring the place to see if they could find Spencer, hopefully alive so that they might question him and arrest the man finally.

    Along the way they found little clues, looking into the twisted psyche of Spencer, further disturbing them. And encounters with creatures known as Guardian Of Insanity, the two were running around desperately to kill them or escape them. Finally, the two had reached a pair of double doors, positioned, and barged in guns raised. The sight that met them was a shocking one, to say the least... there on the base of a small set of two steps was the crumpled body of Ozwell Spencer, blood leaking from a hole in his chest and back. But the most shocking sight of all was the man standing by the window, tall and clad in black leather stood the man they were really looking for: Albert Wesker. He turned to them with a smug smirk... and the battle commenced.

    Chris and Jill both fought valiantly against their now virally enhanced ex-Captain and found themselves unable to keep up for long. His ability to dodge their bullets made it all the harder and before either knew it, Chris was in his grasp. By the window Wesker held him by the throat, hand poised and ready to run him through like he had Spencer. Jill, horrified, jumped into action and surprised both men by tackling Wesker out of the window. Unfortunately, the window led to a cliff that seemed bottomless and the two plummeted to a seemingly painful death, leaving Chris to watch with heartbreak and guilt. This flashback was eventually made playable in the Lost in Nightmares DLC.

    Chris searched high and low along the cliff, but Jill's body was never recovered so she was assumed dead by all but Chris, who held onto hope that his Partner was alive. Unbeknownst to any of them Wesker had survived the fall due to his power and near-immortality; his body had broken Jill's fall so instead of her dying a quick death by gravity, she was unconscious and racked with pain. Angered by his chance to finally kill Chris having been taken from him, he took Jill's body and returned to his base of operations where he stored her in a cryogenic stasis pod and injected her with his experimental virus for testing. The effects were unexpected and instead, she incorporated it into her body. Upon closer look he discovered the anit-T cells in her body were responsible which helped a snag in his research. After a year in stasis he woke her from slumber, her hair now the same blonde color as Weskers and her skin a tad bit paler.

    Wesker saw the potential in her to make an ally out of an enemy and began administering a drug known as P30 to her. It took control of her and made her submit to his will, unfortunately for her while she was not able to control her actions she could watch them but not speak up. Jill Valentine had become a prisoner in her own body. The snag was the injections were temporary and she was getting used to the dose so the effect lasted longer and longer. But he solved this problem by creating a device to implant on her chest that hooked into her main arteries and veins, it would give her regular doses of the serum and keep her under control, she had become the perfect puppet.

    Resident Evil 5

    Jill in her disguise with Irving.
    Jill in her disguise with Irving.

    In 2009 Jill follows her 'Master' to Africa where the new corporation he sides with, TriCell, is taking over the original Umbrella Base. Here the Progenitor flower was first discovered, and Wesker plans to use it in finalizing his plans for Uroboros. Jill's role is simple: she stands at his side as a left hand, a bodyguard of sorts as well as what she is later nicknamed Plague Doctor and Bird Lady due to the clothing she is forced to wear. A cloak and bird mask hide her appearance as she is sent out with improved type Plagas and gives them to the citizens of Kijuju. She is also charged with the task of protecting Ricardo Irving, a 'former' employee of TriCell and middleman in handling B.O.W. distribution on the Black Market. It is during this job she encounters Chris who has been sent by the North American Branch of the B.S.A.A. to determine the threat in Kijuju, eliminate it and arrest Irving.

    Later on, Chris and his new Partner, Sheva Alomar from the African Branch, rush in and find Excella Gionne, a high-ranking TriCell executive. A data file the two had recovered had a picture of Jill, which spurred Chris on and gave him hope that he would find her, now expecting answers from Excella Gionne about Jill he once again is attacked by the 'mysterious unknown' woman who protected Irving. During a brief scuffle, he shot off her mask before she retreated and Wesker revealed his presence. After a little taunting, he unveiled Jill, revealing her to a shocked Chris and a confused Sheva. A battle ensues with Wesker and Jill fighting Chris and Sheva; Chris during the entire fight tried to get through to the brainwashed Jill, but to no avail. After seven minutes had passed Wesker received a phone call that called him away, before he left he increased her dose and caused her to go into a frenzy that was broken only once Chris and Sheva removed the device. She collapsed before Chris gathered her up in his arms.

    While she couldn't control her actions she had to endure watching them and asked for forgiveness from both Chris and Sheva. She then informed the two that they had to go and stop Wesker-- them being the last hope of the world against the former S.T.A.R.S. Captain. Chris was reluctant to leave her behind but she revealed Wesker's intentions were to unleash Uroboros upon the unsuspecting world by launching missiles into the air. Giving him a push and asking if he trusted his Partner, she got him to reluctantly leave with Sheva before she herself made a dash away to leave the facility to try and lend help. She was the one to tell them about his one weakness, his injections. The virus in his body was slightly unstable and required injections for him to keep control of it; if another injection is induced too soon to the prior it could become a poison.

    After she escaped with Josh Stone, they got into the evacuation chopper and flew to the volcano where the final battle was taking place. Chris and Sheva had stopped him from launching the missiles and the plane they were on had crashed into an active volcano. Wesker, in his righteous anger, had punched into one of the missiles and allowed Uroboros to bond with him, he is one of the DNA select. After knocking him into the lava and retreating into the chopper he was still alive and attempted to use the chopper to pull himself out, but Jill provided two RPGs that hit him in the face. This caused him to let go and sink into the lava, resulting in the final death of Albert Wesker.

    Desperate Escape

    Released as DLC, Desperate Escapes tells the story of Jill and Josh attempting to catch up with Chris and Sheva. Starting just after Chris 'awoken' Jill from the mind-controlling serum, she quickly passes out after Chris and Sheva head up using the elevator. Soon discovered by B.S.A.A. Delta Captain Josh Stone, the two team up and battle their way through the facility, attempting to rendezvous with B.S.A.A. Delta Team pilot, Doug. After having to brave against multiple Majini, Majini-manned cannons, and a large portion of RE5's overall rogue's list, the two then reach a radio station and Jill is able to pass on the vital information concerning the instability of Wesker's virus. After losing contact, the two continue up atop a building, where Doug can better evacuate them both.

    Unfortunately, once they reach there, Jill and Josh are forced to fend off a small army of Majini. Eventually, Doug manages to arrive, but only before being killed by an attacking Majini with a missile launcher. Josh quickly mourns his friend, then takes control of the helicopter, and with Valentine flies off to aid Chris and Sheva, while they are concurrently doing battle with Wesker.

    Appearances in Other Media

    Sienna Guillory as Jill in RE2
    Sienna Guillory as Jill in RE2

    Jill Valentine made her first appearance in Resident Evil films in the sequel, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, played by actress Sienna Guillory. (NOTE: A promotional page stated that she was suspended from S.T.A.R.S. following the death of her partner, Leon S. Kennedy. However this was altered as Leon is set to star in Resident Evil: Retribution).

    Jill was absent in Resident Evil: Extinction but made a cameo in Afterlife. Jill is shown to be under Umbrella's control (with the control device similar to RE5) leading an Umbrella strike force against Alice and various survivors of the zombie apocalypse. She is set to appear in Resident Evil Retribution.

    Sienna Guillory as Jill in RE 5
    Sienna Guillory as Jill in RE 5

    While the film is a loose adaptation of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, this character background with the other events of the film confirm that the game and film Resident Evil universes are definitely separate. Sienna did not return in the third film due to a scheduling conflict with Eragon and so Jill did not return either. In the novelization of the movie, Jill was captured and interrogated by Federal Agents who sent her to San Francisco in order to help with the outbreak.

    Besides appearing in the films, Jill has had cameo appearances in other Capcom franchises including Marvel vs. Capcom 2, where she was a playable character and Under The Skin where she was a character that could be possessed by the protagonist. Jill Valentine will be a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 via DLC.


    Jill's original weapon was a Beretta 92FS as her primary weapon for her three video game appearances. Originally Kendo arms shipped the first Samurai Edge's just prior to the outbreak in September. In Resident Evil 0 & 1 this was retconned so that the weapon is the standard firearm for the entire S.T.A.R.S team.

    Jill's weapon has the following features:

    • Silver trigger and magazine
    • A standard sized slide-stop lever
    • The logo on the grip is a much brighter shade of blue

    Gameplay-wise Jill has several more weapons than Chris in Resident Evil 1 and does not have to work as hard to get several of them and even has Barry to back her up in some cases.

    In Resident Evil 5 as a member of the B.S.A.A. she now carries a Beretta Px4 Storm.


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